April 4-10

Overall Color for the Week:   Orange Yellow

This is a week of ups and downs, intrigues, outings, and almosts.  Expect everything and expect nothing for what you are expecting may come about in a different way than you had planned.  This is a week for beginnings also, so if there is a door that needs to be opened, go ahead and knock on it.  There will be a surprise awaiting you on the other side.  Friends will seem different, and you may be feeling detached from yourself, perhaps even a little out of sorts.  Honor what you are feeling this week and look to your intuition for clues as to what is really being done and said behind the seeming.

On the larger scale, talking points can become tipping points.  Watch for disproportionate responses to situations.  The earth will be moving more and more and there can be some scary weather patterns that will leave the people in the area very shaken up, even to the point of rethinking many of their old ways and ideas, while the media and those who think they are in power will pass over these events.  What they do not realize is that people are beginning to have enough of that kind of reaction and there will be movements coming asking, urging, even forcing people in power to take positive action for the people, politics aside.  More solar events and there is a rogue (had to use that word!!!) sunspot that will not follow accepted patterns that will be bringing some big disruptions as the month progresses.

Sunday, April 4:  Dark orange-Red

Easter Sunday:    Things will be hopping today.  people will be somewhat unpredictable and volatile, so keep a hold on your temper, and in any celebrations or events that you are taking part in, think first, then act.  There is a trickster in the crowd who likes to see things unsettled, but you have a sense of calm within that you can touch at any time and get the benefits of that inner knowing and seeing.  There is the possibility that there will be an emotional outburst from a younger person who is close to you.  Listen to what they have to say because they are responding to some of the crazy energy that is out there, and they need a kind word.

Monday, April 4:    Light Rose Purple

There is a coolness in the air today that will affect both you and other people in your relationships and your inclinations.  You will be finding yourself somewhat removed from what is going on.  Actually, you are not going to want to take part in what is going on.  This makes it difficult to get up, get motivated, and get going.  You will find yourself somewhat mired in thoughts of old times, people from the past, and old relationships.  Notice what it is that you are being drawn to in your thoughts and likes for things are changing everywhere, and even you are beginning to shift some of your priorities, likes, and dislikes.  The out come of this will be up to you, but it is important to be aware of what is going on both inside and outside of yourself.

Tuesday, April 6:    Straw Tint, Orange-Yellow

Some days it is just hard to get out of bed, and this is one of them.  Once you get started, however, you will find that your energy levels pick up and that you are raring to go.  This is a good day for getting things done, finishing up old tasks, as well as beginning on new projects and ideas that have been germinating inside for some time.  Take some time out with friends to catch up on things.  There is a sense of camaraderie in the air that peaks in the evening.  Perhaps a community dinner might be fun.  Look also for hints of things to come because there is a message coming your way from someone who has been watching and evaluating your activities.

Wednesday,. April7:    Light Orange Amber

There have been some questions that have been bugging you for some time now, and today is a day when you will find that some light will be shed on them.  There can be some disappointments as a part of that, however if you look deep within, you will realize that you had expected this the whole time. Your intuition is growing at this time, and it is a good policy to trust it.  There will be a surge of energy today that comes from some of the activity of the Sun.  IT can leave you feeling a bit disoriented on the one hand, but it will also give you a glimpse of some potentials that you might have been missing.  Evening is a great time for relaxing and taking it easy.  Today is also a good day for taking a look around you at your environment and seeing what no longer fits in.  Start making a list of things to get rid of, donate, give away, etc.

Thursday, April 8:    Pale Yellow Green

There are some disappointments in the air today.  Something that you thought was a sure thing is going to wither fall through or put on hold.  Do not allow yourself to get overly upset by this, because there is something better that this is making room for.  Things are developing slowly at this point in time, but that is because it is a time period in which it is necessary to get it right.  The room for error in your life is shrinking.  Look for advice from someone you have known, but have not heard from in a while.  There is the possibility that there will be a great deal of activity in the evening which can make it hard for you to settle down and get a good night’s rest.

Friday, April 9:    Bright Red Pink

You might not be feeling your best when you get up this morning, perhaps you did not sleep well or some unhappy news came your way, but as the day wears on, you will find that your energy levels begin to grow and you are bringing yourself out of your funk and feeling great.  Expect this feeling to stay with you through the rest of the day.  This is a good day for synchronicity and serendipity as there is a new lightness in the air that has not been around for a while.  People will seem more optimistic and things will flow as they have not done for some time.  Enjoy yourself through the late afternoon and evening.  Know that you are looking good and that others are responding to you in a new way.  This might be  a good evening to do something a bit daring.

Saturday, April 10:    Dark Fuchsia

This is a day when things that are seeming one way can turn out to be completely different, therefore be the observer as much as you can.  If an opinion is asked for or an action needed, consider carefully first.  That way it will be appropriate.  There is some unusual news coming about someone you know.  When you hear it, look at what you know about the person in relation to yourself before making any judgment.  People are not always truthful in what they say.  As the evening approaches, there is a new lightness in the air.  It is a good time for sharing and being with friends.  There can be some interesting twists of events if you will just change your focus.