March 14-20

Overall Color for the Week:    Italian Blue

It definitely is no accident that Daylight Saving Time is happening at a new point this year.  Just as that one habit has been changed, you will begin to see this week that things you thought you could count on, things you thought were predictable, people who were so boringly regular are no longer so.  Moreover you will also see that people in the news, in control, on the talk circuit or the workshop circuit that you always thought were honorable and sincere in what they were doing actually had a another agenda which will begin to show itself   So be prepared for surprises this week and be ready willing and able to change and morph into your own sense of power.  This is a week in which it will be very important to stay centered and grounded in WHO you are and to trust your heart’s intuition.  There is a beam of radiance in the heart’s true intuition that will show what lurks in the shadows so trust it, even if it causes you sorrow or upset or disappointment.

Look to the larger picture for strange happenings within the Earth.  Also do not be surprised by unusual noises or movements around you, even in your own home.  Be wary and careful in what you do for there are plots afoot.  On the larger scale in the news you will be hearing of foiled attempts at various things.  There is a shake up happening between personalities that people use as yardsticks.  There will be many more arguments that are publicized between people, nations, etc.  The earth is vibrating, and that vibration can cause more shaking.  Expect also unusual weather events.  Within the galaxy there is the movement of a large mass of energy that will cause pressure not only upon the planets, but also upon the Sun resulting in some odd events within our solar system.  There is much to come out this week, and as a result many people will be scrambling to keep things hidden.  So this week take everything with a grain of salt and definitely see for yourself.

Sunday, March 14:   Slate Blue — A bright, deep shade of blue.

Daylight Saving Time Begins:    You might be slow getting up this morning, but that will be followed by  an infusion of energy that which brings with it a sense of optimism, making everything seem pretty great until mid-day.  At that time, there will be some unsettling news or events or discussions that will cause you to take a look at things differently.  This could be related to personal issues, relationship items, even stuff in the news, regardless it is something that you had some inkling of but did not want to face.  It is always easier to keep things as they are rather than rocking the boat.  You will find that right now, it is best to take a good long look at how things are behind the facade and deal with them for what they really are.  There can be disagreements and tears, but the potential for a positive resolution is very strong.  The end of the day will bring tiredness and a bit of nostalgia, but you will feel that this day has brought to you some revelations and resolutions that make it all seem worthwhile.

Monday, March 15:   Trudy Blue —Dark and rich like Slate Blue, but with a subtle tint of red

The Ides of March—New Moon:    You will awaken today with the sense that something is coming.  There are messages in dreams from last night that you would do well to pay attention to.  Like the dark time of the moon, there are things that are beginning to grow and shadows that need attending to.  The energy of today is such that things can come to a head.   This is a good day for looking your best, clarifying everything you do, and keeping your vision clear and focused.  There is something lurking in the shadows today, and you do not wish for it to trip you up or confound your plans.  Listen to words that are spoken, but pay attention also to the body language of people around you.  This way, you will not find yourself surprised when things do not turn out as you wish.  Be flexible and ready to change at a moment’s notice, always keeping your sense of humor in the forefront.  Watch for people trying to confuse you regarding personal issues.  The end of the day will bring a resolution to much of the oddness of what has gone before, so knowing that beforehand can help in navigating the day’s energies.

Tuesday, March 16:    Flame — Bright orange-red

Be cautious today in your dealing with people.  There is much misunderstanding in the air mixed with fear and anger.  These three components make for volatility.  People will be reacting without thinking, so be careful in all you do to step back, count to ten, and consider the matter before responding.  This will help to make this day one in which you will learn much and stay safe in the knowledge that you have the power to determine how you will react, to whom, and when, and although this may not sound like much, it is the mark of a person who is a true diplomat and one who is secure in being WHO they are.

Wednesday, March 17:   Blush Pink — A Light Pink Hue

St. Patrick’s Day:  There is much serendipity in the air today, so enjoy what you do while being aware that there is more to things that meet the eye.  Things that happen today, things that you do today, can reap unexpected rewards both now and into the future.  Be kind and gentle with people you meet.  Be observing of actions and incidents that occur around you.  Look into things.  Know that there is a lightness in the air that is contagious.  This is not a day for worry or fretting.  Falling into any kind of negativity will be difficult, so it is a good time in which to look at some items and issues in your life that have been bothering you, because of anger or sorrow or a sense of being wronged associated with them, and deal with them.  The light of the day will make all of that easier.

Thursday, March 18:    Orange — The Color of Flame

Get ready for a busy day.  You will wake up with an agenda and a sense of having to get things done.  This energy will propel you throughout the day, as you find your good morning gets better as the day wears on.  This is a good day on which to be sociable, for people are out there ready to talk, to tell their tales, to get some recognition.  Listen and watch for you will see some things in a new light because of something that comes your way.  Also expect there to be shifts and changes in relationships as some people discard their worn-out grumpiness for a little laughter.  Do not be surprised either if you have a sense of something around the corner or the little man who is not there, because there are things coming out of the dimensions which can lead to curious stories on the news.

Friday, March 19:    Green Diffusion

Well, you are not feeling too well this morning.  All your worries and concerns seem to be coming at you from all sides.  Communications are messed up and your electronic devices are not working properly.  The scene is set for anger and irritation.  Be aware that there is no clarity in the energy of the day, so do not look for any.  Step back and let things happen around you.  This is not a good day in which top= express an opinion as the energies can garble and confuse how others are perceiving what you say.  Take time today to center and be by yourself.  This will help get you through.  There can be surprises in the actions and reactions of people you thought you knew well.  Take it all with a grain of salt.  Everyone is feeling out of sorts.

Saturday, March 20:    Gallo Gold — A Golden Yellow with a Metallic Hint

Vernal Equinox and Happy Birthday, Aries:    The energies of the morning make it a little tough to get up and get going.  You definitely will need that second cup of coffee, especially if you want to get your perspective straight.  You will be feeling that somehow or another you have lost touch with things, and that you need to see them in a different light.  Do not take things at surface value.  Let people explain themselves.  This is a good day for having a sense of humor because that can help you get over disappointments and irritations that, while not major, seem nonetheless to be bothering you.  By evening, things will have cleared out, and there will be a sense of joy and good fellowship in the air.  This is a good night for taking things easy, seeing a movie, playing a game.  There is a lightness here that will help you feel better about some things that you have been concerning you.