May 2-8

Overall Color for the Week:    Dark Lavender

This is a week in which there will be opportunities to make headway in projects as well as relationships.  You have been feeling the need to bring certain things to resolution, but have not been able to.  There is support coming from unexpected sources.  Look for a new direction to open up before you.  Trust your intuition in this, and listen carefully to its guidance before blindly following the ways that others might suggest.  There is a current of serendipity in the air.  The energies of the week favor making long term plans.  Take a look at your options, especially in terms of things that you have been wanting to do, but putting off.  Things are shifting on all levels.  You may find that your interests, likes and dislikes also are changing.  This is good.,  It is a way of responding tot the energies of the moment and getting out of the stuckness of routine.  .

On the larger scale, there is much afoot, but slowly so.  Anything that happens in the news, the weather, etc.  will take longer than usual.  The effects will take more time to show themselves. There is an announcement that will be coming from a woman that will shake things up a bit as it brings into question some preconceptions people have had about this person.  Spring storms will be making the news as well as unexpected temperatures throughout the globe.  This is a week in which you can see events taking place in one area that will be mirrored in the other side of the globe.

Sunday, May 2:    Aquamarine

Today you will be feeling that part of you is just floating with the waves, that all is going well, and that things could not be better.  But there is a shark in the water, so watch out as the day progresses for some unexpected and potentially unhappy surprises in the form of revelations of things you were not aware of or reminders of things you left undone.  Know that through the challenges of the afternoon, you have the stamina, foresight, and vision to get through, so do not let other issues and people muddy the waters.  There are good times to be had this evening, and they will be ample reward for the oddity of the day.

Monday, May 3:    Medium Blue

This is a day on which things that you had hoped to get done will not be done.  Ultimately, you will discover that is good because you do not have all the information or the background to deal with certain issues and/or people that you thought would be easy to deal with.  There are surprises in the air, and the possibility of a storm.  Stay away from potentially heated situations as they can turn into arguments. The afternoon can bring disappointments and questioning of your actions.  Let it go.  Be prudent in your habits today, for excess can lead to discomfort.

Tuesday, May 4:    Pinkish Red

The morning will start somewhat slowly as you find yourself having trouble shaking off the remnants of sleep and the dreams of the night before.  There will be the nagging sensation of something left undone, something remembered but only partially, or even the thought of “if only” in relation to a recent conversation with someone.  Look for the sign that tells you that all is well, for there is a touch of synchronicity that appears in the afternoon that will let you know that everything is okay.  This is a good evening for companionship,. a nice chat with a friend, a re-watching of a favorite film.  There is a reason to smile in the air.

Wednesday, May 5:    Reddish-Yellow

Cinco de Mayo – Ole!!!    Today is a good day for getting on with your work because the energies are such that you can get a lot accomplished.  Take this opportunity also to further relationships that have been sticky and to make explanations that are long overdue.  You will find that the benefits of these kinds of behaviours will come quickly and that there will be true cause to celebrate this evening.  There is a new energy on the horizon, and it can bring surprises in the form of answers to nagging questions or even interesting people to meet.

Thursday, May 6:    Light Lavender

Old issues will be in the forefront this morning, personal issues such as weight to lose, exercise programs to begin, things to finish.  As a result you start the day with a sense of already having had enough.  But there is good news on the horizon and it will come to you in the middle of the day.  This will be an answer to something you have been wondering, even hoping about for some time, and you will fell like rejoicing.  Others may try to minimize this news, but you have the strength and the wisdom to see that for what it is.  Be grateful for the things that you ve and the talents that you have today.  This sense of gratitude will in time bring more to you that you are hoping for.

Friday, May 7:    Brilliant Blue

Things are going to stand out in stark relief today so do not be surprised if you see people and issues in a new light.  This can challenge your sense of WHO you are and what it is that you are doing, but this is needed wake-up call.  You have been falling into habits and attitudes that are not serving you and it is time to make a change.  It is only by seeing things in a greater perspective that you will truly be able to make a difference in what it is that you have been expecting in term of job, relationship, family, self, etc.  Emotions can run high in these kinds of energies.  Do not attempt to put them aside, rather experience them and work through them.  After that not only will you feel better, but you will also have a sense that you are once again in charge.

Saturday, May 8:    Light Straw

There is a sense of playfulness in the air today, and everyone is feeling it.  So have a good time.  It is a good day for remembering that anything you do can be redone, words can be resaid and wrongs, real or imagined, can be righted.  There is no need for blame or unhappiness today.  It is a good day for talking to those with whom there may have been misunderstandings in the past.  There is a secret that wants to come out and there is magic that is calling you to recognize and take part in.  Be very present today and you will find that that the day will likewise reward you with presents.