April 25-May 1

Overall Color For the Week:  Blue-Green

This week brings a sense of nostalgia, longing of things that have gone before.  Equally as strongly, there is the sense that it is time to move on.  There is an excitement and a joy in the sense that finally you can put behind yourself old stuff that you have been hanging onto, holding onto just because.  Somewhere along the line you lost the reason, but the habit became deep grained..  There is something new in the air.  You may find that new acquaintances and experiences put you in a position in which you find yourself questioning old and deeply held convictions.  This is good.  You are forging a new concept of self, one that is fluid enough to allow you to exist and flourish as the new energies come in and the face of the planet begins to change.  This week ends on a note of hope, but not blind hope, rather a sense that things are going to get better in your life, that you are in charge, and that finally and gratefully, all that you knew you deserved is finally coming forth.

On the larger scale, things are confused and muddled.  There is a sense of the settling of accounts, as the planet takes stock of what has been done to her and makes further adjustments.  Odd weather patterns will abound, along with weather occurrences happening out of season.  These occurrences will be out of their usual proportions.  Watch the birds and animals for clues.  They are attempting to find equilibrium, while their planet-based sense tell them that the new equilibrium is dis-equilibrium.  Unfortunately, many will overlook these things as merely curiosities.  The news will speak of animal oddities, but they are not curiosities, rather harbingers.  There is a new element on the upper atmosphere of the planet that will be causing unrest to people in general, moreover it will have an effect on all travel through the skies.  Electrical and electronic disruptions will be in the news. Look for unexpected announcements of things that could possibly relate to the existence of life other planets, ET’s.  Politically, there is a person in the news who is looking to disrupt things for her own good.  She is not to be taken lightly for she has firm backing.  The sun will appear quiet, however there will be jets and issues from our star that will affect ground movement on the Earth.  This is a strange week, one in which there will be many questions and few answers. Continue reading

April 18-24

Overall Color for the Week:    Red Orange

Not with a bang, but a whimper.;  This is a week when there will be a lot of seeming going on in your life, and you will respond to it with seeming of your own.  It is a good time to remember WHO you truly are and what it is that you truly wish to have manifested in your life for there are vibrations in the air onto which your desires can attach for realization within the next month or so.  This week brings in much up and down energy, which will leave you and everyone else feeling not only a little breathless, but also uncentered and confused.  This is not a time for clarification, but it is a good time for asking questions.  Right now you are open to seeing things about yourself, your life, and others that at other times you would be closed to.  Hang onto your hats and let the energy of the week flow around you.  If you try to resist you may find that you develop physical symptoms that are not pleasant.

On the larger scene, the ups and downs continue.  There is the possibility of a large water event, as it seems that the Earth is kind of bowing out in one direction.  There are energies from both Sun and Universe that will be hitting the Earth and causing odd reactions.  The waters of the Atlantic may feel some of this particularly.  There is another volcano that is beginning to rise up.  The skies will remain clouded over much of Europe as the week goes on.  There will be a growing sense of the inability of governments to deal with natural events as the Earth shakes again not only in China, but throughout the Ring of Fire.  Look for news relating to more control, especially in the area of new laws.  There will be a greater adherence to right versus left.  There is much going on this week both on and below the surface. The media will have a good time with obvious Earth and political events, but look further for the things that are not being reported.  A new movement is afoot.  Earth Day may bring some hint of what is to come.  Additionally, this week marks the beginnings of the great communications breakdown culminating in the summer of 2010. Continue reading

April 11-17

Overall Color for the Week:    Magenta

There is a subtle undercurrent of fight or flight that flows throughout this week. You are going to feel that you are being cornered one moment, condescended to in the next, and finally fed up with the whole thing.  It is important to realize that this energy is in the air for it can cloud judgments and cause misunderstandings.  This is a week for looking at things clearly.  The veils are shifting reality this week and things will be leaking in and out on all levels.  You will find that you are encountering old emotions, old thoughts, old dreams and reevaluating your life in terms of them.  This week is a doorway, and from that point you can see backwards and forwards.  It is time to plant yourself firmly in the Now, in the moment.  It is said by one physicist that the only way to unify all theories is to abolish time.  This is a good week for doing that in your life.  That means being present in all you do, let go of distractions, allowing them to float away as a leaf in a stream.  Focus your consciousness on the moon, not on the finger pointing towards it.  That is to say, be with WHO you are and be aware in all you do.  Then look for the unity and the center.  There are new realizations to be made, new understandings to be gotten, and the steps toward community opened up.

On the larger scale, there is a burst of energy coming into our solar system which will be causing upsets and surges in all areas, both in electronic devices and within the various systems of the Earth,.  Expect news of malfunctions and possible disasters dealing with the transportation industry.  There is also some double dealing that is going on in the Middle East that is coming to the forefront and will be preceded by news items that basically make no sense.  These news stories will be following one another in sequence and not only will they contradict one another, but the also will contain false historical data.  In the area of politics, there will be other political deals that will be showing up.  There is also the possibility that some politicians will betray their party lines as various deals that have been made in the past begin to call in support.  This will be linked to monies that the politicians have received in the past and some deals that they made that were perhaps not quite completely above board.  There is a sense out in the Universe of a pulsating star or galaxy that will be shooting off energy;.  With the beginning of the Lyrids meteor shower (for more on this, check http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/earthskys-meteor-shower-guide) late this week, you can expect some interesting shows.  The aurora itself may be deepening in its reach.  There are weather events that will be very local, however they are the kinds of things that usually affect a large area so this will be anomalous.  Also keep an eye on the Ring of Fire as it makes its steady move towards completion.  People will be gathering together in parts of the word as groups and interests are being pulled together for the establishment of focus as things in general begin to shake more. This is a good time in which to look for herbal and alternative therapies as this intense allergy season may prove to be not only allergies but also sickness that was put in the air. Continue reading

April 4-10

Overall Color for the Week:   Orange Yellow

This is a week of ups and downs, intrigues, outings, and almosts.  Expect everything and expect nothing for what you are expecting may come about in a different way than you had planned.  This is a week for beginnings also, so if there is a door that needs to be opened, go ahead and knock on it.  There will be a surprise awaiting you on the other side.  Friends will seem different, and you may be feeling detached from yourself, perhaps even a little out of sorts.  Honor what you are feeling this week and look to your intuition for clues as to what is really being done and said behind the seeming.

On the larger scale, talking points can become tipping points.  Watch for disproportionate responses to situations.  The earth will be moving more and more and there can be some scary weather patterns that will leave the people in the area very shaken up, even to the point of rethinking many of their old ways and ideas, while the media and those who think they are in power will pass over these events.  What they do not realize is that people are beginning to have enough of that kind of reaction and there will be movements coming asking, urging, even forcing people in power to take positive action for the people, politics aside.  More solar events and there is a rogue (had to use that word!!!) sunspot that will not follow accepted patterns that will be bringing some big disruptions as the month progresses. Continue reading