April 25-May 1

Overall Color For the Week:  Blue-Green

This week brings a sense of nostalgia, longing of things that have gone before.  Equally as strongly, there is the sense that it is time to move on.  There is an excitement and a joy in the sense that finally you can put behind yourself old stuff that you have been hanging onto, holding onto just because.  Somewhere along the line you lost the reason, but the habit became deep grained..  There is something new in the air.  You may find that new acquaintances and experiences put you in a position in which you find yourself questioning old and deeply held convictions.  This is good.  You are forging a new concept of self, one that is fluid enough to allow you to exist and flourish as the new energies come in and the face of the planet begins to change.  This week ends on a note of hope, but not blind hope, rather a sense that things are going to get better in your life, that you are in charge, and that finally and gratefully, all that you knew you deserved is finally coming forth.

On the larger scale, things are confused and muddled.  There is a sense of the settling of accounts, as the planet takes stock of what has been done to her and makes further adjustments.  Odd weather patterns will abound, along with weather occurrences happening out of season.  These occurrences will be out of their usual proportions.  Watch the birds and animals for clues.  They are attempting to find equilibrium, while their planet-based sense tell them that the new equilibrium is dis-equilibrium.  Unfortunately, many will overlook these things as merely curiosities.  The news will speak of animal oddities, but they are not curiosities, rather harbingers.  There is a new element on the upper atmosphere of the planet that will be causing unrest to people in general, moreover it will have an effect on all travel through the skies.  Electrical and electronic disruptions will be in the news. Look for unexpected announcements of things that could possibly relate to the existence of life other planets, ET’s.  Politically, there is a person in the news who is looking to disrupt things for her own good.  She is not to be taken lightly for she has firm backing.  The sun will appear quiet, however there will be jets and issues from our star that will affect ground movement on the Earth.  This is a strange week, one in which there will be many questions and few answers.

Sunday, April 25:    Orange Flame

The day starts with a question in your mind. You might feel that you have forgotten something or that there is someone who owes you something.  This sense of unease, of things being unresolved will continue throughout the day.  You will be feeling a jumpy.  Watch out for responding too quickly to questions , issues, and incidents.  Step back and see them from a different perspective.  This is a day in which you can get as lot of realization done if you allow yourself to see things as they are.  There is an energy in the day that will tend to bring out what was hidden.  It is a good time for self-reflection, setting goals, and pumping up your sense of mission.

Monday, April 26:    Dark Lavender

Take time today today to reflect on what is going on in your life.  There are things that need to be gotten rid of.  This is a day to look at things from the standpoint of making things more simple.  There will be people and events who will be trying to make things complicated, but if you look through what they are saying or doing, you can see that the complication is merely a mask for the agendas of others.  Once you make this realization, you will find that the day flows easily and joyfully.  There is a bit of serendipity in the air this evening, so take time to be part of it.  Conversations with old friends can bring understanding and help you to get in touch with former priorities.

Tuesday, April 27:    Frost White

Things will not be easy today.  This is a time when breakups can occur and misunderstandings will be common.  Do not put too much trust in what others are saying or doing.  They are not feeling in touch with anything but their own sense of themselves, .  There is selfishness in the air.  The energies are unsettled, and as a result people are not feeling comfortable in the situations that they encounter.  You will find that there is a light at the end of the tunnel however, for  there comes out of the frost some stark revelations about what exactly is going on around you.  You will find that some of your suspicions are being confirmed.

Wednesday, April 28:   Grey Frost

Full Moon:    As if yesterday were not confusing enough, much of the misunderstanding of that day have the potential for flaring into actual conflict and anger today.  This can happen on all levels.  Be careful in traffic, and do not overreact to things that people say and do.  This  is a day when you can easily be frustrated, so make things as easy as possible for yourself.  There is a clearing out of the air that is coming in the afternoon and evening so expect some revelations, also there is a happy and joyful surprised that the evening can bring.

Thursday, April 29:   Mediterranean Blue-Green

Things are coming due today, but you knew that was going to happen.  On the one hand, you had been dreading these deadlines, but on the other you knew they were coming and you are actually much better prepared to deal with them than you realize.  This a day on which you will be feeling a renewed sense of your own worth and power, so it is a good day to tackle new p projects and bring to completion tasks that you had been putting off.  There is information that can come to you in a dream, through meditation, journaling or just as one of those wonderful ah-ha’s that sometime surprise us.  DO not be surprised if there is a lilt in your walk tonight.

Friday. April 30:    Light Grey

This is a good sendoff to the month of April.  There is a kind of nostalgia in the air, tinged with the knowledge that from now on nothing will be the same.  This is a day in which you should look at all your past achievements and your past preconceptions and know that change is truly in the air.  Take time today to recharge your batteries and get ready for newness as it comes in a with bang tomorrow.  There are surprises in store.  Today is the time to open your mind and your expectations to what it is that you wish to create.  There is much going on energetically the Universe and on the planet today, but be sure to keep your focus always firmly on yourself.  There are surprises in the wings this evening.

Saturday, May 1:    Rich Royal Blue

May Day/Beltane:    This is a day of tricks and tricking.  Keep your sense of humor out in front.  There will be anomalies happening all around you, and y4et, they will seem perfectly normal.  This is a good day to resolve problems between friends and families, for it is an ‘anything-can-happen’ sort of day, and guess what… anything will happen.  Expect there to be resolutions of old issues and the surprise of old friends coming forth.  There is the trickster in the air, but the loving and understanding trickster who wants for you to have and to realize the things that make you happy and to put to rest all that old stuff that just drags you down.