May 9-16

Overall Color for the Week:     Light Purple Red

There is a strong dash of reality that is going to be the theme for this week.  Much will be coming to the surface in all areas.  Weather will remain unsettled and unstable, and you will find that you are feeling the same.  There are ups and downs to be encountered this week, and because of the ways in which they can follow each other in close succession, it is important to be the observer.  Take time when you find yourself flummoxed by words, actions, situations, news, etc. to evaluate and to be grounded in the present.  Know what it is that is meaningful for you.  The sense of being at one with WHO you are is going to be more and more important as time goes by.  You are going to need a firm foundation in order to look at the coming events with detachment and clarity.  This time is one of hide and seek.  Know that there is nothing that you cannot do or understand if you stay grounded and trust your intuition.  This week is an introduction to the themes of the summer.

On the larger scene, there are upsets in areas where things were thought to be solid and unchanging.  The weather will remain in the news, and there will be further revelations coming relative to the oil spill and the oil business in general.  Much that has been hidden will start to surface as new discoveries are made in unlikely places.  This is a week in which there can flarings up of hostilities, and it is important that the leaders of various countries step back from those kinds of situations.  There is an unprecedented event in the air.  It could come about this week or before the end of the month, but it will shake up situations, policies, and allegiances on all levels.  There is further energy coming from the Sun, where there will be solar events for which there is no good explanation.  Look for further disruptions in electronics.  Keep you eyes to the skies for surprising events.  The crop circle season is beginning.  There will be important signs coming through.  It is well to keep an eye on the progression of the circles as the encoded message will make itself clear over time.

Sunday, May 9:    Rose Pink

This is a day on which you might be telling yourself that things are never as good as you think they are, but underneath all that there is a spark of light.  So look for something unexpected to come your way in terms of a revelation, an invitation, or a reconciliation.   This is a day upon which the energies of surprise and the ordinary  can coincide with unexpected and serendipitous results.  Do not take anything for granted and dare to dream, for the dreams of today can yield the realities of tomorrow.

Monday, May 10:    Light Orange Red

There is an air of unreality about today.  You will find yourself easily distracted, so take care in your words and actions.  Things that seem to be a great deal are not really so, but in your vulnerable state you are more open to suggestion.  Consider carefully over explanations people give you for their actions.  This is not an action day, nor one for reaction.  It is a day for consideration.  The energies are such that you can see into situations, people, investments, and the news in ways that are usually not open to you.  This is a good day for thinking about things in your life that do not seem right.  There is a certain sense of detachment that can aid you in working through some old issues and setting up new goals.

Tuesday, May 11:    Cloudy White

First a few words about the fact that today Mercury goes direct.  Time to heave a sigh of relief.  This retrograde has shaken up people, the weather, volcanoes, the environment, etc. in ways that have not happened for a long time.  And the effects of this retrograde will be felt for quite some time in the future.  The good news, is that all the negativity of the retrograde has cleared out a lot of old kaka that needed to be dumped.  With Mercury going direct today, it is a good day for doing some self reflection and dumping your old own stuff.  It is also a time to dream what it is that you wish to create for in this change of energies there is a new focus and impetus that will assist in getting ideas to become reality.

The color for the day speaks of dreams, fantasies, desires, wishes, goals, and aim all of which have a certain reality in your own life, but none of which you have realized to your satisfaction.  This is a day for sifting through all these things and focusing on what it is that you truly desire.  Find your top priority, the one things you most deeply within your heart desire, and make it your focus for the next two weeks.  You will find that you can make great strides in getting ahead in what it is that you are wanting to create.  There is knowledge and clarity to be gotten in this exercise.  Take hold of the energy of today and let it direct you as you toy with all its reverberations.  The essence of the day is gossamer, and like gossamer it is ephemeral, so enjoy it while you can.

Wednesday, May 12:    Straw Tint

There are things in the air today that can be of value to you in terms of understanding, friendships, and financial rewards, but they will be difficult to conceptualize and hold onto.  It is one of those kinds of days when you feel you have just the right thing to say, but it comes to you too late.  Although you might find yourself frustrated by this, it will become apparent that if you had said then what you wished you had said it would have caused a great deal of misunderstanding that would have taken a long time to work out.  There is a time and a place for everything and that is the lesson of this day.  Look for someone to come into your life who will challenge you in a new direction.  As the evening arrives, it is a good time to appreciate WHO you are.  There is an inner knowing that is waiting to be born, and the  waters of self love are the best nourishment.

Thursday, May 13:  Pinkish-Orange

New Moon:    You will find yourself feeling somewhat tired today, but not that real physical tiredness, rather a kind of weariness.  It is neither good nor bad.  It is as though you are waiting for something, and you have the sense that you have waited long enough.  There is no anger or frustration in this, rather just the agreement to keep waiting because you have the certainty that it will happen and that ll will be well.  Look for there to be some communication that is going to help you in solving a problem with friends or co-workers that you have been thinking about for some time.

Friday, May 14:    Foggy White

Now doesn’t that just say it all!!! There is not a lot of clarity to be gained in anything today.  DO not try to force issues as they will end up in just becoming more confused.  This is a day wen all direction is uncertain so it is not a good time for making decisions or taking steps to resolve situations that have been around for a while.  There will be delays with things that you have been waiting for.  Do not take it to heart, rather be grateful because appointments, contacts, and paths taken in this energy will be problematic.  Listen carefully to what people are saying.  There is something at work beneath the surface, but it will not become clear until tomorrow.

Saturday, May 15:    Dark Purple

There is an expansiveness in the air today, good humor, and generosity.  This is a good day for starting things.  It is also a felicitous time for resolving old issues.  People are feeling freer today than they have in a long time, so expect things to be good in the retail area.  If you have been thinking about investing time or money in some project, this is a good day for getting that done.  There is an undercurrent of energy that is working to make decision and actions taken today work out over time.  There is also some serendipity in terms of people, perhaps one in particular, you encounter.  Be joyous today, you never know what might come back to you.