Ice Halo

UNDER THE WILD GRASS: Yesterday in Michigan, Kevin Jung laid down among the wild spring grass, pointed his camera toward the sky, and–snap!–recorded a luminous ring around the sun:

“It was a really nice sun halo,” he says. “The grass blocked the glare so I could photograph it using my Canon DLSR.”

Sun haloes are caused by ice crystals in high cirrus clouds, and they can be very photogenic.


Solar Radio Storm

SOLAR RADIO STORM: Did you know sunspots can make noise? Consider the following: “Over the past few days, I have been recording a sustained solar radio storm at 180 MHz,” reports amateur radio astronomer Thomas Ashcraftof New Mexico. “It consists of Type I radio bursts and sounds like ocean surf.Here is an audio sample from March 27th at 1930 UT. The sun seems to be entering a new phase of dynamism.”

Radio emissions like these are caused by plasma instabilities in the sun’s atmosphere above sunspots. With the sun becoming ‘radio-active,’ it’s no coincidence that sunspots are emerging in abundance. Leading the way is behemoth active region AR1176,…

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March 27-April 2

Overall Color for the Week:

This week promises to be full of surprises on every level, so be prepared. There are things that you had thought were sure things, but they will end up being otherwise.  On the other hand, things that you were not expecting to happen can occur.  Pay attention to the animal, fish, and bird worlds.  They too have things to add to the mixture.

In your personal life, there are ups and downs as old friends begin to act oddly and new people appear on the horizon who are interesting and attractive.  There can be changes in your home environment, so be prepared for that.  There is a great deal of emotion in the air, and you can find yourself going from one extreme to the other,.  This is a good week in which to practice your centering skills.  Take time to meditate, or just relax.  Let your mind wander.  Do some nice things for yourself.  Also, be aware of those little intuitive blips.  They are telling you something.  We are all part of the same Universe, and connection and connectivity are themes that are becoming ever more obvious.  This is a good week for taking stock of your life, how it is going now, and where you are wanting to be.  Stay within your heart as you do this, and be truthful to yourself.  You can find out some amazing information about yourself.

On the larger scale, there will be a spike in solar activity this week that will be felt across the globe.  There is some kind of incident involving space craft, perhaps a satellite going out of orbit, that is quite possible this week. Once again, the deep galactic energy is getting closer.  It spreads out in waves which are beginning to be felt on the edges of our galaxy.  The gaseous giants will be the first to respond with anomalous activity.  The crust of the Earth remains unsettled, almost as though in a pattern of fibrillation.  This can cause odd occurrences on the surface.  Weather will continue to be an issue, with more flooding and downpours, snow at odd times, and lots of wind.  To find out about these things, it is necessary to investigate alternate news sources.  More radioactivity will be coming forth from the plants in Japan, even as we are consoled that the levels are lessening, and there is no need for concern.  The conflicts in the Mid-East will be escalating.  Placating statements made by government heads that things getting better and no long term involvement will be questioned. There are other agendas at work here, even as the people stand up for their rights. There will be rumblings occurring in the United States also, as citizens are becoming tired of some of the antics of the newly elected.  Look also for some kind of amazing sign in the sky.

Sunday, March 27:    Bright Red

This is very much an in-your-face kind of day, so there will not be a lot of subtlety around.  You can expect to hear things that have been hidden for a while as people feel the need to bring up things seemingly for shock value, while in truth it is to get these things off their chests. They have been carrying this stuff around for way too long.  Behind this is a kind of sorrow and melancholy.  There is a lot of emotion in the air.  Be patient with yourself and others today.  Do not take things at face value.  Be ready to ask questions, to go over things you do not understand, clarify before acting, be ready to forgive.  With this kind of an approach to the day, you will find that much will be accomplished and some light can be shed on old issues.

Crystal Energy:    Turquoise-The energy of this mineral protects from pollution.  It is protective of the person, while linking one to the greater whole.  Throat and Third Eye

Monday, March 28:    Leaf Green

There are nuances around today.  If you are alert and open to what these things can mean, can imply, then you will find that you are ready to make changes in some of your basic habits and thoughts.  Moreover, this is great energy for sowing the seeds for realization of some of your unspoken desires.  Take hold of today’s energy and use it to assist you in what you are wanting to manifest.  Then be amazed and heartened by the synchronicity around you.  There is much in the energy today to bring comfort and strength.  Use them both, and be grateful.

Crystal Energy:    Diamond—The energy of this gem brings light and clarity.  It is a powerful protective stone and assists in overcoming fear. Crown Chakra.

Tuesday, March 29:    Prussian Blue

Ups and downs, ins and outs.  It seems a bit difficult to get a handle on just what exactly is happening today.  People talk, and you are not sure just what they mean.  Mixed messages on all levels.  There is something coming in the mail today.  Be ready.  Also an old friend can cause a shake up.  The energy of the day makes you question a lot of things.  You are feeling quick to react and people are bugging you.  This is a good time to go within and try to find the source of all of this.  You have been shifting, but not everyone else is experiencing the same changes.  you are looking at things with new eyes.  Take time to write down what you want and what you are wanting to accomplish.  Then work with that.  Centers are falling apart, yet new ones arte appearing.  You can understand this if you will just look.

Crystal energy:    Burro Creek Agate—This mineral assist in the process of forgiveness on all levels. Crown and 12th Chakras.

Wednesday, March 30:     Rose Tint

Mercury goes Retrograde:  This one can be tough and totally unpredictable, so hunker down,.  Plan your activities well.  Be ready for surprises.  Be flexible and keep a sense of humor about you.  Look and listen for messages from unusual places.  Mercury is the messenger, and at this time, with the alignments happening on all levels and in all areas, there are things that are coming forth.  Be ready for changes in terms of friends and possibly occupation.  They are Welcome.

The color of the day indicates that while things can have a less than positive side, there are those silver linings there that can soothe out the rough spots and show the good that might be hidden.  This is a day upon which perspective will be everything.  It is important to see things from all sides.  Know that you are not tied into one way of looking at things unless you choose it to be that way.  By taking a different and even unexpected attitude not only will you be able to see other elements of people and issues, but also you can change the way others react to you.  This is very much a do not give up day.  It is important to be strong in your deepest beliefs and stand up for them if challenged.  New understandings can thereby result.

Crystal Energy:    Pecos Diamond—The energy of this stone is both calming and expansive.  It can assist one in adapting to all kinds of situations.  Heart Chakra.

Thursday, March 31:    Light Steel Blue

This is a day on which messages can come that might startle you a bit. It is important to be strong in WHO you are.  Consider what these things mean and determine your response according to what is best for you.  Also, there are things happening below the surface.  When you are in the midst of situations, be clear as to what exactly they entail.  If you are not clear, ask questions.  It is important to get to the bottom of things.  When you do that, you will find more clarity in terms of what you are doing, the agendas of others, and where you are going.  This is a day on which it is important to be centered and strong.  Allow your heart’s true knowing to assist you when there is confusion, and you will find a new sense of purpose as the day progresses.

Crystal Energy:    Hyalite Opal—-The energy of this stone helps to clear out confusion, while at the same time bringing a calming energy.  Crown Chakra.

Friday, April 1:    Fibrous White

There is joy and there is confusion.  The ups and downs of the day will be there, yet you will not really be able to get a handle on why you are feeling one way or the other.  Just go with it.  Things are being unraveled all around you so there may be some confessions coming from unexpected sources. This is a day on which your intuition will be strong.  Follow its promptings. You know more than you give yourself credit for.  Listen to the voice of your heart.  You can understand much by so doing, and at the same time, be able to see into situations that have been unclear.

Crystal Energy:    Cuprian Aragonite—The energy of this mineral can bring clarity.  It shows what is true and what is mere hearsay, and allows for one to speak with truth.  Throat Chakra.

Saturday, April 2:    Bright Blue

This is a kick-up-your-heels kind of day, so be prepared to celebrate. And do not let anyone get you down.  There are those out there who, being unhappy in their own lives, cannot accept that others are enjoying themselves and having a good time.  The sense of joy that is in the air today has no obvious source.  It is a joy for joy itself.  Do not try to figure it out or intellectualize.  That will get you nowhere.  Be happy in what you can do, in your friends and family, in WHO you are.  By so doing, you can get a great appreciation of all that you are capable of.

Crystal Energy:    Eudialyte—This stone is heart centered and as such can allow one to see with compassion and discrimination.  It resonates to the first four chakras.

Great Solar Filament


ICONIC ERUPTION: A huge filament of magnetism and hot plasma blasted off the sun’s southwestern limb on March 19th around 1200 UT. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the action:

Click to view a full-disk, high-resolution image

The eruption was not Earth-directed, but it did attract plenty of attention on our planet. Many amateur astronomers in Europe witnessed the blast and said it was the biggest one they’d ever seen. This event continues the recent trend of increasing solar activity, and shows anew that Solar Cycle 24 is gaining steam after a long period of relative quiet.


March 20-26

Overall Color for the Week:    Lavender

A lot will be going on this week, so fasten your seatbelts!  The week starts out with the Vernal Equinox, bringing balance to the light and darkness.  From this point on, things begin to shift and move on all levels.  There can be leaking through the dimensions, so what you think you just saw from the corner of your eye, might actually be there!

In your personal life, expect ups and downs in relationships, with co-workers, and authority figures.  There is a lot of confusion, sorrow, and general angst about and, as the jetstream brings the winds around the Earth, we are all feeling what Japan is going through on so many levels.  This is all part of a greater readjustment that is going on.  It is important at this time to be in sync with the energies.  As a part of this, you will be finding yourself acting out of character.  Be aware of those moments when this happens.  They are telling you things that you need to know about where you are going.  There will be times of deja -vu happening.  Pay attention to these.  They are telling you something. And you will find that when you finally are able to make decisions that have been hard for you in the past, you will get a kind of ‘thumbs-up’ from the Universe.  There is synchronicity here.  This week can be hard, however if you just allow yourself to go with the flow, follow your heart’s promptings, and trust your intuition this can be an amazingly big week, even a turning point.

On a larger scale there are movements and motions going on everywhere. The politicos are tending more and more to warlike behaviors.  They are convinced that what has worked in the past will work now.  Unfortunately, past patterning no longer works in the new energy, and there will be outcries against violent action on all levels. People are no longer willing to accept blindly what they are being told to do, especially if those who are making the decisions are not motivated by a larger  view of things along with compassion.  The Earth is shifting.  There will be quakes in odd places, along with more volcanic activity.  Expect for some odd news to come out about the shape of the Earth and its composition, perhaps even some admission of the possibility of an Hollow Earth Scenario.  There is an unsettledness among the People of the Americas.  Look for a pattern there.  Each area of the globe has its own characteristic energetic patterns, and these are beginning to be felt once again.  Look for more information about grids and their effects to come out.

Sunday, March 20:    Silky Red

Vernal Equinox: Happy Birthday, Aries:  Norooz-Persian New Year: The fire and passion of the Aries will characterize the energy of today. They favor accomplishing your heart’s desire.  If you have pet projects that you have not been able to work on because you feel that work stuff has to come first, know that today’s thrust will push you in the direction of personal creativity.  Enjoy the ride today.  Things will progress swiftly, and you may find yourself wondering sometimes just what happened, but let it go.  This is a day for living in and being in the moment.  It can bring you a sense of fulfillment, and recognition of where your joy lies.  A slight caveat, there is excess in the air also.

Crystal:    Soapstone-This mineral is good for grounding and harmonizing.  It has a balancing effect that can assist in having things go smoothly.

Monday, March 21:    Grainy White

There is a light at the end of the tunnel today, but it is going to take some work and effort to find it.  You can find yourself feeling that you are working in a fog for most of the time, but the basic energy of the day will keep you going.  There is optimism about what is happening. It is not a spinning-your-wheels kind of energy, but a getting-there-takes-time-kind of feeling.  Keep your eyes open and look to others for support, even a kind word.  The sense of community is growing, and you will find that when you need it, a helping hand is there.

Crystal Energy:    Magnestite on Quartz-This combination helps in working with life issues and clearing stuck patterns.  It vibrates to the third eye chakra.

Tuesday, March 22:    Frosty White

World Water Day:    The theme of truth versus illusion continues today.  Consider carefully things you hear, things you see.  There is more to some of them than meets the eye. In dealing with people, stand strongly in WHO you are.  The overall energy of the times can lead you to to feel insignificant or uncertain, but that is all part of the illusion.  Exercise your Focus Muscle today, and you will be able to make out what is truly important.  There are a lot of things happening, and people are acting crazy.  Be careful in traffic.  This is a good day for being the observer.  By so doing, you can learn a lot.  Perhaps even manifest something you are desiring. Sometimes he who keeps his own counsel seems wisest of them all.

Crystal Energy:    Milky Danburite-This stone assists in seeing through to what is important.  It also aids in balance, visualization, and meditation.

Wednesday, March 23:    Magenta

Old friends will be a theme today.  This means that you can be contacted by those whom you have not seen for a while.  It also can mean that there will be memories, messages, thoughts, etc. from those who are not in this dimension.  What you make of them will be up to you.  But this is an opportunity day, so do not let this one pass you by.  It is a good time to be aware of what it is that you are wishing, desiring, wanting to create in your life.  The energy favors making inroads at manifestation.  It may not all happen today, but the plans that you make today have a momentum that will make them easier to carry forward as time goes on.

Crystal Energy:    Psilomelane-The energy of this stone is very grounding, soothing, and gentle.  It assists with elimination in all areas. Root and Navel chakras.

Thursday, March 24:    Chrome Green

There is brightness about, and you can be a star if you so choose.  The important thing here is to know whaty your strengths are and to work with them in getting yourself noticed.  This is not a good day for being humble,.  There are again opportunities in the air, and you have the chance to make a positive change in your life.  All you need do is intend and act.  Intention and action.  Those are the keys at this time., When they are positively combined, amazing things can occur.

Crystal Energy:    Lime Green Calcite-This has been described as the best mineral of the calcite family for breaking out of old patterns and situations, even when there is no set plan for what comes next.  It is there to help in just going for it.  .  Heart and Throat Chakras.

Friday, March 25:    Pale Violet

There is nostalgia in the air.  Even as you spend time with friends, you are thinking of how you will miss them later.  Do not give into that. Enjoy the time you are sharing.  Feel the love and gratitude you have for having these people in your life at this time.  That feeling will remian iwth you opnger and help you through the times that are coming when, perhaps, you will not have the opportunity to be with them.  Times are changing and lives are shifting.  You are aware of these currents right now.  It is well to remember that they are part of a larger picture, a greater scene, a wider horizon.  Hints of things to come are in the air today, along with everything else.  There is peace to be had if you will open to it.

Crystal Energy:    Golden Aragonite-This mineral opens one to a greater recognition of what life can bring.  It assists in empowerment, recognition of abilities, and alignment with spirit.

Saturday, March 26:    Blue Diffusion

There is an evenness in the air today that makes everything kind of seem like the same.  It is not a good day for making choices, well it depends on where you are coming from, but all options will seem equally good or equally bad, depending on how you look at things. Because of this, it is a good time for looking at issues that are usually charged with emotions.  You will be able to be more objective, and perhaps even get to a resolution in terms of some of these issues. The energies favor taking it easy, relaxing, and taking some time to enjoy nature.

Crystal Energy:    Black Idiocrase-The energy of this mineral allows for grounding.  It assists in meditation and relaxation. Root Chakra.

Solar Filament

MAGNETIC FILAMENT: A long and sinuous filament of magnetism is snaking over the sun’s western limb. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the 200,000 km-long structure in mid-twist on the morning of March 18th:

Long filaments like this one are often unstable. If this one erupts, it could hurl pieces of itself toward Earth. More likely, the filament will continue to wind over the western limb, active but intact. Either way it’s a good show.



Binary Sun Seen in China

Two Suns: China May Have No Explanation for Dual Sunset but Astronomers Do

March 05, 2011 08:20 PM EST


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China had two suns recently and there seems to be no valid explanation for the odd phenomenon. The appearance of the two suns comes just weeks after a rumor sent the web into a frenzy by saying that a star would soon blow up causing two suns to appear in the sky. Was this the star showing up or is there some other explanation for the odd event?

Even though the story was debunked, it seems that it happened anyway. The suns appeared next to each other in the sky, creating a dual sunset. One of the sun’s was fuzzy and orange,  while the other sun appeared to be more yellow.

According to Jim Kaler from the University of Illinois, the two suns can be explained scientifically, but it’s not something that even science completely understands. Though this is an extremely rare event, the double sun in the sky is actually just an effect of optical refraction, Kaler said.

“I doubt it’s been computer modeled,” Kaler said. “There must have been some blob of atmosphere somewhere that caused this truly spectacular phenomenon, which in a sense is a mirage.”

Other scientists and astronomers agree with Kaler.

“This is not a common optical phenomenon that we’re seeing here,” said Grant Perry, who is an atmospheric scientist at the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Institute for Satellite and Meteorological Studies. “I’m asking myself if this is an artifact of the lens, but if that were the case — if it’s reflections of the lens elements — then the images would move in relation to each other as the camera moves…But that doesn’t happen.”

What do you think of the two suns? It definitely looks like some sort of optical illusion, but at the same time, it’s amazing to think that it is actually a natural phenomenon. Those who witnessed it first hand are very lucky!

Photo Credit: MSNBC