May 16-22

Overall Color for the Week:   Dark Amber Red

Things are coming out of the shadows this week, into the light, and into the fire.  You will encounter some crazy situations.  Keep your cool.  Deal with them and let them go.  Some of this can happen quickly, so keep your eyes and ears open in order that you do not miss anything.  You will find yourself moving into new areas.  This is part of a general change of personal focus as new themes and interests arise this week.   There are new people on the horizon.  Do not jump to conclusions about the people you meet.  Thinking before voicing any strong opinions.  There is confusion in the atmosphere, and things are not always as they seem.  Something is stirring beneath the surface.  On the other hand, this is a good time for making changes in your life, new resolutions.  Pay attention to your health.  If you decide to indulge yourself, do not over indulge.  And be prepared for the unexpected.  If you can do that, then when the challenges of the week come your way, you will be ready with a well worked out Plan B.

On the larger scene, things are fast approaching a flashpoint when potentials will become reality.  And this will occur on all levels.  There will be strange rumblings and upsets in the Earth, along with weather extremes, particularly near the end of the week, so if you have plans, be prepared to change them.  Also there will be hints of conspiracy and manipulation in areas of politics and finance, especially related to people and things that were thought to be credible.  Something will be coming out that will challenge some long held assumptions of people at the top.  Expect new and strange names to be in the media.  There is a sense of something happening n North Korea.  There is a shadow over that country which is beginning to shift and grow.  Expect an announcement to be made concerning Iran.  This is a week in which there will be an unreality about time and matters temporal.  There will be time shifts and warps happening.  Added to this will be electronic disturbances caused by radiation from outside the local galaxy neighborhood.  There is a surprise brewing in the sun.  There is also a sense that some other presences is out there watching over what is going on here on Earth, and they will be making their presence known with sightings of craft that will be broadcast and then hushed up.  Once again, pay attention to the crop circles.  The  message is no longer so covert as it once was.

Sunday, May 16:    Dark Reddish-Blue

There will be much nostalgia in the air.  This can be accompanied by feelings of loss and regret, but this is actually a good thing.  This is a time in which it is easier to let go of things that you have been holding onto in all areas, emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental.  It is a good day for a new start, a fresh perspective.  things will come your way that will aid you in this if you are truly wishing to get some new air and vibrancy and perspective in your life.  There will be a strain of serendipity in the air which will only be heightened bu the synchronicity of the day’s energy.  There is much meaning to be found today so take time to look into things and be clear in what it is you are desiring.

Monday, May 17:    Dark Red/Green

You might not be feeling your best this morning, but it is not you.   You are reacting to the energies in the air today.  There is something going on and no one can put their finger on it, however you just have the sense that things are not right.  This is not a good day for dealing with any large issues or important questions as there are too many variables that remain hidden.  Take time to center in yourself.  Spend some time doing simple tasks that you enjoy, whether at work, at home, or with friends.  Conversations can be valuable today as there may be some Freudian slips that give indications of what is truly going on with your relationships and in your life.   The energies of the day also favor endings.  If there is something you wish to remove from your life, the energies of the day can make it easier to accomplish that.

Tuesday, May 18:    Deep Congo Blue

This is a day for enjoying the exotic, for allowing yourself to move out of your usual frame of reference and doing something a bit extravagant.  Look around you and see whether there is not something in your life that could not be made better by adding a bit of surprise.  You may find also that someone is out there to surprise you.  Things can come to you today that you have hoped for, perhaps not expressed, waited for, perhaps given up on.  It is all there today.  This is a good day for taking a chance because the linear is not so much in control.  Look for some joy today and perhaps a bit of needed laughter.

Wednesday, May 19:    Medium Purple

Energy levels are low this morning, and getting started will be hard.  Take time during the morning to feel comfortable in yourself.  It is a good time for appreciating things about yourself that you may have overlooked.  The afternoon and evening can bring a surprise.  There is a call out there from friends and like-minded individuals so if you are looking for community, this is a good time to be aware of things.  Check out listings and make phone calls.  You never know what might come of them.  There is someone who has something to tell you so listen carefully and be aware.

Thursday, May 20:    Powder White

There is a chill in the air today, and relationships can be strained.  This is not a good day for making agreements as people will be overly wary of having the wool pulled over their eyes.  Pay attention to detail because there will be things in the minutiae that have the potential to cause problems.  Be careful in matters related to health.  This is not a good day for a splurge.  There will be much anger and uncertainty about so take care in traffic and let the other guy go ahead.  There is an elephant in the room, and it has been there for quite some time.  This is a time to recognize it for what it is, accept that it has been there, and move on.

Friday, May 21:    Royal Blue

People will be very needy today.  If you find yourself in a situation in which someone seems to be a bit overbearing or upset, just take the time to give them a kind word.  You will find yourself vastly rewarded by the effort. There is an element of surprise in the air, so look for some serendip[ity.  This is one of those days when something great is waiting just around the corner.  You will also find that your intuition in working well. Pay attention to it.  You may find that there is a new twist or direction in your life.  This is a day on which it is important to feel good in WHO you are because that will bring you notice.

Saturday,  May 22:     Dark Indigo

Things are just going to be difficult today.  It will start in the morning.  You are not going to feel that you want to get out of bed, but you do it anyway.  This is a good day on which to be the observer in all that you do.  Any attempt at getting things done are not going to be completely successful, so be happy with progress as opposed to completion.  There is a conversation that was started some time ago that is needing a little more input, so recognize it for what it is and add a few words.  Take time today to appreciate Nature.  Take a walk, look up at the sky, sit in the grass, go to the beach, watch the stars this evening.  This is a day on which you are needing to gain some more perspective and seeing yourself as part of a greater whole will assist in that.