Dual Citizenship Has A Price

Thomas Massie Says Every Republican in Congress has ‘AIPAC Babysitter’ from the Israeli Lobby

Tucker Carlson interviewed US Representative Thomas Massie who recently won the Republican nomination in a primary election in his home state of Kentucky despite attempts to thwart him by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a powerful Israeli lobby group. AIPAC spent $400,000 to sink his campaign and destroy his character, but Massie got 76% of the vote.Massie told Tucker Carlson that every GOP congressman has an “AIPAC babysitter” who guides them on how to vote in the interests of Israel. Massie said that most Americans are unaware of this situation because “It doesn’t benefit anybody. Why would they want to tell their constituents that they’ve basically got a buddy system with somebody who’s representing a foreign country?” He said that most Evangelicals are unaware that the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) organization is not a grassroots organization, but is managed by AIPAC.

Massie made the case that his fellow Congressmen are not bribed and blackmailed into selling out Americans, but do it to be liked and to avoid criticism.

Massie also discussed the growing national debt and the future of America’s economy, building a home and living off grid, and much more.



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Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) has shockingly claimed that each Republican member of Congress has been appointed a representative by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) so that they vote for bills benefiting Israel.

On ‘The Tucker Carlson Show‘ on Friday, June 7, Massie revealed that he did not share a cordial relationship with AIPAC as they lobbied against his reelection following his rejection of writing a white paper on Israel, as reported by Mediaite.

Thomas Massie says he does not have ‘an AIPAC person’

He shared, “I have Republicans, you come to me on the floor and say, ‘I wish I could vote with you today. Yours is the right vote, but I would just take too much flak back home’.”

“And I have Republicans who come to me and say, ‘That’s wrong, what a PAC is doing to you. Let me talk to my AIPAC person.’ By the way, everybody but me has an AIPAC person,” the 53-year-old politician stated.

Carlson soon interrupted asking, “What does that mean – an AIPAC person?” to which Massie replied, “It’s like your babysitter. Your AIPAC babysitter who is always talking to you for AIPAC. They’re probably a constituent in your district, but they are, you know, firmly embedded in AIPAC.”

Thomas Massie elaborates on Republicans and ‘AIPAC guys’

The host further questioned, “And every member has something like this.”

The congressman replied, “Every Re– I don’t know how it works on the Democrats’ side. But that’s how it works on the Republican side. And when they come to DC, you go have lunch with them. And they’ve got your cell number and you have conversations with them.”

He went on to elaborate, “I’ve had four members of Congress say, ‘I’ll talk to my AIPAC person.’ And like that’s clearly what we call them, my AIPAC guy. I’ll talk to my AIPAC guy and see if I can get them to, you know, dial those ads back.”

Expressing his shock, Carlson remarked, “Why have I never heard this before?”

Massie said, “It doesn’t benefit anybody. Why would they want to tell their constituents that they’ve basically got a buddy system with somebody who’s representing a foreign country?”

“It doesn’t benefit the congressmen for people to know that. So they’re not going to tell you that,” he asserted.

Internet reacts to Thomas Massie’s revelations

Meanwhile, Massie’s statements have stirred conversations on the internet with a reader below the Mediaite article writing, “Wait until MAGA discovers US taxpayers fund government-subsidized abortion in their beloved Israel.”

Another one said, “Well… Are we finally getting to the truth about AIPAC? Wouldn’t that be nice…”

The third one commented, “Israel owns the USA and I’m not quite sure how or why.”

from:    https://needtoknow.news/2024/06/thomas-massie-says-every-republican-in-congress-has-aipac-babysitter-from-the-israeli-lobby/

Action – Reaction

Russian Warships Arrive in Cuba in Response to US-Authorized Strikes Inside Russia

Dr. Gilbert Doctorow said that he doubts Russian President Putin will respond to Ukraine’s incursions, backed by the US, UK and France, with nuclear force. He said it is more likely that Russia would demolish Kiev, followed by attacks on Poland because it is assisting Ukraine and facilitating shipments of US weapons across the border. Military bases and manufacturing facilities in Germany, England and France may become targets for Russia forces.

Dr. Doctorow said that there is concern that any attack by Russia on Poland would trigger Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty for other NATO members to respond militarily. He said that Article 5 does not require other NATO members respond, it is simply a framework for them to respond.




from:    https://needtoknow.news/2024/06/russian-warships-arrive-in-cuba-in-response-to-us-authorized-strikes-inside-russia/.

Fake Foods can Cause Real Problems

Fake ‘Meat’ Products Linked to Heart Failure Deaths, Study Finds

A new study has revealed that fake “meat” products such as Bill Gates’s lab-grown “beef” are linked to cardiovascular diseases and heart failure-related deaths.

The results of the study are a major blow to the narrative that vegetarian and vegan diets help to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

According to a new UK Biobank study, which analyzed the diets of more than 118,000 participants, scientists found that meat-free “foods” carry a huge risk of heart disease if they are ultra-processed.

The study, published in Lancet Regional Health – Europe, notes that this excludes natural produce such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

However, ultra-processed products that are plant-derived, insect-based, or lab-grown, carry an increased risk of heart failure and death.

Scientists found that ultra-processed food (UPF) products, such as lab-grown “beef” or insect-based “beetleburgers,” are linked with a 15 percent higher risk of suffering heart attacks and strokes.

The researchers found that these dangers are even present in plant-based UPFs, which have long been hailed as a “healthy” option to meat.

The research, which involved experts from Imperial College London, utilized data from more than 118,000 UK citizens.

The participants, aged 40 to 69 years, had their diets assessed over at least two days.

Scientists split food into plant-based products, such as fruit, vegetables, grains, and bread, as well as cakes and candy, and animal-based products such as fish, poultry, red meat, eggs, and dairy.

The two groups were then further divided into either ultra-processed food (UPF) or non-ultra-processed.

This data was then linked to hospital and mortality records to obtain information on cardiovascular diseases.

People who ate a lot of plant-based ultra-processed foods had a 7 percent greater risk of suffering conditions like blocked heart vessels.

They also had a 15 percent heightened risk of dying when compared to vegetarians whose diets had fewer UPFs.

Upping intake of non-processed vegetarian foods – such as fresh fruit and vegetables – by 10 percent was linked to an 8 percent lower risk of getting heart disease.

Deaths from heart disease fell by a fifth in vegetarians who consumed the least UPFs and 13 percent in cardiovascular disease overall.

The scientists noted that UPFs caused a build-up of fatty deposits inside the arteries.

Dr. Eszter Vamos, co-author of the study, from Imperial College London’s School of Public Health, said:

“Fresh plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes are known to have important health and environmental benefits.

“While ultra-processed foods are often marketed as healthy foods, this large study suggests that plant-based ultra-processed foods do not seem to have protective health effects and are linked to poor health outcomes.”

Food additives and industrial contaminants present in these foods could cause oxidative stress and inflammation, the scientists suggest.

They added that nutritional guidelines promoting plant-based diets and cutting down on meat must also promote the importance of avoiding UPFs for good heart health.

Study author Dr. Fernanda Rauber, an expert in preventative medicine from the University of São Paulo in Brazil, said that it’s the first to show that fake “meat” products are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

“Despite being plant-based, these foods may contribute to risk factors such as dyslipidemia and hypertension due to their composition and processing methods,” she said.

“Food additives and industrial contaminants present in these foods might cause oxidative stress and inflammation, further aggravating the risks.

“Therefore, our results support the shift towards plant-based food choices that consider the degree of processing to improve cardiovascular health outcomes.”

The researchers noted that, while the products may appear to be healthy by claiming to be “meat-free,” plant-based,” or “lab-grown,” the fact that they are ultra-processed makes them a threat to public health.

The study comes amid a growing push for the general public to replace traditional meat and dairy products with fake “foods.”

As Slay News recently reported, Democrats have been fighting to keep insects hidden in food products to be consumed by the American people.

In Minnesota, state Senate Democrats blocked an amendment that would have required foods containing insects to be labeled.

Republicans are arguing that insects should be listed in the ingredients of food products to inform consumers.

However, for reasons that are not immediately clear, Democrats are pushing to keep bugs a hidden ingredient.

from:    https://slaynews.com/news/fake-meat-products-linked-heart-failure-deaths-study/

If You Are What You Eat, Then What are We?

Episode 460 – The Future of Food

by  | Jun 11, 2024 | PodcastsVideos | 2 comments

We all know the problems of the modern factory farming system. But, as bad as things are, they’re about to get even worse. New technologies are coming online that threaten to upend our understanding of food altogether. Technologies that could, ultimately, begin altering the human species itself. This is The Future of Food on The Corbett Report.

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If it is true that “you are what you eat,” as the old adage has it, then what does that make us?

As consumers of heavily processed, chemically treated, GMO-infested gunk, we in the modern, developed world have solved the problem of hunger that plagued our forebears since time immemorial by handing our food sovereignty over to a handful of corporate conglomerates.

The result of this handover has been the creation of a factory farming system in which genetically engineered crops are doused in glyphosate and livestock are herded into tiny pens where they live their entire lives in fetid squalor, pumped up with antibiotics and growth hormones until they are slaughtered and shipped off to the supermarkets and fast food chains.

There are plenty of documentaries and exposés detailing the dangers of this industrial farming system that we find ourselves beholden to. Any number of activists ringing the alarm about these problems. Numerous campaigns and marches organized to raise awareness about these issues.

Yet still, nation after nation gets fatter and sicker as traditional diets based on fresh produce sourced from local farmers are displaced by the fast food pink slime sourced from the industrial farms of the Big Food oligopoly.

But, as bad as things may be, they’re about to get even worse. As crisis after crisis disrupts the food supply, the “solution” to these problems has already been prepared.

New technologies are coming online that threaten to upend our understanding of food altogether. Technologies that could, ultimately, begin altering the human species itself.

This is your guide to The Future of Food. You are watching The Corbett Report.

Food As A Weapon

So what is food, anyway?

To a normal human being whose head is screwed on straight, that sounds like a dumb question. Food is fuel for the body, obviously.

To read the rest of the transcript, go to the source:    https://corbettreport.com/future-of-food/

But the Economy is Fine?

The Five Stages Of Denial When Skeptics Are Faced With Economic Collapse

By Brandon Smith

In light of the recent resurgence of inflation on top of increasingly rigged employments stats, declining manufacturing and stagnant wages I think it’s important to revisit a fundamental question: What does an economic collapse look like?

As I have said for years an economic collapse is NOT an event, it’s a process. When people think of a historic crisis they usually imagine something like the stock market crash of 1929 at the beginning of the Great Depression. However, there were numerous indicators and warning signs leading up to that crash that should have tipped people off. There were even a handful of economists that voiced concerns about impending instability, yet they were ignored.

Then, after the crash occurred numerous establishment economists denied that the system was in any real danger. They continually claimed that recovery was “right around the corner”, but the recovery never materialized. Instead, the crash spiraled onward for over a decade until world war erupted, largely because the Federal Reserve raised interest rates into economic weakness (a disaster they have openly admitted to causing and a policy they are instituting right now).

The point is, the mainstream “experts” are almost always wrong. The skeptics of collapse either ignore the evidence or they don’t comprehend the implications of events. They don’t want to believe that the economy is broken and that consequences are possible. They operate from the limited view of their own personal experience. For most of their lives the system has functioned without catastrophe so that must mean catastrophe is impossible. In truth, catastrophe has merely been deferred to a later date, not prevented.

Our present day predicament has not reached Great Depression levels yet. We are currently in a stagflationary phase similar to what happened in the 1970s. For those that think we have it bad now, the 70s were actually far worse.

House prices nearly TRIPLED from 1970 to 1980 (the median house price was $17,000 in 1970 compared to almost $50,000 in 1980). Annual inflation on most goods and services was in the double digits and the minimum wage was only $1.45 an hour. Unemployment was high and interest rates were eventually hiked to around 20% by 1981.

The point is that these breakdowns in financial structures happen slowly, and then all at once. Much like the build up of an avalanche. For those that know history the signs are easy to see. For those that don’t, they’ll assume that all is well even when the house is burning down around them.

Another factor that makes people oblivious to the danger is the moving of goalposts; they get used to poor economic conditions and the decline is entrenched as the “new normal.”  For example, in 2015 the average house rental was $1100.  Less than ten years later the average cost is $2150; that’s double the financial burden.  But today this price is considered par for the course.

Nothing gets better, the situation only ever gets worse, but since it happens over a period of many years (the process of collapse) the public largely accepts it and will even accuse those of us sounding the alarm of “doom mongering.”

As with any collapse there eventually comes a point of popular intolerance – That moment where people finally realize that the “doom mongers” were right all along and that the weight of the implosion is too much to refute. I believe we’re approaching that moment very quickly. In the meantime. Here are the five stages of denial that people go through before they admit that a fiscal calamity is upon them…

Stage 1: “I Don’t Know What The Conspiracy Theorists Are Talking About – I’m Doing Fine”

There’s an old saying from the Great Depression that goes something like this: “It’s only a depression for the people without jobs.”

If you weren’t a part of the 30% unemployed in the US at that time, then in your narrow world the Great Depression might not have seemed all that bad. In other words, people will ignore the sinking of the Titanic as long as they still have their own lifeboat.

I will say that this is a major problem in the midst of the stagflation crisis today, and it’s the root of what many Zennials are complaining about. In their minds, this is the worst economy in history of the world and they blame “boomers” for their pain. It’s really not (at least not yet), but it’s true that many “boomers” are going into the crisis with the advantage of time. They have had the time to build a lifeboat while Zennials have not.

It’s not about what’s fair, there’s no such thing as “fair” in economics. But older Americans need to realize that even if stagflation is not a crisis for them personally, it is indeed a crisis for younger people in particular. Any person still denying the reality of the collapse because “they’re doing fine” needs to shut up and take stock of the bigger picture.

Stage 2: “They’ve Been Talking About Collapse For Years And We’re Still Here”

A lot of people out there have childish notions of what a collapse is, mostly derived from Hollywood films and television. They imagine stock market mayhem, endless soup lines, mass starvation and even Mad Max-style destruction. When these kinds of things do happen it’s always at the END of the collapse process, not at the beginning. The former nation of Yugoslavia suffered through multiple inflation events before it finally exploded with balkanization and war. It didn’t happen overnight, but all the signs were there.

When analysts predict these events years ahead of time they are doing you a favor; they are giving you ample time to prepare. Unlike the banking elites and their proxies who only warn the public right before (or right after) the crisis hits a peak.

Believe it or not I still see deniers arguing that all is well today, even after massive stagflation, attempted nationwide medical tyranny, multiple regional wars around the globe that could trigger WWIII, constant civil unrest, etc. Is the threat of imminent death the only thing that will wake these people up to reality?

Stage 3: “Maybe Things Are Bad Now But The Crisis Is Transitory, It Will Be Over Soon”

This is the stage in which deniers finally accept that there is indeed some instability, but they cope with the issue by claiming the storm will quickly pass and there’s nothing to worry about. The thing is, they spent so much time trying to debunk the economists that were warning them they now fear being proven wrong more than they fear the crisis ahead. It’s a kind of mental sickness common to our culture – The absolute refusal of a large percentage of Americans to admit being wrong and moving on.

It’s okay to be wrong sometimes. It’s not okay to be in denial about it.

The claim that a collapse is “transitory” is a way for skeptics overwhelmed by facts and evidence to continue dismissing reality. If the economic decline doesn’t last very long then they never have to concede defeat to the “conspiracy theorists.”

Stage 4: “No One Saw The Crisis Coming”

I saw this argument thousands of times during the pandemic lockdowns and the initial inflation spike. There were so many people raging about the circumstances and a lot of them were the types of people that used to deny that anything out of the ordinary was going on. They started looking for scapegoats and they came up with the idea that there was no early warning.

If only someone had given them some kind of hint of what was about to happen, they would have prepared better, right?

The media and government officials tend to play into this stage of denial aggressively. In other words, this is the moment they assert that “No one saw this coming.” The event struck like lightning out of the blue. No one could have foreseen this outcome and there’s nothing anyone could have done about it.

Whenever I hear these arguments I’m reminded of the movie trend in the early 2000s of global disaster flicks. There’s always those scenes where the asteroid or the ocean wave or the tornado hits and we see thousands of people scurrying like ants, only to be crushed by a godlike force that they had no power to defend against. I never liked those movies, but I recognize that they play into a hidden element of fatalism in the human mind.

There is a strange mechanism in some people’s thinking that wants to believe they have no power to change their circumstances. They feel better assuming that the tides of fate are beyond their control and that there’s nothing they could have done differently. In reality, all they had to do was listen and think critically and they could have prepared accordingly. Their pain is the result of their own ignorance and ego.

Stage 5: “Everyone Saw The Crisis Coming”

Ah yes, the final stage of denial. This one is my favorite. It is the inevitable moment when skeptics fully concede that the economic collapse is a fact of life and then they claim they “saw it coming all along.” The inability for these people to admit they were wrong debases their ability to make informed decisions about the future.

They know a crisis is upon them and they’ll now pretend as if they knew it was going to happen. Therefore, all the “conspiracy theorists” that tried to warn them are not special or better informed than they are.

Of course, you’ll never see any evidence of these skeptics (and many mainstream economists) actually predicting anything.  You will see them predicting the opposite and attacking anyone that suggest they might be wrong.  One wonders why it’s so important for them to avoid giving credit where credit is due and learning from their mistakes, but when a person’s identity is so wrapped up in being the “expert,” the idea of completely fumbling the ball on the biggest economic disaster of their lifetime is too much to bear.

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at Birch Gold Group

Sourced from Alt-Market.com

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from:    https://www.activistpost.com/2024/06/the-five-stages-of-denial-when-skeptics-are-faced-with-economic-collapse.html

Prejudicial Treatment for the “Unvaccinated”

A Comment by A Midwestern Doctor at the end of his article:

“While what we all saw happen during COVID-19 was a tragedy many of us are still struggling to come to terms with, I instead feel it is miraculous we have come as far we have because we were facing a vast and almost insurmountable apparatus I never thought we could succeed against. Much of that is because of how many of you also stood up to oppose it, and I am hence incredibly grateful to each of you who have given your support and allowed me to have a platform like this and actually be able do something to stop it. Unfortunately, these people are relentless (e.g., consider the conduct of the leaders at Dr. Miller’s hospital), and unless we use the window we have now to hold them accountable, it is almost inevitable what we witnessed over the last few years will happen again.”

Here is a link to the body of the article, and it is long, but even skimming will give you a sense of what has been and probably is going on:


Warning: Voter Fraud

Non-Citizen Voting In November: TTV’s 611 Project Has Answers

Non-Citizen Voting In November: TTV’s 611 Project Has Answers

by Wendi Strauch Mahoney for True the Vote

Unprecedented numbers of illegal aliens have been allowed to pour across the nation’s borders since Biden took office in 2021 because of his open borders policies. At a minimum, 10 million illegal aliens have entered our southern border alone, not including the got-aways.

Contrary to popular opinion, non-citizens do end up voting in our elections because we simply do not have universal measures in place to prevent it. Our system makes it relatively easy for non-citizens to get on the rolls and very difficult to track. However, you will never hear that from most politicians or election officials.

Engelbrecht wrote the following in an April 25, 2024, OpEd for The Blaze:

True the Vote believes non-citizen voting could be game-changing in the 2024 election. In response to the issue, Catherine Engelbrecht’s organization has produced an initiative called the 611 Project to make Americans aware of non-citizen voting and help citizens address the problem at the grassroots level.

Recent Study Confirms Large Numbers of Non-Citizen Voters in U.S. Elections

It is true that at a statutory level, non-citizens, including permanent legal residents, cannot vote in federal, state, and most local elections. However, it has always been difficult to track non-citizen voting because there is no easy one-step way of tracking that universe of voters. To make matters worse, the Biden administration has made it even easier for non-citizens to get on the rolls by flooding our borders by way of its various humanitarian parole programs and its abuse of asylum laws.

Our election system is poorly equipped to track the average number of illegals who might inadvertently appear on state voter rolls, let alone the 10 million or more who have moved into the interior United States. In the United States, it is the states and counties that maintain voter registration rolls, not the federal government.

The system poses significant challenges in tracking and purging those who do not belong on the rolls. No national database tracks illegals who might register to vote or whose identities might be used to vote. As such, illegals and non-citizens can land on voter registration rolls in a variety of ways, some of which are not necessarily purposeful or nefarious.

Just the Facts Finds 10% to 27% of Non-Citizens are Illegally Registered to Vote

A recent study by Just the Facts shows that between 10% to 27% of Non-Citizens are illegally registered to vote based on the 2022 Census records. Using well-sourced data, from a “ground-breaking” study published by Jesse Richman and two others as well as non-citizen voter registration data from 2022, Just the Facts concluded that “roughly 27% of non-citizens were registered to vote and about 16% of them voted in the 2008 national elections.” Of note, the numbers from the 2014 study were slightly lower at approximately 25% of non-citizens who were illegally registered to vote.

Notably, Just the Facts data were challenged on March 6, 2024, in an article by the Washington Post’s “lead fact checker, Glenn Kessler.” Kessler stated he had evidence from a second report from a court case, again from Jesse Richman, that seemed to vastly undercut both the 2014 study and Just the Facts data.

Kessler interpreted the data from Richman’s second report to say that only “1% of non-citizens are registered to vote.” However, Just the Facts examined Kessler’s data and reviewed its own for accuracy. In the end, the data from Just the Facts was correct. As it turns out, it seems Kessler misled readers with “half-truths,” and various statistical ruses. For more detailed information on the Just the Fact study, please read more here.

The Just the Facts data portend a 2024 election that will almost certainly reflect illegal votes cast by non-citizens. The study states that “roughly half of non-citizens who are registered to turn out to vote,” or about 5% to 13% will illegally vote in the 2024 presidential and congressional elections.

Just the Facts reports:

What is the 611 Project?

True the Vote recently launched a new initiative called the 611 Project in anticipation of the 2024 election. The 44-page 611 Project handbook articulates the issue of non-citizen voting in the U.S. As usual, True the Vote lays out a practical call to action that will help citizens engage to address the matter.

The 611 Project helps Americans become aware of the history of public policy in the U.S. that has led to where we are today with non-citizen voting. A detailed “Public Policy” timeline starting in the 1970s through the present administration summarizes the history of voting with an emphasis on the issue of non-citizen voters.

Next, the report explores some of the legal cases and loopholes that allow non-citizens to register to vote and then vote in American elections. The report moves through the many avenues available to those who would either purposely or unwittingly break the law to vote as a non-citizen. In many cases, it seems our system is “rigged” to provide myriad loopholes and make things as confusing as possible.

In an April 1 podcast, Engelbrecht discussed, among other things, the numerous ways lawfare can impact non-citizen voting. She has been the target of groups who repeatedly sue to prevent what they often disingenuously call voter suppression. These highly politicized legal maneuvers can lead to the blocking or abandonment of authentic and well-vetted efforts to maintain clean voter rolls, throwing a real wrench in the most foundational building block of free and fair elections.

Martinez Fischer v. Whitley, for example, argued a voter roll purge in Texas unfairly targeted naturalized citizens and violated their constitutional rights. According to Engelbrecht, other lawfare has limited methodology used for “data comparison and collaboration with agencies like the Department of Motor Vehicles to verify citizenship status. The State agreed to use no data source other than DMV to verify citizenship status, ceding all other available data outlets that would have offered a more thorough assessment” by cross-checking databases.

Some jurisdictions are now allowing non-citizens to vote in certain local elections, a privilege that adds to the confusion on the part of a neophyte non-citizen who is naive to the rules and laws surrounding voting. In other cases, it seems NGOs who are charged with counseling and resettling illegals are encouraging non-citizens to vote. There are a whole host of ways a non-citizen can enter the system and a paucity of ways to ensure non-citizens are not somehow allowed to vote.

There are many ways non-citizens may end up voting in a U.S. election. One recent complication resulted from Congress passing Section 611 of Title 18 of the U.S. Criminal Code in 2000, (the origin of the name of the 611 Project). It allows a person who believes he is a citizen but cannot provide proof when registering to vote to register to vote in federal elections by signing a sworn statement affirming their citizenship under penalty of perjury. What could go wrong?

According to Engelbrecht, other ways non-citizens vote are:

  • Errors in voter registration processes, such as the example above, when an illegal applies for a driver’s license and checks off the “register to vote” box.
  • Through misunderstanding or lack of information. Many non-citizens pay taxes, have green cards, or have been in the country for years. Confusion arises because they lack information, and according to Engelbrecht, “their confusion is supported by the numerous organizations that mail out voter registrations and absentee ballot request forms.
  • Assuming eligibility because of local laws. Some jurisdictions allow non-citizens to vote in local elections under specific conditions but are not permitted to vote in federal elections.
  • Intentional illegal voting to influence the outcome of an election.
  • Misrepresentation or fraud. According to Engelbrecht, non-citizens “might deliberately misrepresent their citizenship status to register and vote in elections.” This type of behavior is illegal and subject to severe penalties, but it often goes unpunished, which in turn encourages the behavior to continue.

In the end, Engelbrecht points out that many people who arrive here have no identification. In many cases, their home nations have sparse documentation regarding their identities and histories. Other countries are unwilling to share their databases. These are gaping holes that the Biden administration refuses to recognize. As a result, we are admitting millions who will effectively live as ghosts in our communities. Engelbrecht adds:

Go to the Link for more:  https://truethevote.org/news/non-citizen-voting-in-november-ttvs-611-project-has-answers

Spiritual? Religious? Not Any More!!!

Destroying Our Connection to God with Gene Editing Injections

The VMAT2 gene is a protein that carries several vital neurotransmitters to synapses in the brain. It basically controls the central nervous system. Deleting it, known as a knockout, would greatly reduce these neurotransmitters creating an endless list of chronic health issues. CRISPR technology, which is sold online, can edit and delete VMAT2. Dr. Ariyana Love asks, “How long have pharma and the government been reducing our humanity through VMAT2 knockouts?”

Link for video:      https://www.bitchute.com/video/z9gX2kvxFB6U/

More than a hundred years ago, Rudolf Steiner wrote that. “In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine. Under the pretext of a ‘healthy point of view’, there will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated… so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and Spirit… He would be extremely smart, but he would not develop a conscience, and that is the true goal of some materialistic circles.”

A viral video which claims to be a leaked 2005 presentation to the DOD by American geneticist, Dean Hamer, shows a man briefing a room of men about the VMAT2 gene, the God gene, and how it can be suppressed with the use of vaccines.

“Excuse me, on the left over here, we have individuals who are religious fundamentalists, religious fanatics. And this is the expression, RTPCR, real time PCR, expression of the VMAT2 gene. Our hypothesis is that these are fanatical people, that they have overexpression of the VMAT2 gene and that by vaccinating them against this, we’ll eliminate this behavior.”
~ Dean Hamer (Fake)

In 2021, former NEWS anchor, Ryan Harper, claimed in the San Francisco Chronicle that he created this video as a short film. But has provided no clear evidence to substantiate this claim. And if it is a hoax, then it appears to be disinformation, False information deliberately spread to employ strategic deceptions to advance political, military, or commercial goals. Because in 2009, Dean Hamer lectured at Marlboro College about this same subject.

“Well, it turns out at least one gene that’s involved in spirituality has now been identified. It's one of many different players. The next slide shows it. It's something called The Vesicular Monoamine Transporter number 2.”
~ Dean Hamer (Real)

And in 2004, Hamer published the book, “The God Gene: How Faith Is Hardwired into our Genes,” where in he argues that a variation in the VMAT2 gene dictates one’s openness to spiritual experiences, and without it, we can not feel God.

Not only is this information accurate, but it appears to have been deployed. In a recent article by Dr Ariyana Love, it is shown that this technology has existed for years.

The VMAT2 gene is a protein that carries several vital neurotransmitters to synapses in the brain. It basically controls the central nervous system. Deleting it, known as a knockout, would greatly reduce these neurotransmitters creating an endless list of chronic health issues.

VMAT2 deletion is accomplished using the “SLC18A2 cDNA ORF clone” where “cDNA” is “Complimentary DNA.” Which is used in human cloning and genetically modifying an organism. In 2013, Supreme Court judges ruled that cDNA added to target cells in the human genome, makes a person patent eligible. And there are patents for using this to genetically edit the human VMAT2 gene and delete it. This can easily be done using simple CRISPR technology and is even sold online.

In a 2020 study on mice, VMAT2 gene deletion caused schizophrenia. In a 2022 study it caused Parkinson’s disease. In the American Journal of Human Genetics, a study on deleting the VMAT2 induces an “Intellectual Disability Syndrome” in humans. It causes autoimmune disorders, cerebral palsy, type 1 diabetes, and several other illnesses. Begging the question, as Dr. Love asks, “How long have pharma and the government been reducing our humanity through VMAT2 knockouts?”

VMAT2 deletion also causes fearfulness, psychiatric disorders, cardiac arrhythmia, cancer, and accelerated aging. While it’s unlikely that these sadistic mad scientists can cut us off from God, they are definitely doing their best to murder us.

Read full article here…

from:    https://needtoknow.news/2024/05/destroying-our-connection-to-god-with-gene-editing-injections/

DARPA & Amazon

FBI File On Jeff Bezos’ Grandfather, A DARPA Co-Founder, Has Been Destroyed

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TUESDAY, MAY 07, 2024 – 04:20 PM

What’s not widely known is that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ grandfather, Lawrence Preston Gise, helped form the Pentagon’s supersecret Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA—renamed DARPA) in 1958. Years later, DARPA developed the internet and spurred breakthroughs in high-speed networking, voice recognition, and internet search.

One year before Gise died in 1995, Bezos founded Amazon in the garage of his Bellevue, Washington home.

Or so we’re told…

John Greenewald Jr., who operates The Black Vault, a website dedicated to revealing declassified government documents through obtaining Freedom of Information Act requests, posted on X that he went after Gise’s “FBI file, but found out if there was one, it has been destroyed.”

News website Leading Report’s Patrick Webb commented on Greenewald’s findings, saying, “There has long been speculation that DARPA has been involved in the creation of many popular big tech companies, using “frontmen” for the allusion of a startup led by outsiders.”

With the contents of Gise’s FBI file unlikely to ever be unearthed and likely never destroyed, just inaccessible to FOIA requests or the public, other X users commented on Webb’s and Greenewald’s posts, pointing out how DARPA possibly created other big tech firms:

Questions swirl about DARPA’s involvement in creating Amazon, given Bezos’ grandfather’s connection to the secret agency.

from:    https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/fbi-file-jeff-bezos-grandfather-darpa-co-founder-has-been-destroyed

Nanobots in the Body

VIDEO LINK:  https://gregreese.substack.com/p/self-replicating-nanobots-found-in

Self-Replicating Nanobots Found in both the Vaxxed and UnVaxxed

If we the people can not unite and stand together now, then what exactly are we?

For decades, Ray Kurzweil has been an unofficial spokesman for the trans-humanist movement. And in 2008 he said that humans would become infused with nano-robots which would vastly improve the human body.

“If you go out even to 2045, that's only, you know, four decades from now, most of our intelligence, of our civil... of our human civilization will be non-biological. We're going to put this inside our bodies and brains. So we're going to become machines, but not... and if you say that people go, well I'm going to become a machine, because they're thinking of machines as we knew them from the 19th century, which were much lesser than humans. And machines today are still lesser than humans. I'm talking about a new type of machine that's actually greater, more subtle, more supple, more intelligent, more creative, more beautiful than humans.”
~  Ray Kurzweil

In 2010 he interviewed Robert Freitas on the Future of Nanotechnology, who said that nano-robots could cure aging and death.

“Medical nano-robots really have the potential to extend human life more or less indefinitely. So what's your view about the role of death? And do we need death?”
~  Ray Kurzweil

“Death is something that is an end. It's an end of life. It's an end to progress. It's an end to thoughts. It's something to be cured. Aging is a disease. It's a curable disease. Nanomedicine is the cure for that disease.”
~  Robert Freitas

He said that this technology is expected to be deployed by 2020, and that laws will be in place to protect the public from its misuse.

“I expect that by the time nano-robots are deployed, which will be sometime, perhaps in the 2020s to the 2030s, we will have a whole set of laws in place. Regulations. There will be things you can and cannot do.”
~  Robert Freitas

The laws were never put in place. But the technology was patented and deployed to billions of people without their knowledge in 2020. We know this because several independent labs have confirmed the presence of this nanotechnology in the COVID vaccines. And Bill Gates recently admitted to this as well.

“Making the mRNA is really easy and really cheap. And that's the magic of this thing. But there's no doubt in the next five years we can... you know, we just need to mess around. There's a lot of lipid nanoparticles, and some are very self-assembling.”
~ Bill Gates

Self-Assembly and Self-Replication seem to be the same technology when it comes to nano-robots. And this was considered to be the greatest danger involved with the use of this technology.

“Self-replication causes disease. Nano-robots are inherently much stronger than biological systems, being built of Diamondoid, so if they self replicate, that ‘disease,’ quote unquote, could be even a tougher problem than biological disease. So first of all, what's the feasibility of self-replication in the nanotechnology world?”
~  Ray Kurzweil

“As a general principle, you do not want to put self-replicating nanobots inside the human body. I suppose not everybody agrees with me on that. But that is the way I think that we can best guarantee safety. If the robots... nano-robots, are able to replicate inside the human body, that means they are using some component of the human body as food. And we don't want them to be doing that.”
~  Robert Freitas

In his 1986 book, Engines of Creation, Kim Eric Drexler wrote about what he termed the “Gray Goo Scenario.” A hypothetical catastrophic event caused by out-of-control self-replicating nanotechnology which consumes the biomass of the host. And this is exactly what independent researchers are finding. It explains the large so-called blood clots being found in the dead. And its spreading. Evidence shows that the vaxxed are shedding this to the unvaxxed.

“How do we prevent a terrorist or someone who's bent on destruction from creating such a self-replicating system?”
~  Ray Kurzweil

“There will be some terrorist acts because that's what humans do, unfortunately. So what we're going to be needing in this era of nano-factories is something equivalent to the fire department. Hopefully the incidents will be very few, but we will have an emergency regime which is set up to deal with that... that type of event.”
~  Robert Freitas

But the event is worldwide, and there is no agency setup to put this fire out. Our governments are not even discussing the problem. And the perpetrators are planning a second round of nano-bot deployment with another fake pandemic. If we the people can not unite and stand together now, then what exactly are we?

from:    https://gregreese.substack.com/p/self-replicating-nanobots-found-in