June 13-19

Overall Color for the Week:    Orange with a hint of Blue

Well, it looks as though the period of quietude is over, so expect things to heat up again this week, especially in terms of Earth events, including quakes and volcanoes, and the weather.  The Sun also is throwing its influence into the equation, so things are going to get interesting.  Also look for further messages in crop circles.  There is more around than  meets the eye.  And as things shift and change, there are signs and omens that will indicate the direction in which things will be going.  This is a time when things and people that seem foolish are perhaps. from a different perspective, not so foolish.   Expect the discovery of a new artifact that can make sense of some archaeological puzzles.

Personally, you can use this week to learn a lot of lessons and experience a lot of things … if you are ready.  There are challenges tears, understandings, revelations, and learning in the energy of the week, but it is up[ to you.  This is a pivotal week in which you  have the opportunity to decide whether you will accept the new energies and all the uncertainties that they bring or whether you will choose to write your reality in terms of  the past, what is safe, and all that has gone before.  It is your choice.  You can put aside old thoughts, ideas, conventions, and agreements and move forward or you can use those thoughts, ideas, conventions, and agreements to keep you firmly grounded in the old energy.  There is no right or wrong, there is simply what it is that you are choosing to do, your expectations, and what it is that you choose to be.

On a larger scale, and this I have put off addressing, shifts, changes, upheavals, uncertainties, tears and laughter are in the works for this week.  Stay close to what you love and those whom you care about for there will be challenges on the larger scale as the oil spill proves itself and its consequences worse even than anyone has imagined or can imagine.  There are implications here that are only now beginning to be felt.  The world is a system, and where one part is hurt, the other parts echo that hurt.  So there will be fire and wind and rain in countries throughout the globe.  In places where these things are uncommon, they will happen, and there is no procedure in place to deal with these things, making them even worse.  China will be affected as it has chosen with its current regime to be out of balance.  Japan will see that the niche it had thought it had carved out for itself is not so strong as they thought.  There is crazy energy  going on in Russia, throughout all the parts, and the Adriatic will have events that are somewhat unprecedented.  Look for storms and earthquakes on a new scale.  One elemental event will be followed by another, so that fire will follow water and earth will follow air, etc.  The Sun will be making its influence felt more and more, and there will be signs and messages that can guide you if you pay attention.  This is a week in which it is important to hang on to what you feel deep within your heart to be true.  See through the illusion and look for the truth.  There is peace there.

Sunday, June 13:    Pale Lavender

Things are going to feel a bit unreal today.   It is a good time to hold 0ff on any big decisions, because there is not enough information right now.  Moreover, there is a sense in the air that something is going on and that you can be part of it if you will just allow yourself to see things from a different perspective.  There is a new energy that is coming into the atmosphere, and it is bringing to the surface a lot of old stuff.  Be prepared to look at some old ways, habits, people, and things in a new way.  The good news is that there is not a lot of emotion still tied to these things. You have reached a point where you have moved on from a lot of the holding on that you used to do, and you are ready to see things in a new light.  Get some rest tonight.  You will need it.

Monday, June 14:    Dark Grey Blue

There is a sense of something on the verge of happening, and it is unsettling.  You may find yourself looking over your shoulder today trying to figure out just what it is that is giving you this feeling of unease.  Do not be surprised to find acquaintances and friends acting in odds way.  You may fins that you, yourself, likewise are not staying true to your usual patterns.  This can lead to some questioning about what is going on, maybe even some rearrangement of priorities.  This is a good day to take stock of how prepared you are for the unexpected.  Things are shifting all around.

Tuesday, June 15:    Deep Pink

Upsets can happen to day in relationships, the news, weather, etc.  Take the position of an observer in all that you do, and think before you act.  You will be feeling that things are both great and not-so-great at the same time.  There is a message that you need to hear, and it will be repeated today in more than one way.  Be sure that you get it correctly for it will help you with some issues that you have been working on.  There is someone around who wants to hang out with you.  Keep an eye out for that person.  There is the possibility that you have a lot to talk about.

Wednesday, June 15:    Dark Lavender

Do not believe everything you hear.  There are many stories around today, and a lot of them are just not true.  People are having a hard time figuring out what is going on, and so they are making things fit their viewpoints.  There are challenges in the air today, so make sure that you are ready for anything when you go out.  Once again, the energy is bringing in new messages and hints of things to come.  Additionally, there is an element of surprise in the air today, and it has a sweet and gentle tone to it.  Who knows what serendipity will appear as the day draws to a close?

Thursday, June 17:    Sky Blue

Thing will become clearer today than they have for a long time.  You will find yourself in a place in which you are seeing things anew and consequently reevaluating some of your old opinions and habits.  There is help available for things you do not understand.  This is a day when things will be given freely, so do not be afraid to ask.  You may find that you are rewarded with a lot more than you expected.  This is also a good day for making some changes in your life.  You have been wanting to change some things.  The energies of the day will make this easier.

Friday,  June 18:    Golden Amber

Surprises can happen today as things that were part of plans, yet buried in the rhetoric float to the surface and make themselves known.  Be on your toes today and ready to deal with any challenge that comes along.  You are going to be thinking that you are out of control here, but this is not a time to let that feeling show.  Rather be confident in all that you do, and you will find that what could have been a tricky situation turns out quite well for you, and in the process, show up some things that other have been doing in a true light.

Saturday, June 19:    Magenta

This is your day to shine.  You will be feeling like partying, so take advantage of that and do something great for yourself.  People will generally be in a better mood.  The feeling is that things are easing up, and it is time to do some things for yourself.  Listen carefully, however, to what people in general are saying.  There is a theme that is being bandied about, and it can bring together those of like minds into new communities of interest.