April 11-17

Overall Color for the Week:    Magenta

There is a subtle undercurrent of fight or flight that flows throughout this week. You are going to feel that you are being cornered one moment, condescended to in the next, and finally fed up with the whole thing.  It is important to realize that this energy is in the air for it can cloud judgments and cause misunderstandings.  This is a week for looking at things clearly.  The veils are shifting reality this week and things will be leaking in and out on all levels.  You will find that you are encountering old emotions, old thoughts, old dreams and reevaluating your life in terms of them.  This week is a doorway, and from that point you can see backwards and forwards.  It is time to plant yourself firmly in the Now, in the moment.  It is said by one physicist that the only way to unify all theories is to abolish time.  This is a good week for doing that in your life.  That means being present in all you do, let go of distractions, allowing them to float away as a leaf in a stream.  Focus your consciousness on the moon, not on the finger pointing towards it.  That is to say, be with WHO you are and be aware in all you do.  Then look for the unity and the center.  There are new realizations to be made, new understandings to be gotten, and the steps toward community opened up.

On the larger scale, there is a burst of energy coming into our solar system which will be causing upsets and surges in all areas, both in electronic devices and within the various systems of the Earth,.  Expect news of malfunctions and possible disasters dealing with the transportation industry.  There is also some double dealing that is going on in the Middle East that is coming to the forefront and will be preceded by news items that basically make no sense.  These news stories will be following one another in sequence and not only will they contradict one another, but the also will contain false historical data.  In the area of politics, there will be other political deals that will be showing up.  There is also the possibility that some politicians will betray their party lines as various deals that have been made in the past begin to call in support.  This will be linked to monies that the politicians have received in the past and some deals that they made that were perhaps not quite completely above board.  There is a sense out in the Universe of a pulsating star or galaxy that will be shooting off energy;.  With the beginning of the Lyrids meteor shower (for more on this, check http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/earthskys-meteor-shower-guide) late this week, you can expect some interesting shows.  The aurora itself may be deepening in its reach.  There are weather events that will be very local, however they are the kinds of things that usually affect a large area so this will be anomalous.  Also keep an eye on the Ring of Fire as it makes its steady move towards completion.  People will be gathering together in parts of the word as groups and interests are being pulled together for the establishment of focus as things in general begin to shake more. This is a good time in which to look for herbal and alternative therapies as this intense allergy season may prove to be not only allergies but also sickness that was put in the air.

Sunday, April 11:    Medium Pink

This is not a day for getting much done on any level, but it is a great day for going with the flow.  Let your imagination take hold and just go with it.  Daydream, sing, write, converse, whatever happens to be happening, become part of it and just enjoy.  There are some good feelings to be gotten from just spending time with things and people you enjoy.  There is a sense of a quiet happiness and expectation in the air.  This is a good day for letting go of old frustrations and upsets.  See them for what they were.   Review them in the context of the moment, and they may not seem as big as they once did.

Monday, April 12:    Dark Indigo

There is the feeling today that there are storms upon the sea.  Things seem dark and rocky from the moment you get up.  This is a day when you will be feeling that in everything you do, there is just not enough.  The important thing here is not to fall into frustration and anger, particularly self-anger.  IF things are not working to your expectations, then put them aside.  The energies of this day are not good for getting things done.  These are energies that will allow you to revisit some dark and unhappy periods in your life, see them for what they were, and let them go.  It is difficult to deal with the shadow at any time, but in the energies of today, the shadow will reveal itself not only for what it was but also for the lesson that was there for you to learn.  In this context, it is easier to recognize the lesson and send the shadow to the light where it no longer has any power over you.

Tuesday, April 13:    Dark Pink Lilac

Perhaps you are not feeling terribly well this morning.  Well, yesterday was tough, so get a firm foundation with a good breakfast, perhaps a few supplements, then take on the day.  There is a lesson to be finalize as the day progresses, and it will tend to thrown you off balance a bit,k however that will quickly pass as you see your own power and direction in the things that you are working to create in your life.  Expect some help from a female source that has been watching your progress and who is now ready to lend a hand.  This is part of a greater theme of the arrival of unexpected assistance.  All in all, there is a bit of magic, albeit somewhat extreme, in the air today.  Things that will be happening today are so synchronistic or desired that you find yourself almost falling into fear.  There is no need for that, what you are seeing are the effects of the use of your own focus and power to further your efforts as you move along your path.

Wednesday, April 14:   Bermuda Blue

New Moon:    Hey, time for some time out, and the day gets off to a quiet start, but there is much activity coming your way as things start to heat up in your daily life, job, vocation, whatever.  There are some big questions coming your way today and challenges will be outlined that you will need to deal with and overcome as the moon moves from new to full.  In this processes things that were in the dark will become to come clear to you.  It is time not to hold onto old ideas, opinions, illusions for they will be shown to be what they are during this time.  The energy of this new moon gives you the strength to take a look at how things have been in your life up to this point and take conscious and effective steps to make an be the change you wish.  Today is a day when you will find yourself reviewing things and looking to make a change.  Take time to sit and meditate or journal or list or sing, whatever, the things you wish to come about in your life and even more importantly your desire, wish, and agreement for things to change.

Thursday, April 15:   Dark Lavender

Tax Day:    There is a sense of something forgotten in the air, whether it is something to do, something to bring, someone to call, you are not sure.  You are just feeling that there was something…  That is the overall theme of the day.  This is a day when things just do not seem completed somehow.  The important thing here is not to get caught up in the sense that you have left a lot of loose ends, rather just go with what you have gotten accomplished and recognize that this is exactly what you wished to do for this day  By taking this attitude, you will find that in the end this was a good day.

Friday, April 16:    Booster Blue

Take time today to get in touch with friends, and family that make you feel good about yourself.  The energies of the day are great for that.  You need a fan club and you need to be a fan. This is the day for it.  This is a day when things about community and group can be easily recognized and contacts easily made.  This is a day that lets in the sense of belonging and being a part of.  There is joy in this.  Center and be open, be sensitive to signs around you.  The body language of others can communicate to you messages that they have wanted to get across for some time.  You also will find yourself more open to recognizing clues and hints about what it is you truly desire and ways in which you can create and manifest that desire quickly ans easily.  Know that the trickster is always in the wings, but if you see the trickster in yourself, that little bugger will have no power over you or your outcomes.

Saturday, April 17:    Blue Green

This is a day of ups and downs.  This is a good day for realizing that everything starts from where you are at the moment.  Do not look at things through the eyes of the past, rather look at things as they stand in front of you at this time.  That way you will have a clearer perspective on what is to come.  The past has set itself up for you to learn things about others and yourself.  You have been shaped by it, but there is not need to dwell on it.  It is time to move forward.  This is an excellent day for making some change in your life.  Start with something small, like what you have for breakfast, and see how it feels to shift a pattern.  As things are shifting around you, in terms of friendships, family, community, finances, luck, love, etc., so too are you shifting to deal with the challenges that these things portend.  If you cannot start to shift, you may find that you will set up blockages that will affect all parts of your life, including your health.