December 12-18

The theme for this week is threefold, choices, power, and intuition.  In themselves, choice and power can be scary, however if you allow yourself to be guided by the wisdom of your heart, your intuition, this will be a most fulfilling and revealing week.  The veils are thinner this week than they have ever been before, much in preparation for Solstice and the eclipses.  Less impermeable also the hidden agendas and cloaking mechanisms that people use to hide their true intent.  So this will be a week in which Freudian slips will abound.  Be alert for them, as there is much that you can learn.

This is a week of A and E — which is animals and energy.  Keep an eye on the activities  and eccentricities of animals and be prepared for the vagaries of energy.  Things will not be predictable, so choose for the moment and be prepared for surprises.  This will be true in all areas.  Weather will be one of the most unpredictable, so look for spring, perhaps even summer, returning to the north, albeit briefly.  Things can shift and change quickly, and th earth is heating up and popping up.  Even electronic grids placed upon the Earth by men that they will attempt to activate will fizzle, crash, and burn.  This can lead to panic moves on many levels.  Code Reds and such like illusions.  Treat them as such, and you can move through this time with greater understanding and power.

Geminid Meteor Showers take place this week from Sunday, the 12th through Wednesday morning, December 15.  The showers peak the evening of the 13th through the morning of the 14th, when there can be up to a hundred shooting stars an hour in the northern hemisphere.  If you want to learn a bit more about this curious display, check this out:

Sunday, December 12:    Whitish Grey

There are things to be dealt with today, and they are not merely surface things.  Stuff is being churned up from the bottom, but there is no clarity.  You can find yourself acting and reacting, and not really knowing why.  This is a good day for knowing what it is that is most important to you, and setting that up as a place to go whenever uncertainty, confusion, or threats come your way.  With all the new energies coming in, it is a good time in which to know what and where your comfort zones are in order that you can use them for a refuge. And when people come your way, trying to bring you over to their agenda, go to your center, and then you will have clear guidance as to what is the best path for you.

Monday, December 13:    Forest Green

There will be many things popping up today, however the overall uncertainty that is in the air can leave you somewhat confused as to what path to take.  The energy of the day is conducive for heart-based work, so take advantage of that and go within to your heart center when you are feeling somewhat flummoxed.  Listen to the counsel that is there for you.  This is not a day for questioning, second guessing, and judgment.  This is a day for kindness to self and understanding of what is going on around you.  Just take some time to look without at those people, places, and things that give you a sense of rest and assistance.  They are there for you if you will be open.  Trust also your intuition today and you can find some interesting things .

Tuesday, December 14:    Cloudy White

If you have decisions to make to day, if people are attempting to bring you to their side,  if you are just not feeling well, wait.  Today things are not clear in any area, so if you are pressured into making decisions, it is important to have all the facts, all the variables.  And not only should you have them, write them down in order to assure yourself that nothing is left out.  That way, should your decision be questioned in the future, you can justify it.  There is going to be a need as the end of the year approaches to have a paper trail for things that you have said and done.  This is a good time to start to keep things straight and clear.  There are people out there who need to hear you speak your truth!

Wednesday, December 15:    Bright Lime Green

This is a day on which facade and fantasy take the stage.  And they can be winners or they can turn out o be a let down.  Be clear in what you are doing today and see through any kinds of illusions that are out there.  Listen carefully to what people are saying because not everything they say will be the truth, rather they are trying to build themselves up in your eyes because of their own sense of not measuring up.  Because of this, it is good to be compassionate in your dealings with people, and if things  are not going as you would like, let go of control.  There is nothing that will be done today that cannot be taken care of tomorrow.

Thursday, December 16:      Periwinkle Blue

There is something brewing as well as something growing today.  This means that both bubbles and germination are in the air.  This means that things can come to a head unexpectedly if you are not aware of just what is going on, what is your place in the whole process and where you want to go.  This is a day on which forward motion can be achieved and it can be controlled by your efforts and your desires as long as you take the time to focus on them.  If you let go, then the bubbles take over and you will find yourself propelled into other issues before you have had a chance to decide what to do.  This energy is both crazy and fun, but if you have things to get done, people to deal with, and closure to make then it is important to hold tightly onto the WHO you are and take the time to know what it is that is right for you in each situation.  The great thing is that today can teach you many things about you and your power.   Go for what is right for you and you will be reaping the rewards of all that growing in the early part of the new year.

Friday, December 17:    Light Periwinkle Blue

The meaning of all the hints and surprises of the past day or so will become clearer today.  There has been a lot of confusion around, but the current energies will allow you to see through that and to make definite plans as to how to march into the new year.  You are being given the opportunity to set up priorities today, priorities that can and will be realized as the new year comes on and progresses.  This is a day when you can set in motion a lot of things that you are hoping to bring into your life.  Take advantage of it.  There will be those little tricksters and any-sayers around, however they are merely to attempt to trick you and steer you away from what it is that you truly want.  Stay firm and clear in your desires, and set your goals.  Much can be done.

Saturday, December 18:    Medium Pink

This is a middle-of-the-road kind of day, so just stay cool.  Things will be generally on an even keel.  There are people who will be popping up, physically, as well as in memory.  Deal with things one at a time and let go a lot of the old stuff attached to them.  Remember that for every situation which you shared, there are many opinions and evaluations and interpretations.  Yours is right for you.  Likewise, theirs is right for them.  Each one says something about the particular WHO that was part of it.  This is a day also for knowing your strength as there are many trials to come in the next thirteen days.