March 21-27

Overall Color for the Week:    Booster Blue

This will be a week of ups and downs, and the key to making it through and having a fruitful time will be keeping yourself up about everything.  This is not a week for taking things too seriously.  Things that seem dire right now will turn out not to be so later on.  There will be hints of things to come in people you meet and things that happen.  SO look for synchronicity .  You will also find that there is a kind of nostalgic streak that will color the middle of the week.  There will be reminders of things from the past, and along with the past memories will come a tricky sort of deja-vu which will hint of things to come as the sense of time references backwards and forwards..

On the larger scene, there will be things coming out in the news dealing with old events.  Expect there to be some revelations about items from the past, both recent and far past.  There is the potential for a major revelation being made by a government official which will be followed by attempts at cover up, however once out, any attempts at cover up will be futile.  There is a new energy coming through which is affecting how cause and effect interact, so there will be unusual reactions to things in the news.  There is also a kind of hole in the natural world which will let through unusual and unexplained paranormal phenomena  — things like sightings of unknown creatures, and unexpected twists and turns in the weather, sky events, etc.  Look also for blips in electronics.  That new energy that is entering our solar system is causing odd solar and planetary events.  These will not be immediately obvious, but little by little over the next few months information will leak out about something strange energy or tug in the solar system.  There is a darkness over the Near East this week, so expect some movement to occur there.  There is also a kind of pronouncement of light or hope is on the horizon.

Sunday, March 21:    Rose Tint

Things will look better today than they really are, so if you get some intuitive message about what is going on, then follow it.  Stay true to WHO you are and know that you never need to nor should you compromise your own truth for others.  That is what the energy of today is all about.  There will be those out there who are telling you that all is well and that they have the answers and just to do X and things will work out, but that is not how it truly is.  This is a day for stepping back and taking some perspective.  Know that those rose-colored specs are there, but know also that they are showing you a world that does not truly exist.  So be grounded, stay centered and take some time just to love yourself.

Monday, March 22:    Light Opal

Today there will be challenges coming your way, but each and every one of them will be well defined and clearly set out.  There are no questions about what is happening today, so if there is something you need clarified, this is the time to get it done.  Expect also that there is the possibility that someone you know and  thought highly of is going to disappoint you on a major scale.  Do not take it to heart.  We are all human, and we all make mistakes.  Tonight, get away from the crowd and just take some time to look at what it is that you are wanting in your life.  Make yourself a dream, and then sleep on it.  Perhaps it just might come true.

Tuesday, March 23:    Trudy Blue

This is a very low energy day.  You will feel lie just stepping back and letting things happen around you.  Follow your intuition and your instincts on this one.  IT is not a good day to engage with crowds nor to make new encounters or contacts because nothing will ever come of them.  Look at things with an objective eye today and do not judge.  Everyone now is dealing with a big energy shift and many are just confused because they feel strange for no reason.  Be kind today and you will find your kindness rewarded in may different ways as the weeks progress.

Wednesday, March 24:    Light Pink

Things will go well today.  Plans will follow through without a hitch.  You will be feeling in good spirits and that sense will translate to everyone around you.  You might even feel like singing out loud.  This is good.  Today is a day on which you do not take things, people or even yourself too seriously, so take advantage of this time to do things that you have put off, be with people who can push your buttons, and/or tell yourself you love yourself.  There is much to be gained from this exercise today because you will come out of it feeling refreshed, renewed and somehow wiser.

Thursday, March 25:    Gallo Gold

There is something unsettled in the air, in the weather, in the news, in you.  Take it easy in things you do today — driving, conversation, diet, exercise.  This is a day in which overdoing can come easily.  If there is precision work or important business to conduct, if at all possible, put it off for another day.  On the other hand, there is a bit of the trickster in the air so things will seem to flow smoothly and then there will be an unexpected turn.  Some of these can bee= serendipitous so review the situation before you take any action or react.  Today is a day of ups and downs, but there is a lesson to be learned and some real treasures to be discovered if you observe before you act and keep a sense of humor about what comes your way.  Neither things nor people are always what they seem.

Friday, March 26:    Light Frost

There is definitely a chill in the air today.  You will be feeling yourself removed from things around you.  This then is a good opportunity to look at things that are going on in your life with a detached, objective eye. There is something that has been going on and someone in the middle of it who has not been honest with you.  This has been contributing to many of your recent troubles.  You will find that you have an attachment to that person or the situations that have come about as a result of knowing that person and therefore, find it difficult to be disinterested, but do it.  This is a day when new growth can happen in many areas of your life, but in order for that to occur, certain old patterns, acquaintances, ideas, and beliefs may have to be shed.

Saturday, March 27:    Chrome Green

There will be an edge in the air today that will make things, people, and situations feel a bit uncomfortable.  You will not be feeling terribly chipper either.  There will be a peak around noon when some good news or unexpected things comes your way, but look out for nay-sayers.  Oftentimes when people think they are helping you and making you take a logic perspective, they are just trying to bring you down.  This is a day for knowing that you can create your own reality and turn situations to your personal advantage.  This is never an easy thing to do and will not be so today, but if you are able to take a detached view of things, you will find some revelations coming to you that will be of great advantage as the spring wears on.