Earth Magnetics and You

It is time there was a more general recognition that Earth’s magnetics are shifting.  This is affecting plane travel, insect movement, bird migrations, and the activities of our friends in the oceans.  It is also having an effect on us, on how people are acting and reacting.   We all are bio-electric and hence bio-magnetic, beings.  We vibrate, shift, and respond to magnetic impulses. We attract, and we repel.  We have an internal polarity that permeates every part of our being.  As things shift in the external environment, we cannot help but feel on some level.

There is a new vibration in the Universe and within the Earth that, as magnetic and energetic beings, we are aware of on a cellular and even molecular level.  There is a perceiver within that is responding to the shift that is going on which can be thought of as a new frequency of magnetic enervation.  We feel things, perhaps some unexplained vertigo.  We sense things, that something is not quite right.  We see things, but not as clearly as before.  We are confused by these perceptions.  They are out of our ordinary realm of experience, but they are perfectly within the scope of this new field of magnetics and attraction. We need to accept the fact that the world is not as it always has been;  There is a shift going on and an intensification of fields and field energies which are happening, slowly now, but which will gain momentum overtime.

It is important to understand that flux is the nature of this time.  It is a growing flux but there is an incredible rightness to it.  This is a good time to be a little crazy, because that very craziness will allow us to accept things that might previously have seemed impossible, unbelievable, untrue.  It is a good time to connect with the inner knower whom many call The Fool, the one who is willing to take chances in order to further his/her path.  The fool may seem haphazard on the surface, but s/he is connected to the larger picture, the Universal Consciousness.  S/He experiences much, and each experience draws her/him closer to the truth, the essence, the All.  So acknowledge The Fool within.  Honor the wisdom of the child.  Join with whimsy and be open.

It is time to allow our energetic selves to interlock and come into phase with the new magnetics.  In responding to the shifts of the Earth and the Universe, we will experience a gradual deepening of awareness.  The patterns and rhythms of things will become more clear.  We will begin to see the lines of attraction and repulsion that hold things together and keep them apart.  It is all part of the grid, the net that energizes.  It is a dynamic structure, both set and ever-changing.

And as we allow ourselves to feel the shift in the magnetics, our vision will become clearer.  We will begin to see patterns where once there just was randomness or curiosity.  We will feel the inner knowing that will being us to places and experiences that we could not imagine.  And then there will be the people, the groups and communities that are drawn together by their magnetic resonance.

It is time for us to center within our hearts, to honor our feelings and to open to the new magnetics of the Universe.  We are truly persons of the Universe.  We came from stars!  We are of star material. It is time to acknowledge that and connect with the macro and the micro.

As we connect with our inner being, and feel the vibratory nature of WHO we are, we become aware of the energies of attraction that we generate.  In this way, we can achieve greater harmony within. 

Moreover, you will be attracting to yourself new persons, things, and experiences that will assist you in this shifting of the magnetics.