May 23-29

Overall Color for the Week:    Dark Pink

Another thematic week.  Look closely at things that are going on.  Be aware of coincidences, synchronicity, and serendipity.  They are all somehow related to the new themes.  Pay attention.  There is a warning in the air.

You will find yourself facing the beginning of this week with a sense of unreality.  You will be finding that your perceptions are somehow off.  They do not seem to be as definite as they were before.  You will have the sense that things previously was in the foreground have shifted to the background.  Expect that to be true on all levels this week.  You will find that friendships and likes are changing.  Let them go.  As time goes by, you will see that this has been a good thing.  There is a movement afoot his week towards community, and you can find yourself inexplicably being drawn to new people and events.  Be ready for instances of deja vu, as well a feeling of familiarity about things that are new to you.  As the energy fields interact , shift, and realign, these things happen.  Along with that, you can find your priorities shifting.

On the larger scene, look for more shifts and changes in all areas.  The weather will be freaky, unseasonable, and at times even frightening.  There will be earth movements in unusual locations, and there is the potential for increased volcanic activity.  Look again for water events in the Atlantic.  Also there will be sightings of new kinds of creatures, even more exotic chupacabras, etc.    In the political arena, there will be some situations that will stir up anger within the bodies of the government as more information comes out about things that are being done behind the scenes and without the full knowledge or approval of the Congress.  There will be a large outcry that can be echoed by the people in general.  Financial matters are going to be moving further into the Twilight Zone, even as the pundits try to convince us that these irregularities are predictable and not unexpected.  The global situation in regards to finance is teetering.  There will be more hints of other governments heading towards financial disaster.  Things are flowing again on the Sun and there will be strange bursts and movements there.  This  will all effect the Earth and can cause some pulling or shifting in terms of the shape of the Earth and the direction of its atmosphere.  Do not be surprised by problems with communications equipment.  This is part of a general breakdown of systems that will peak as fall approaches.  Once again, keep your eyes on the crop circles.  Messages are coming through, and there is a new urgency about them.  There is a shift in the geometry of things which has to do with a general stretching within the galaxy.  There  are surprises in the wings this week.  Be aware of maintaining your perspective, looking at the larger picture, and analyzing things for a larger message.

Sunday, May 23:    Italian Turquoise

You are not going to feel like getting a lot done today.  You will be feeling, however, that people are wanting you to get things done.  This is especially true in the case of a woman you know who has set out a task for you, unfortunately she feels the whole thing is rock sold and you never got the message.  So the potential for misunderstanding is totally there.  Do not try to get anything done that involves close attention, as you will feel yourself distracted and more open to daydreams and wishes than to actual action.  Look for the bumps in the road for this is a day on which they will be making themselves felt in all, areas.

Monday, May 24:   Orange-Red

This is a day on which emotions will run high.  Feeling is good, but taking action without the proper information can be disastrous.  Check the facts before you voice an opinion.  There are those who are around you, in person or via one of the many “vias” that we have today, who are anxious to involve you in schemes that you want no part of.  Be prudent in terms of health issues today.  Also watch where you are going.  There is a sense that some people will be walking backwards, while others will go forwards, just to run into walls.  So there is a bit of the Trickster in the air.  But that crafty one is just as happy to share a joke as to play one.

Tuesday, May 25:    Blue Green

There are surprises in the weather and upon the Earth today.  Dress in layers so that you can adjust to changes in the air.  This is the theme also for your approach to social, medical, employment, etc, situations.  Be ready for anything.  Prepare for the unexpected.  Have a repertoire of responses and reactions.  And do not give in to surprise.  You are in charge, even though you might not feel that way when certain things pop up.  The afternoon brings a sense of well-being.  Something that you have been working on for some time now will finally fall into place, moreover there is a good chance that it will get you noticed.  The evening is a auspicious for get togethers.  Conversations and comparing notes can bring new insights into some of the things that are going on all around.

Wednesday, May 26:    Powder Frost

There is a feeling of isolation and distance in the air today.  There is kind of a general atmosphere of wariness, even fear that is about.  There is no sense of the cause for this, which just makes you edgier.  Step back and take a good look at situations  There are things that you know, solutions that you have, however you have not been willing to accept this.  Take time today, and you will be able to see the layers involved.  This is a day for patience.  Things ware going to take longer and be more complicated than they need to be, but as long as you are aware of that, you can prepare to keep yourself occupied and busy rather than being frustrated and angry.

Thursday, May 27:    Teal

Full Flower Moon:    Hold onto your emotions today as there is a lot of stuff coming to the surface in all areas.  You may be finding out things about family and friends that will cause you some pain, but the energies of the day will work to take away some of the sting.  Interestingly, this is a good day for starting new projects.  There is a clarity within that reveals to you where your passions lie.  This is a good day for taking a tough look at how things are going in your life and deciding what it is that you are really wanting to have.  Then write out, dream about, make up a plan to start things going.  You know that Rome was not built in a day, but what the heck, it did get built!   And that is how things are for you now.  Just start.  Let the rest take care of itself.  You might be surprised by some of the things that you attract.  Tonight’s full moon might just make some things start to blossom in your own life.

Friday, May 28:    Dark Lavender

This is a day for endings and beginnings.  These will happen due to the fact that you are now seeing things in a new light.  When you wake up this morning, you are going to feel differently than you have been feeling.  You will find that you are not as judgmental as usual and that your attitudes are tinged with questioning and rumination.  Look about you today for the clues in Nature that are going to lead you to a new sense of understanding.  That involves also taking some time to enjoy the natural world.  If you have pets, honor them, watch them, and listen as they have a message for you.  If you do not have pets, rest assured that birdsong or some casual encounter with a member of the animal world can spark some insight.

Saturday, May 29:    Frosty White

You are going to be seeing through things today.  As this happens, it is important to keep your compassion at the forefront.  The air today is one of strong and uncompromising judgment.  While that can be beneficial, even necessary in some cases, in judging too harshly today you can find yourself embroiled in misunderstandings or even arguments.  People are not at their best, so give them some slack.  You are not at your best, so just take it easy.  There is something in the energies of the day that is going to cause a sense of things being out of control.  If you are aware of this, then you can temper your actions to minimize any kind of overreaction,