March 28 – April 3

Overall Color for the Week:    Turquoise

This is a real disconnect week.  Things are not going to seem quite real in any aspect of your life.  You will feel as though you are walking through mud and looking through a veil.  This will be accompanied by odd physical symptoms that can lead you to question your own health.  Also you may find that you are changing your habits, your likes and your dislikes.  Keep a grip on your temper for you can find yourself overreacting to things that are said and done.  Step back and think twice before doing anything.  Do not plan to get a lot done this week, for much of what you do may have to be redone in the next few weeks.  Be open to suggestions from your intuition.  This is a good week for following your hunches.  You may find that in more than one case it was a good things you did.  Watch out for people that you have known for a long time but never really gotten along with.  The energies of the week carry a bit of subterfuge and treachery.  If you have any secrets or inventions or great ideas, be careful to whom you express them.  Better still, sit on them for a few days.  Expect the full moon to bring into focus some things that you have been waiting on.  There is sickness and resignation in the air, so be prepared to hear of loved ones not feeling well.  It is time to focus on what it means for you to be mortal, for your knowing and assumptions may be put to the test in the next few weeks.

On the larger scale, things will become more and more muddled on the political scene.  There will be accusations made and name calling going back and forth.  There is a new challenge on the horizon and people want to become attached to it because they feel that it will be an easy to solve kind of issue.  They will be mistaken.  The energies of the week are whipping up events, people, things, and the weather into a kind of frenzy.  The main theme of the week will be uncertainty.  Look for the Earth to make sudden and unexpected movements, and look for the influx of radiation from the Sun.  There is not a lot of kindness in the air this week, and that also will be reflected in the news.  Keep an eye on the Earth for as spring approaches and attempts are made to plant, especially with GMO seeds, you may find that the Earth rebels. Continue reading

March 21-27

Overall Color for the Week:    Booster Blue

This will be a week of ups and downs, and the key to making it through and having a fruitful time will be keeping yourself up about everything.  This is not a week for taking things too seriously.  Things that seem dire right now will turn out not to be so later on.  There will be hints of things to come in people you meet and things that happen.  SO look for synchronicity .  You will also find that there is a kind of nostalgic streak that will color the middle of the week.  There will be reminders of things from the past, and along with the past memories will come a tricky sort of deja-vu which will hint of things to come as the sense of time references backwards and forwards..

On the larger scene, there will be things coming out in the news dealing with old events.  Expect there to be some revelations about items from the past, both recent and far past.  There is the potential for a major revelation being made by a government official which will be followed by attempts at cover up, however once out, any attempts at cover up will be futile.  There is a new energy coming through which is affecting how cause and effect interact, so there will be unusual reactions to things in the news.  There is also a kind of hole in the natural world which will let through unusual and unexplained paranormal phenomena  — things like sightings of unknown creatures, and unexpected twists and turns in the weather, sky events, etc.  Look also for blips in electronics.  That new energy that is entering our solar system is causing odd solar and planetary events.  These will not be immediately obvious, but little by little over the next few months information will leak out about something strange energy or tug in the solar system.  There is a darkness over the Near East this week, so expect some movement to occur there.  There is also a kind of pronouncement of light or hope is on the horizon. Continue reading

March 14-20

Overall Color for the Week:    Italian Blue

It definitely is no accident that Daylight Saving Time is happening at a new point this year.  Just as that one habit has been changed, you will begin to see this week that things you thought you could count on, things you thought were predictable, people who were so boringly regular are no longer so.  Moreover you will also see that people in the news, in control, on the talk circuit or the workshop circuit that you always thought were honorable and sincere in what they were doing actually had a another agenda which will begin to show itself   So be prepared for surprises this week and be ready willing and able to change and morph into your own sense of power.  This is a week in which it will be very important to stay centered and grounded in WHO you are and to trust your heart’s intuition.  There is a beam of radiance in the heart’s true intuition that will show what lurks in the shadows so trust it, even if it causes you sorrow or upset or disappointment.

Look to the larger picture for strange happenings within the Earth.  Also do not be surprised by unusual noises or movements around you, even in your own home.  Be wary and careful in what you do for there are plots afoot.  On the larger scale in the news you will be hearing of foiled attempts at various things.  There is a shake up happening between personalities that people use as yardsticks.  There will be many more arguments that are publicized between people, nations, etc.  The earth is vibrating, and that vibration can cause more shaking.  Expect also unusual weather events.  Within the galaxy there is the movement of a large mass of energy that will cause pressure not only upon the planets, but also upon the Sun resulting in some odd events within our solar system.  There is much to come out this week, and as a result many people will be scrambling to keep things hidden.  So this week take everything with a grain of salt and definitely see for yourself. Continue reading

March 7-13

Overall Color for the Week:   Rose Pink

Get ready for a wild ride this week.  One good thing is that you will be so busy that you will not be able to dwell on events, some unsettling, some amazingly positive.  Take time to be centered.  This is a week in which to observe and to be active, so you may find yourself in something of a split-personality mode.  But that is okay.  There is much coming, and this week is one in  which you will be exercising physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual muscle.  Take this as your week in the cosmic gym.  You will find yourself much the better for it when the week is over.

On a broader scale, there will be ups and downs.  This is ot a week in which things will e predictable.  Look for more Earth events as people scramble to try to make sense of all the things that are going on.  In the financial sector, there will be blips, first down then up, higher than the market has been in a while.  Do not trust everything that you are hearing in the media for there is confusion among those who wish to control public opinion and as a result conflicting news items will be broadcast.  The weather will be blustery and the winds will begin to blow, causing problems with power and electronics.  The Sun is having some internal issues that will be seen as small erup[tions on the surface, but these will result in a surge of solar energy coming to the earth.  The sun brings knowledge in its wake, so who knows what kinds of things will be brought out of the shadows as the week wears on.  Also, there is a body in the galaxy that is pulling on the rotation and spins of planets.  Perhaps more than an earthquake can change the length of the day. Continue reading