May 30-June 5

Overall Color for the Week:    Deep Pink

There is much afoot this week in all areas.  Fire energy will be particularly felt.  This means that events that involve fire in some way will be highlighted.  The fire theme will impact political, social, financial, natural, and man-made events.  Calm and understanding, as well as seeing things within the larger perspective, will allow you to move through this week with a new sense of what is going on and where you fit in the whole picture.

In terms of your personal life, this is a week in which to be aware of the volatility of things.  This can impact your relationships, your job situation, your family, and friends.  It is a week in which you should spend time centering in WHO you are and what you know best.  Move away from thoughts of fear and less-than.  Surround yourself with positive and supportive people, and together, you will be able to establish a place of clarity within the questioning and uncertainty around you.

On the larger front, fire will be in the news in all areas — volcanoes, oil events, sun spots, wars, actual structures, etc.  There will be a sense that things are reaching a crisis point, and you will feel that.  What is going on will not be reflected in the media.   There, you will be hearing a lot more about movie stars, horse races, lucky coincidences, and things of that sort.  But the unrest will be felt on all levels.  Arguments can arise and escalate.  Conditions in cities can cause friction.  Groups on the fringe will become more vocal.  There will be new and unexpected Earth movements.  There will be water events and the possibility of the first Atlantic hurricane.  Then the Midwest will feel the impact as unusual temperatures and unexpected cold fronts can bring about some major tornadoes. The magnetic force field of the Earth is changing, which will result in more air travel related challenges.  And then there will be more sunspot activity and solar flares.  This is a week to ground in water, in calmness, in coolness, and acceptance.  By so doing, you can see through much of the surface unease to what stirs beneath.

Sunday, May 30:    Bright Yellow

This will be a great day, but tinged with a sense of unreality.  It will also be one of those days on which you completely lose track of time, so much so that you will find yourself bewildered as the day closes as to where the day went.  There is good energy around for dealing with difficult people, which includes healing some old rifts or explaining some old issues.  People are willing to listen to what you have to say today.  Likewise it is good for you to listen to what they are saying to you.  This is also a good day to take some time to go out and be in nature.  There is truly a message in the winds.

Monday, May 31:    Forest Green

Memorial Day:  There is a sense of unrest in the air today.  You might be finding yourself looking back behind you, with the feeling that maybe someone is watching you or something is there. This is just a recognition of the fact that there are things in your past that you have done and people you have known that still linger in your memory, even though you should have given up on this stuff long ago.  This is, however, a day on which you can truly own your power if you will allow yourself to honor and follow your intuition.  A new person can give you some insight on what is truly important to you.  Be prepared for changes in the weather, and be cautious in traffic.

Tuesday, June 1:    Bright Lavender

This is a good day for having fun, even doing things that are totally uncharacteristic of WHO you are.  People are open to the unexpected today, so if there is something that you have been wanting to try, an outfit you have been wanting to wear, a karaoke club that you have been wanting to visit, go for it.  This is also a good day for dealing with old issues because the energies are such that you can view them in a new light.  You need that right now because much of the old stuff in your life is no longer working.  You are feeling the need for something new, be it friends, environment, wardrobe, etc.  This is a day when you will be able to have more clarity on what it is that you are looking for.  It has the potential for being a truly life changing day.

Wednesday, June 2:    Amber Orange

Today is a day for caution.  Think before you speak.  Consider before you act.  Plan out your trips before you start.  Explain things minutely to people who need to be directed.  There is the possibility for mix-ups and mishaps in the air.  Watch out for some unexpected events in the news that will on some level be affecting you, in the very least because of reactions that friends and family have to these things.   You will find yourself unwilling to get involved in these conversations.  Follow that feeling.  This is a good day for just laying low.  It is also a good day for taking some time to center in WHO you are and decide what it is that truly brings you joy and fulfillment.  You will need those resources as the summer continues.

Thursday, June 3:    Dark Blue

There is surprise in the air today, and how it will affect you is going to be determined by your perspective.  This is a good day on which to turn from thoughts of fear and guilt to thoughts of joy and deservedness.  If you can do this, you will find that there is a burst of serendipity that will follow you in all that you do today.

Friday, June 4:    Light Blue Green

This is a day for stepping back and letting others take the limelight.  Among other things, you will not be feeling particularly like asserting yourself.  There is some news that will be out there that you will find unsettling.  There is more to this than meets the eye, so do not take the first explanation that you get.  Take refuge in friends and family, and use your time to talk things over.  There is the great strangeness about today, and it is making everything unpredictable.  It is  a good day for creative endeavors as the very air of this day frees you from some of the old patterns.  This evening, relax and enjoy yourself.

Saturday, June 5:   Delft Blue

Step quickly through the events of today.  Do not allow yourself to become too embroiled in what is going on.  These are mere symptoms of things of things that are happening below the surface.  This is a good day for being with good friend s and conversation.  There are things that need to be discussed.  Be wary of anyone who tries to stir up arguments.   A lot of this is just their response to the feelings of insecurity that are in the air today.  Take some time to enjoy and honor Nature for her beauty and generosity.