The Science of Tsunamis

The Science Behind a Tsunami


Model projections of wave heights from the Japan quake on Friday. Image from NOAA. Click image for higher resolution.

The massive magnitude 8.9 earthquake that struck off the east coast Japan’s main island on March 11, 2011 set in motion a fierce tsunami that may have claimed thousands of lives, and sent tsunami warnings all across the Pacific basin, thousands of kilometers away from the quake’s epicenter. How do earthquakes trigger such enormous tsunami events, and how can scientists predict where these massive waves might travel? Universe Today talked with Anne Sheehan, who is a professor of geological sciences at University of Colorado at Boulder, and is also affiliated with the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, as well as getting input from David Admiraal, an associate professor of Engineering at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

Universe Today: How does an earthquake trigger a tsunami?

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Video of Saturn Cassini Flyby

Using thousands of single frame images shot by the Cassini Spacecraft since 2004, researchers have assembled this impressive video ‘flyby’ of Saturn and its moons:

Amazing work; and some nice music, too!

Once Again-Has Atlantis Been Found

By IBTimes Staff Reporter | March 15, 2011 8:26 AM HKT

The legendary lost city of Atlantis that has found place in tales and fables and was thought to have been swallowed up by a massive tsunami in 9600 BC, may be found in the marshlands of the Dona Ana Park, southwest Spain, claim researchers…,.

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March 13-19

Overall Color for the Week:    Light Opal

The energies this week are all about value and values.  In the wake of the Japanese disaster, people are seeing that a lot of the stuff that they considered important pales in comparison to life and love.  These are themes that will cause a dramatic shift in how people determine what they do and what they desire.  You can find yourself questioning some of the things that you thought were so important. This can lead to confusion, and perhaps some shock.  Various relationships are changing now, not only with people, but also with money, position, etc.   There is a new thrust towards personal fulfillment, and part of that now is the recognition of community, the love of friends and family.In the opalescent spotlight of the week’s energy, you can see what shines and leads to a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Honor these things. Make them your priorities.  They bring joy to your life.  The energies of this week are showing you this.  There  will be ups and downs as the week progresses, emotional times and some anger.  Go with it all.  Be with yourself as you experience and learn from these things.

On a larger scale, there are more shifts and movements within the Earth.  (If, in fact, as has been alluded to by some, the earthquake has been ’caused’ by certain frequencies controlled by agencies and organizations following some kind of personal agenda, then they will be finding that the Earth will be responding and that any control they felt they had will be severely challenged.)  This is a time for all people to open up to their innate feelings of compassion.  This will bring together and strengthen the energies of community and rightness that are at work at this time.  There will be conflicting messages coming in many different areas, and it is well to check them out in a number of different sources before taking them as facts.  Look to the skies for some interesting sights.  There will also be some discoveries made concerning ancient civilizations that can cause confusion in the academic world.

Sunday, March 13:    Lavender Mist

This is a good day for deja-vu, and not just in terms of an isolated incident, rather quite a few.  Do not be surprised if you find something tugging at your memory, or if you have the sense that there is one more thing to deal with, even though you are not sure just what it is.  There is melancholy in the air today, so be good to yourself.   Nostalgia also is part of the energy.  Accept what has gone before.  Acknowledge the lessons.  Be forgiving of yourself and others.  Remember this human condition thing is shared by all of us, and by understanding, compassion, and working together, we can make the best of it all.

Crystal Energy:    Sillimanite-The energy of this mineral assists informing images out of incoming frequencies and vibrations, as well as psychic hits.  It is associated with the crown chakra.

Monday, March 14:    Rose Gold

This is a day on which it is best to be patient if you are looking for good things to happen.  The message that you have been waiting for is coming your way, however it will come later than expected and contain more information than you are wanting.  It can also contain tasks that you must perform in order to move beyond the issues that are confusing you at this time.  This is a day in which there is much out there to be seen, however a lot of it is facade without substance.  Be discerning.  Look for the clues. You can discover that you know a lot more than you had thought.  There is a strong possibility that someone you relied upon is going to show themselves to be less than reliable.  Be understanding.  There is a story there.

Crystal Energy:    Pearl-The energy of this element has to do with focus and becoming.  It can bring about a kind of manifestation, but how that happens will be determined by the energy and intent that went into the desire.  Associated with the Third Eye.

Tuesday, March 15:    Medium Pink

This is a day of different layers and levels.  You might find yourself confused by issues and choices that come your way, mainly because with this energy you can see the viability, even desirability of more than one option.  Because of this, it is a good idea to put off making any important decisions at least for a day.  Things are going to seem better than usual today, people nicer, situations more pleasant.  In this kind of an atmosphere, it is a good time to deal with unpleasant issues and people.  they are not going to affect you as much as they might otherwise. Be alert for some kind of hint or message relating to an issue in your life that you need to resolve.  Then, as the week progresses, act upon this information.  There are things to learn.  Also, dream time is important, both in terms of content and in terms of getting enough sleep.

Crystal Energy:    Angelite-The energy of this stone allows one to be in touch with one’s purpose and to speak one’s truth.  Throat Chakra.

Wednesday, March 16:    Light Magenta

There is some relief in the air today.  You do not need to be quite so guarded in your dealings with others, especially in terms of your job/profession.  You have the ability now to see bosses and co-workers as equals, like you on this path and dealing with all the craziness of the energies of this time.  Also you have the opportunity today to put things into perspective.  Take time, therefore to determine what is truly important for you.  What you would ‘go to the mats’ (okay, I do not know what this really means, but I do know that it has something to do with ‘The Godfather” and that guys get it, so …. perhaps this part is particularly relevant for them.) for.  Anyhow this is a good day to take some time to deal with priorities.  And if you choose to do so, you will get some insights as to where these things are going and what they mean.

Thursday, March 17:     Pale Apricot

The winds of change are blowing today.  There are times when change is good for you, and this is one of those times.  You have been waiting ofr things to shift, and with the energies of the day, that can happen. This is a day also for being centered and grounded, so take some time before you go out to be with yourself.  Take some time to appreciate WHO you are and all that you have done.  Take some time to protect yourself from outside energies because with change in the air, you never know what is going to happen out there, and it is best to be prepared. There are those who are going to want to tell you what to do, to convince you that it is the best, and to talk you into thinking that it was all your own idea.  Listen carefully, and you will know, by running it through your heart’s own truth, whether this is for you or whether they are just saying this to make themselves feel better.

Crystal  Energy:    Amethyst-The energy of this mineral is calming.  It assists one in understanding what is going on around and to see things with a compassionate eye.  It also brings in appreciation for the spiritual dimension and the ability to work in that area.

Friday, March 18:     Pink

The old adage of things happening in threes may be showing itself in odd ways today.  Be alert for coincidences.  There is something telling in them.  You may feel yourself a bit off, perhaps unwell, not quite like yourself.  When that happens, listen to what your body is saying, and perhaps you will understand what is going on.  There is something outside of you that is affecting not only you but everyone around you too. This is a good day to be aware of community, along with shared interests and aims. You can find that some people with whom you thought you had nothing in common are actually very much on the same page.  Tonight, be quite and rest.  The energies are not favoring activity on a large scale.

Crystal Energy:    Amethyst-The energy of this crystal assist with integration of body, mind, and spirit.  It promotes acceptance, understanding, and a sense of calm..

Saturday, March 19:    Diffuse White

Full Worm Moon*  aka Crow Moon:    This is a day on which things will be coming in small increments.  It is a good day for getting the details cleared up and making sure that everyone is on the same page.  It is important at this time to build a strong foundation and to make sure that things are clear to everyone.  Misunderstandings can quickly spin out of control and end up as arguments.  Emotions can run deep from this time on, and feelings can easily be hurt.  Take time today to ground yourself.  Take some time also to know what is truly important to you, to prioritize. There are messages about that can give you some hope in relation to a situation that has seemed totally too much to deal with.  Know that within your heart is the strength and clarity to assist in all that comes your way.

Crystal Energy:    Chrysoberyl-This stone is good for detoxification, which can assists in getting rid of some of the stuck energy.  When this is done, it also assists in moving forward.

(*This Full Moon is also a ‘Super Moon’, which means that the moon is at a point in which it is closest to the Earth.  It is said that in this position, the moon can be affecting the Earth more strongly than usual.)

The Moon did not cause the Japan Quake

Just to be Clear: The Moon Did Not Cause the Earthquake in Japan


This illustration, based on Galileo spacecraft images, shows the approximate difference in apparent size between a full moon at perigee (the closest point in the lunar orbit, pictured at left) and a full moon at apogee, the farthest point in the lunar orbit. Credit: NASA

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Anyhow here is how it starts:

We’re getting a lot of visitors to our site today, many searching for information about earthquakes, tsunamis, and the ‘SuperMoon’ phenomenon. Just to be clear, the Moon did not cause the earthquake in Japan. Several scientists have posted articles online today clarifying the topic, and all of them, in no uncertain terms, agree that the the upcoming perigee of the Moon — where it is closer than usual in its orbit to Earth — had nothing to do with the earthquake and ensuing tsunami. Tammy discussed this yesterday, but as we often do, we’ll also point you in the direction of an article by astronomer Phil Plait about this topic, and another by Ben Goldacre, who completely debunks an article that appeared in the Daily Mail about the possibility of a connection between the two events.

In addition, Dr. Jim Garvin, chief scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, has provided some answers to questions about the ‘supermoon’ phenomenon, below:


Japan Earthquake Shifted Earth’s Axis

According to one USGS scientist, the recent earthquake off the northeastern coast of Japan has moved the large island’s coast by 8 feet and shifted the Earth’s axis of rotation by almost four inches (10 cm).

Other reports are stating while only about 1500 deaths have been officially acknowledged as of 36 hours after the quake the final death toll will likely be in the tens of thousands.

Source (CNN World News)

Update:  The USGS has released an earthquake dataset and browser-enabled Google Earth explorer plugin to view earthquake data in real-time.  Click here view. Interesting to see the plate movement arrows.  Looks like the Pacific plate is explanding!

X-Class Solar Flare 3/09

X-FLARE: March 9th ended with a powerful solar flare. Earth-orbiting satellites detected an X1.5-class explosion from behemoth sunspot 1166 around 2323 UT. A movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows a bright flash of UV radiation plus some material being hurled away from the blast site:

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A first look at coronagraph images from NASA’s STEREO-B spacecraft suggests that the explosion did propel a coronal mass ejection (CME) toward Earth. This conclusion is preliminary, however, so check back later for updates.

After four years without any X-flares, the sun has produced two of the powerful blasts in less than one month: Feb. 15th and March 9th. This continues the recent trend of increasing solar activity, and shows that Solar Cycle 24 is heating up. NOAA forecasters estimate a 5% chance of more X-flares during the next 24 hours.