May 30-June 5

Overall Color for the Week:    Deep Pink

There is much afoot this week in all areas.  Fire energy will be particularly felt.  This means that events that involve fire in some way will be highlighted.  The fire theme will impact political, social, financial, natural, and man-made events.  Calm and understanding, as well as seeing things within the larger perspective, will allow you to move through this week with a new sense of what is going on and where you fit in the whole picture.

In terms of your personal life, this is a week in which to be aware of the volatility of things.  This can impact your relationships, your job situation, your family, and friends.  It is a week in which you should spend time centering in WHO you are and what you know best.  Move away from thoughts of fear and less-than.  Surround yourself with positive and supportive people, and together, you will be able to establish a place of clarity within the questioning and uncertainty around you.

On the larger front, fire will be in the news in all areas — volcanoes, oil events, sun spots, wars, actual structures, etc.  There will be a sense that things are reaching a crisis point, and you will feel that.  What is going on will not be reflected in the media.   There, you will be hearing a lot more about movie stars, horse races, lucky coincidences, and things of that sort.  But the unrest will be felt on all levels.  Arguments can arise and escalate.  Conditions in cities can cause friction.  Groups on the fringe will become more vocal.  There will be new and unexpected Earth movements.  There will be water events and the possibility of the first Atlantic hurricane.  Then the Midwest will feel the impact as unusual temperatures and unexpected cold fronts can bring about some major tornadoes. The magnetic force field of the Earth is changing, which will result in more air travel related challenges.  And then there will be more sunspot activity and solar flares.  This is a week to ground in water, in calmness, in coolness, and acceptance.  By so doing, you can see through much of the surface unease to what stirs beneath. Continue reading

May 23-29

Overall Color for the Week:    Dark Pink

Another thematic week.  Look closely at things that are going on.  Be aware of coincidences, synchronicity, and serendipity.  They are all somehow related to the new themes.  Pay attention.  There is a warning in the air.

You will find yourself facing the beginning of this week with a sense of unreality.  You will be finding that your perceptions are somehow off.  They do not seem to be as definite as they were before.  You will have the sense that things previously was in the foreground have shifted to the background.  Expect that to be true on all levels this week.  You will find that friendships and likes are changing.  Let them go.  As time goes by, you will see that this has been a good thing.  There is a movement afoot his week towards community, and you can find yourself inexplicably being drawn to new people and events.  Be ready for instances of deja vu, as well a feeling of familiarity about things that are new to you.  As the energy fields interact , shift, and realign, these things happen.  Along with that, you can find your priorities shifting.

On the larger scene, look for more shifts and changes in all areas.  The weather will be freaky, unseasonable, and at times even frightening.  There will be earth movements in unusual locations, and there is the potential for increased volcanic activity.  Look again for water events in the Atlantic.  Also there will be sightings of new kinds of creatures, even more exotic chupacabras, etc.    In the political arena, there will be some situations that will stir up anger within the bodies of the government as more information comes out about things that are being done behind the scenes and without the full knowledge or approval of the Congress.  There will be a large outcry that can be echoed by the people in general.  Financial matters are going to be moving further into the Twilight Zone, even as the pundits try to convince us that these irregularities are predictable and not unexpected.  The global situation in regards to finance is teetering.  There will be more hints of other governments heading towards financial disaster.  Things are flowing again on the Sun and there will be strange bursts and movements there.  This  will all effect the Earth and can cause some pulling or shifting in terms of the shape of the Earth and the direction of its atmosphere.  Do not be surprised by problems with communications equipment.  This is part of a general breakdown of systems that will peak as fall approaches.  Once again, keep your eyes on the crop circles.  Messages are coming through, and there is a new urgency about them.  There is a shift in the geometry of things which has to do with a general stretching within the galaxy.  There  are surprises in the wings this week.  Be aware of maintaining your perspective, looking at the larger picture, and analyzing things for a larger message. Continue reading

Earth Magnetics and You

It is time there was a more general recognition that Earth’s magnetics are shifting.  This is affecting plane travel, insect movement, bird migrations, and the activities of our friends in the oceans.  It is also having an effect on us, on how people are acting and reacting.   We all are bio-electric and hence bio-magnetic, beings.  We vibrate, shift, and respond to magnetic impulses. We attract, and we repel.  We have an internal polarity that permeates every part of our being.  As things shift in the external environment, we cannot help but feel on some level.

There is a new vibration in the Universe and within the Earth that, as magnetic and energetic beings, we are aware of on a cellular and even molecular level.  There is a perceiver within that is responding to the shift that is going on which can be thought of as a new frequency of magnetic enervation.  We feel things, perhaps some unexplained vertigo.  We sense things, that something is not quite right.  We see things, but not as clearly as before.  We are confused by these perceptions.  They are out of our ordinary realm of experience, but they are perfectly within the scope of this new field of magnetics and attraction. We need to accept the fact that the world is not as it always has been;  There is a shift going on and an intensification of fields and field energies which are happening, slowly now, but which will gain momentum overtime.

It is important to understand that flux is the nature of this time.  It is a growing flux but there is an incredible rightness to it.  This is a good time to be a little crazy, because that very craziness will allow us to accept things that might previously have seemed impossible, unbelievable, untrue.  It is a good time to connect with the inner knower whom many call The Fool, the one who is willing to take chances in order to further his/her path.  The fool may seem haphazard on the surface, but s/he is connected to the larger picture, the Universal Consciousness.  S/He experiences much, and each experience draws her/him closer to the truth, the essence, the All.  So acknowledge The Fool within.  Honor the wisdom of the child.  Join with whimsy and be open.

It is time to allow our energetic selves to interlock and come into phase with the new magnetics.  In responding to the shifts of the Earth and the Universe, we will experience a gradual deepening of awareness.  The patterns and rhythms of things will become more clear.  We will begin to see the lines of attraction and repulsion that hold things together and keep them apart.  It is all part of the grid, the net that energizes.  It is a dynamic structure, both set and ever-changing.

And as we allow ourselves to feel the shift in the magnetics, our vision will become clearer.  We will begin to see patterns where once there just was randomness or curiosity.  We will feel the inner knowing that will being us to places and experiences that we could not imagine.  And then there will be the people, the groups and communities that are drawn together by their magnetic resonance.

It is time for us to center within our hearts, to honor our feelings and to open to the new magnetics of the Universe.  We are truly persons of the Universe.  We came from stars!  We are of star material. It is time to acknowledge that and connect with the macro and the micro.

As we connect with our inner being, and feel the vibratory nature of WHO we are, we become aware of the energies of attraction that we generate.  In this way, we can achieve greater harmony within. 

Moreover, you will be attracting to yourself new persons, things, and experiences that will assist you in this shifting of the magnetics. 

May 16-22

Overall Color for the Week:   Dark Amber Red

Things are coming out of the shadows this week, into the light, and into the fire.  You will encounter some crazy situations.  Keep your cool.  Deal with them and let them go.  Some of this can happen quickly, so keep your eyes and ears open in order that you do not miss anything.  You will find yourself moving into new areas.  This is part of a general change of personal focus as new themes and interests arise this week.   There are new people on the horizon.  Do not jump to conclusions about the people you meet.  Thinking before voicing any strong opinions.  There is confusion in the atmosphere, and things are not always as they seem.  Something is stirring beneath the surface.  On the other hand, this is a good time for making changes in your life, new resolutions.  Pay attention to your health.  If you decide to indulge yourself, do not over indulge.  And be prepared for the unexpected.  If you can do that, then when the challenges of the week come your way, you will be ready with a well worked out Plan B.

On the larger scene, things are fast approaching a flashpoint when potentials will become reality.  And this will occur on all levels.  There will be strange rumblings and upsets in the Earth, along with weather extremes, particularly near the end of the week, so if you have plans, be prepared to change them.  Also there will be hints of conspiracy and manipulation in areas of politics and finance, especially related to people and things that were thought to be credible.  Something will be coming out that will challenge some long held assumptions of people at the top.  Expect new and strange names to be in the media.  There is a sense of something happening n North Korea.  There is a shadow over that country which is beginning to shift and grow.  Expect an announcement to be made concerning Iran.  This is a week in which there will be an unreality about time and matters temporal.  There will be time shifts and warps happening.  Added to this will be electronic disturbances caused by radiation from outside the local galaxy neighborhood.  There is a surprise brewing in the sun.  There is also a sense that some other presences is out there watching over what is going on here on Earth, and they will be making their presence known with sightings of craft that will be broadcast and then hushed up.  Once again, pay attention to the crop circles.  The  message is no longer so covert as it once was. Continue reading

May 9-16

Overall Color for the Week:     Light Purple Red

There is a strong dash of reality that is going to be the theme for this week.  Much will be coming to the surface in all areas.  Weather will remain unsettled and unstable, and you will find that you are feeling the same.  There are ups and downs to be encountered this week, and because of the ways in which they can follow each other in close succession, it is important to be the observer.  Take time when you find yourself flummoxed by words, actions, situations, news, etc. to evaluate and to be grounded in the present.  Know what it is that is meaningful for you.  The sense of being at one with WHO you are is going to be more and more important as time goes by.  You are going to need a firm foundation in order to look at the coming events with detachment and clarity.  This time is one of hide and seek.  Know that there is nothing that you cannot do or understand if you stay grounded and trust your intuition.  This week is an introduction to the themes of the summer.

On the larger scene, there are upsets in areas where things were thought to be solid and unchanging.  The weather will remain in the news, and there will be further revelations coming relative to the oil spill and the oil business in general.  Much that has been hidden will start to surface as new discoveries are made in unlikely places.  This is a week in which there can flarings up of hostilities, and it is important that the leaders of various countries step back from those kinds of situations.  There is an unprecedented event in the air.  It could come about this week or before the end of the month, but it will shake up situations, policies, and allegiances on all levels.  There is further energy coming from the Sun, where there will be solar events for which there is no good explanation.  Look for further disruptions in electronics.  Keep you eyes to the skies for surprising events.  The crop circle season is beginning.  There will be important signs coming through.  It is well to keep an eye on the progression of the circles as the encoded message will make itself clear over time. Continue reading

May 2-8

Overall Color for the Week:    Dark Lavender

This is a week in which there will be opportunities to make headway in projects as well as relationships.  You have been feeling the need to bring certain things to resolution, but have not been able to.  There is support coming from unexpected sources.  Look for a new direction to open up before you.  Trust your intuition in this, and listen carefully to its guidance before blindly following the ways that others might suggest.  There is a current of serendipity in the air.  The energies of the week favor making long term plans.  Take a look at your options, especially in terms of things that you have been wanting to do, but putting off.  Things are shifting on all levels.  You may find that your interests, likes and dislikes also are changing.  This is good.,  It is a way of responding tot the energies of the moment and getting out of the stuckness of routine.  .

On the larger scale, there is much afoot, but slowly so.  Anything that happens in the news, the weather, etc.  will take longer than usual.  The effects will take more time to show themselves. There is an announcement that will be coming from a woman that will shake things up a bit as it brings into question some preconceptions people have had about this person.  Spring storms will be making the news as well as unexpected temperatures throughout the globe.  This is a week in which you can see events taking place in one area that will be mirrored in the other side of the globe.

Sunday, May 2:    Aquamarine

Today you will be feeling that part of you is just floating with the waves, that all is going well, and that things could not be better.  But there is a shark in the water, so watch out as the day progresses for some unexpected and potentially unhappy surprises in the form of revelations of things you were not aware of or reminders of things you left undone.  Know that through the challenges of the afternoon, you have the stamina, foresight, and vision to get through, so do not let other issues and people muddy the waters.  There are good times to be had this evening, and they will be ample reward for the oddity of the day.

Monday, May 3:    Medium Blue

This is a day on which things that you had hoped to get done will not be done.  Ultimately, you will discover that is good because you do not have all the information or the background to deal with certain issues and/or people that you thought would be easy to deal with.  There are surprises in the air, and the possibility of a storm.  Stay away from potentially heated situations as they can turn into arguments. The afternoon can bring disappointments and questioning of your actions.  Let it go.  Be prudent in your habits today, for excess can lead to discomfort.

Tuesday, May 4:    Pinkish Red

The morning will start somewhat slowly as you find yourself having trouble shaking off the remnants of sleep and the dreams of the night before.  There will be the nagging sensation of something left undone, something remembered but only partially, or even the thought of “if only” in relation to a recent conversation with someone.  Look for the sign that tells you that all is well, for there is a touch of synchronicity that appears in the afternoon that will let you know that everything is okay.  This is a good evening for companionship,. a nice chat with a friend, a re-watching of a favorite film.  There is a reason to smile in the air.

Wednesday, May 5:    Reddish-Yellow

Cinco de Mayo – Ole!!!    Today is a good day for getting on with your work because the energies are such that you can get a lot accomplished.  Take this opportunity also to further relationships that have been sticky and to make explanations that are long overdue.  You will find that the benefits of these kinds of behaviours will come quickly and that there will be true cause to celebrate this evening.  There is a new energy on the horizon, and it can bring surprises in the form of answers to nagging questions or even interesting people to meet.

Thursday, May 6:    Light Lavender

Old issues will be in the forefront this morning, personal issues such as weight to lose, exercise programs to begin, things to finish.  As a result you start the day with a sense of already having had enough.  But there is good news on the horizon and it will come to you in the middle of the day.  This will be an answer to something you have been wondering, even hoping about for some time, and you will fell like rejoicing.  Others may try to minimize this news, but you have the strength and the wisdom to see that for what it is.  Be grateful for the things that you ve and the talents that you have today.  This sense of gratitude will in time bring more to you that you are hoping for.

Friday, May 7:    Brilliant Blue

Things are going to stand out in stark relief today so do not be surprised if you see people and issues in a new light.  This can challenge your sense of WHO you are and what it is that you are doing, but this is needed wake-up call.  You have been falling into habits and attitudes that are not serving you and it is time to make a change.  It is only by seeing things in a greater perspective that you will truly be able to make a difference in what it is that you have been expecting in term of job, relationship, family, self, etc.  Emotions can run high in these kinds of energies.  Do not attempt to put them aside, rather experience them and work through them.  After that not only will you feel better, but you will also have a sense that you are once again in charge.

Saturday, May 8:    Light Straw

There is a sense of playfulness in the air today, and everyone is feeling it.  So have a good time.  It is a good day for remembering that anything you do can be redone, words can be resaid and wrongs, real or imagined, can be righted.  There is no need for blame or unhappiness today.  It is a good day for talking to those with whom there may have been misunderstandings in the past.  There is a secret that wants to come out and there is magic that is calling you to recognize and take part in.  Be very present today and you will find that that the day will likewise reward you with presents.