March 28 – April 3

Overall Color for the Week:    Turquoise

This is a real disconnect week.  Things are not going to seem quite real in any aspect of your life.  You will feel as though you are walking through mud and looking through a veil.  This will be accompanied by odd physical symptoms that can lead you to question your own health.  Also you may find that you are changing your habits, your likes and your dislikes.  Keep a grip on your temper for you can find yourself overreacting to things that are said and done.  Step back and think twice before doing anything.  Do not plan to get a lot done this week, for much of what you do may have to be redone in the next few weeks.  Be open to suggestions from your intuition.  This is a good week for following your hunches.  You may find that in more than one case it was a good things you did.  Watch out for people that you have known for a long time but never really gotten along with.  The energies of the week carry a bit of subterfuge and treachery.  If you have any secrets or inventions or great ideas, be careful to whom you express them.  Better still, sit on them for a few days.  Expect the full moon to bring into focus some things that you have been waiting on.  There is sickness and resignation in the air, so be prepared to hear of loved ones not feeling well.  It is time to focus on what it means for you to be mortal, for your knowing and assumptions may be put to the test in the next few weeks.

On the larger scale, things will become more and more muddled on the political scene.  There will be accusations made and name calling going back and forth.  There is a new challenge on the horizon and people want to become attached to it because they feel that it will be an easy to solve kind of issue.  They will be mistaken.  The energies of the week are whipping up events, people, things, and the weather into a kind of frenzy.  The main theme of the week will be uncertainty.  Look for the Earth to make sudden and unexpected movements, and look for the influx of radiation from the Sun.  There is not a lot of kindness in the air this week, and that also will be reflected in the news.  Keep an eye on the Earth for as spring approaches and attempts are made to plant, especially with GMO seeds, you may find that the Earth rebels.

Sunday, March 28:    Lime Green

Palm Sunday:  There is much expectation in the air today, and it all seems to center around you.  You are feeling that you have that special umph to get just about anything done today.  You are feeling very sociable and upbeat.  Everything seems a lot better than it has been in a while.  Expect others to share that feeling, so take some time to enjoy the people and things in life that make you happy.  It is a good day also for looking at things that have, in the past, saddened you.  By taking a positive perspective of the day, you may find that even out of sorrow comes consolation, if not a tiny seed of joy.

Monday, March 29:  Dark Orange Yellow

Passover:  Full Crow Moon:    The day starts on something of a nostalgic note.  There have been things in your life that you have been needing to see to completion, and you have the sense that certain of these things have finally been done with.  While there is a bot of sorrow associated with endings always, you find yourself bounding back quickly as the day bursts in with surprises and serendipity.  Take time to notice the things that are happening around you, the people you meet for there is a pattern emerging in your life, and lines of that pattern will be especially evident today.  Note also there is a message for you that will come through in an unexpected way.  It will give you a new way of looking at something that has perplexed you in the past.

Tuesday, March 30:    Deep Storaro Blue

There is a sense of disconnect in the air today.  Your concerns will be centered around more spiritual items, questions of why you are here and what it all means.  This will lead you to a point of reminiscence.  You will find yourself looking at priorities in your life and wondering when things became so confuse.  This is a good day to take the child’s perspective and let curiosity be your guide.  There is much that is shown to the curious and today that is particularly true.  There are hints in the air of things to come.  Watch for a contact from someone you know.  Something needs to be aired.  As the day ends, you will find that you have learned much and there can be a surprise awaiting you.

Wednesday, March 31:    Red Orange

This is pretty much of an even keel day.  There seems to be a lot of coming and going in the air and a lot of people around.  People are pout and about more today than they have been in a while.  Everyone seems to have a question, and you seem to have a lot of answers.  You will be very ends and results driven today.  You feel that things have got to be done, loose ends need to be tied up.  You feel that while you are on track and on schedule with some of the tasks that have been assigned to you and thaty9ou have assigned to yourself , there is some last bit of polish that needs to be put on things.  By the end of the day, you will feel that you have accomplished something and you will be ready to have a good time in the evening.

Thursday, April 1:    Light Grey

April Fool’s Day:    Things are not seeming particularly cheery today.  There is a kind of pallor over just about everything.  You cannot seam to look right, you do not feel completely well.  You seem to be saying and doing the wrong things.  You cannot please anyone, not even yourself.  You feel like you are spinning your wheels.  This is a good day just to sit back and let things happen around yo.  There is not much that will be accomplished today, so do not set any high goals or expectations.  Be content to be the observer and be prudent in your diet.  This is not a good day for taking chances.  The energy today is unsettled and uncertain.  Any attempts at bucking it will not work.

Friday, April 2:  Light Steel Blue

Good Friday:    This is a day of ups and downs as people try to get straight things that have been going on in their jobs, their lives, their relationships.  You will find yourself going through the same things, so expect a few ah-ha’s as you put things into a new and different perspective.  Do not be surprised to discover that there have been misrepresentations that have been made to you about certain things that you are working on with others or in relationships.  These things needed to come to the srufac,e and that can happen today.  Be patient and understanding and know that it goes both ways for the energy of the day is unforgiving and and you do not want to over do and possibly alienate people who really have your best interests at heart.

Saturday, April 3:    Dark Lavender

Today you are feeling yourself better, but not tip-top.  You will find that you are moving more slowly, speaking less often, and observing more.  You have the will to get things done, but it is not translating itself into action.  Just take it easy today.  There is still plenty of time to get all the things done that you had planned to do.  This is a day for appreciating what you have accomplished and not dwelling on future tasks, etc.  Take time to look at what you have done, and be proud of yourself.  The nighttime will bring a renewed sense of hope and fun, so get together with people you enjoy and have a good evening.