December 26-January 1, 2011

Hello and joyous holiday season to all.  Recently I broke my arm, and will not be able to put up a complete post for this week.  I  wish all my readers a smooth transition through the energetic bursts and flows of this time, and keep posted as i will be putting up notices as I can.

This week promises to bring surprises, revelations, and new understanding.  There will be movements on all levels, and different people will be affected in different ways.  Take time and take care in your actions, reactions, deliberations, and decisions.  Clarity is hard to come by right now, so do not look for it.  Emotions can be raw and close to the surface.  And people will be out of sync.

Likewise the Earth.  That bubble of galactic energy that I have mentioned before is connecting with the other energies, bringing about waves of movement in the Earth, weather patterns, and animal movements.

Look for some information coming through, possibly even in the media, that will hold a clue to the direction and momentum of the times.

Everything is changing right now, and there is no room for regret.  It is how it is.  Hold onto what is most important for you and stay centered in your core.  Be observant.  Be compassionate.  Love and forgive yourself.

December 19-25

This week will see many movements in the Earth.  Earthquakes will be happening at unusual magnitudes and in unusual places.  There is the possibility for tsunamis after small movements, while larger ones will cause some rearrangement in the plates of the earth that will remain stable for some time.  There is kind of rift that is developing under the sea and when it becomes obvious, the news will refer to it as a minor event.  In truth, it can have devastating consequences.  This is a time when energies on all levels are most important, and the combined intention of focused groups and/or focused individuals can be amazingly effective.  If one of your electronic systems experiences a glitch , take no immediate action.  Wait and let things settle.  This is a time of three day windows.  This is a time for patiences.  There will be a number of situations coming down these days, and the best option is to take some time before acting. Continue reading

December 12-18

The theme for this week is threefold, choices, power, and intuition.  In themselves, choice and power can be scary, however if you allow yourself to be guided by the wisdom of your heart, your intuition, this will be a most fulfilling and revealing week.  The veils are thinner this week than they have ever been before, much in preparation for Solstice and the eclipses.  Less impermeable also the hidden agendas and cloaking mechanisms that people use to hide their true intent.  So this will be a week in which Freudian slips will abound.  Be alert for them, as there is much that you can learn. Continue reading

December 5-11

Overall Color for the Week:    Crimson

This is a week of big movements and shifts, when energy will be pouring in.  This will not, however, be either a gentle stream or a flash flood, rather the flow will be erratic and temperamental, resulting in a general sense of uncertainty and a tendency towards anger.  Fear will be one of the themes of the week, so be understanding and compassionate with those whom you meet. Along with fear will be a kind of letting go of old rules and mores, so that you can see very unusual happenings this week, laws being broken and certainties being challenged.   You may feel yourself unwilling to accept the boundaries this week, responding in uncharacteristic ways to situations and people.  While the week starts on a calm note, it is important to take that time to center and ground yourself for what is to come.  The ride has begun, and there will be little let up until the solar eclipse in January which can bring in some light to shed on the subject.  There have been many reports of body shifts and changes.  This is inevitable, and it is time to analyse what is going on with yourself if you are feeling things out of whack, yet not attached to any specific pathology.  The energies of many dimensions are coming together along with a cleansing.  Some are feeling the effects of the cleansing now. Some are just feeling buffeted by what is out there.  Look at what is going on within you, then consider what is going on with-out you.  If you need attention, go for it.  Consider also some energy work. Continue reading