June 6-12

Overall Color for the Week:  Dark Yellow Orange

This week marks the beginning of the big shifts and changes that this summer will be bringing.  This is a good time to set straight what it is that you believe in and what it is that you need in order to feel safe and  complete at this time.  Take stock of what it is that you are looking for and how it is that you wish to attain it.  This is a week for looking at priorities and seeing what it is that truly matters for you.

On a larger scale, there is a wave of energy that is traveling through the Earth and that will be affecting everything that is going on.  Add to that the solar flares and winds, and in places where the energies are felt most keenly as these two vibrations interact, there will be upsets and events that can leave you wondering just what is going on and just how secure things are.  Take nothing for granted this week.  Look into news items before accepting them on face value.   There will be attempts to keep out of the news just exactly what it is that is happening.  Verify before taking action.

Sunday, June 6: Light Sky Blue

So things seem just about perfect. Everything is running smoothly, and you are feeling in control.  This makes you feel great, but there is a wild card in the mix today and a trickster in the wings.  Keep a close eye on things around you for there is the potential that they can fall apart at the drop of a hat.  Watch your health today as there are challenges in the air.  It is also a good day for taking some time out to be with yourself and to be grateful for what you are.  Take time to appreciate the people whom you love.  There is strength in family and community.

Monday, June 7:    Shimmer White

Things are going to look pretty great today.  It as though you woke up, and everything is better.  Hold onto that feeling and get to know it well.  You will want to be able to recreate this sense as the summer wears on.  It can help you to ground later on when things get tough.   Today is a good day for taking chances as there is a possibility that things you had hoped for will work out in this energy.  There is also a kind of vibrancy on the Earth today, so take some time to honor Mother Nature.  Feel your connectedness to all that is around you.

Tuesday, June 8:    Red-Orange

Take time today when you get up to surround yourself with good intentions.  This is a day when challenges can become more difficult than they should be.  Stay out of heated conversations, and offer no opinions unless you are certain that they contain no hint of potential controversy.  There are people out there who are feeling the anger that is in the air, broadcast through the media, and felt in relations.  They are feeling out of control as well as though they are losing touch with things.  As a result, they fall into combativeness and fear.  Just remember that is their thing, and stay grounded in your own truth.

Wednesday, June 9:    Delft Blue

There is an happy go-lucky sense around today.  Enjoy yourself in whatever it is that you do.  Do not take yourself too seriously.  This is a good day for making changes in your life.  You are finding a new perspective on old things and a new way to deal with the events and people around you.  Pay attention to what is going on around you for there is meaning in the trivial today.  If you have been putting off a small splurge, this is a good day to go for it.

Thursday, June 10:    Light Orange

The day may start off slowly, as you may feel yourself dragging and not ready to get out of bed.  But by the end of the day, you are going to feel like kicking up y6our heels and celebrating.  There is a surprise in the works for you now, and you are ready to embrace it.  Be observant and aware.  Listen carefully to hints and suggestions.  Make this a treasure hunt kind of day.  Be aware of the clues leading you to the treasure, and by the end of the day, you will find it.

Friday, June 11:    Dark Blue

Be kind to yourself today.,  You are going to be feeling as though things have taken a turn for the worse in all areas, but this is not true.  This is a prelude kind of day when the great things that will be coming your way are just in the formative stages.  Do not aim to get too much done today.  Do what you can and be happy with that.  Be content with germinating today because you have been looking for something different, and by stepping back from control today,. movement can happen in that area.

Saturday, June 12:   Blue Green

There is fun in the air today, but you must be ready, willing, and able to put off any sense of being judgmental or critical.  Take things on face value and be prepared to laugh.  You will find that by so doing you will be able to smooth over a lot of rough situations, and create great outcomes.