March 29-April 4

Overall Color for the Week: Tipton Blue

This is a week of ups and downs. There will be many challenges this week, and there will never be a point at which you are feeling in control of everything. These sensations can be manifested in small physical issues, a cough, an headache, and slight nagging in the back. None of them serious. On the wider scene, there will be conflicting reports in the news and strange weather phenomena. You might even hear a thing or two about UFO’s. This week is one in which there will be a sense of transition. It is important to stay grounded throughout it all, and to become familiar with the unfamiliar. Continue reading

March 22-28

Overall Color for the Week: Quarter Hamburg Frost

This is a week of slow motion Things will be happening slowly on all levels. The news media will seem quiet. There will be slow changes in weather and within the Earth. Storms will be on the horizon forming, but not threatening. You will find yourself feeling like coasting through much of the week. There will not be a lot of impetus to get things done. Do not expect to see a lot happen. Just go with the flow this week. Take your time. Things are speeding up, but gradually. Soon the shift of the energies will be apparent everywhere, and you will be grateful for times like these. Continue reading

March 15-21

Overall Color for the Week: Billington Pink

This is a week to get your accounts in order. There will be stresses and strains on the surface which cover up deeper issues. Watch your words and be wise in your dealings with others. This is week in which much will remain unsaid, much will be presented on the surface. Watch out for there are things below the surface that are not being spoken that might cause regret as time goes on. Watch too the news and the Earth movements. There will be a lot of things in the news that will turn out later to be only partially accurate. And the Earth is beginning to tremble. Do not be surprised by earthquakes and storms in unexpected places, things our of season. Continue reading

March 8-14

Overall Color for the Week: Pale Sun

This is a week of ins and outs, ups and downs, and conflicts and resolutions. There will be much happening in regard to businesses and their fortunes. Do not be surprised if there are revelations about things that were hidden. Also do not be surprised if there is an unexpected recovery in the markets. There are many layers and levels to this week, and you have the opportunity to choose just where you place yourself. Do you choose the fatalistic approach or would you rather be in charge of your own destiny? Look for some soul searching and belief questioning. This is the time. There is much activity on the way. This is a week for becoming grounded in WHO you are so that when the new challenges arrive you will be ready to face them. Continue reading