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Become a Quantum Activist

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Amit Goswami

Quantum Activism is about changing ourselves and creating a better world in accordance with the new paradigm articulated by Quantum Physics: consciousness creates reality. The goal of a quantum activist is to express Good, Beauty, Truth, Justice, and Love in their life and to intend those qualities for all of humanity. In doing so, the quantum activist will help transform the world.

This article is based upon the teachings of Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D., a retired professor emeritus of theoretical physics and the author of “Quantum Mechanics”, a highly successful textbook that  is used in universities throughout the world.  In addition, he the author of numerous books that bridge science and spirituality including “The Self-Aware Universe”, “Physics of the Soul”, “Quantum Creativity”, “The Quantum Doctor”, and “God is Not Dead.

All of the quotes below are from either Dr. Goswami’s latest book “How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization: A Few People Can Change Human Evolution” or the quantumactivist.com website that describes the award winning documentary starring Dr. Goswami titled“The Quantum Activist” (which is embedded directly below):


Quantum Activism Quotes

We have problems galore in our society and culture.  All of these problems can be traced to the conflict between spirituality and materiality.  The good news is that the worldview conflict between spirituality and materialist science has been resolved in favor of an inclusive world-view based on the primacy of consciousness and quantum physics.  It took quantum physics for us to discover spirituality within science.  We must use quantum physics’ guidance to restore spirituality and unity to our society.”

We have created the problems of our world; we have to recreate the world of solutions… Conventional activism separates, us (those doing right) versus them (those doing wrong).  Quantum physics says that all is movement of consciousness; we are the world.  There is no us versus them. There is only movement toward consciousness or away from consciousness.”

Quantum activism focuses both on individual and collective change.  Today our activists perpetuate the separateness that creates the problems we want resolved.  We ‘battle’ the perpetrators of the problems, negativity with negativity.  Quantum activism will succeed where other activist movements failed because they are founded on separateness.

Start with yourself.  Only if you change can the world change.  We are just taking it a little bit further.  Not only do you start with yourself, but always remember others.

We need to change first.  We need to be inclined towards positive.  If our own hearts are open and we approach things with love, then other people will pick it up.

Even if only a small fraction of us become inspired to change, the change will come for all.

Quantum physics is the physics of possibilities; possibilities proliferate when we sit quietly in the ‘be’ mode, doing nothing.  Occasionally, we choose from among the possibilities precipitating an action, a ‘do’ mode.”

If some of us could practice do good, be good, practice do-be-do-be-do regularly, be with God some of the time, and be in the ego some of the time, and let the dance generate creative acts of transformation, then I think we will hit a certain threshold and will be able to achieve very quickly the power of downward causation in unprecedented numbers.  This is a threshold that will carry us towards making that fundamental step that these changes will take hold in all of humanity, not just a few of us.”

The goal of the quantum activist is to explore quantum possibilities and manifest these archetypes—Good, Beauty, Truth, Justice, and Love—in his or her life as intimately and as expressly as one can, and in doing so to help transform the world. The means a quantum activist uses to achieve this goal are threefold—right thinking, right living, and right livelihood.”

“Right thinking consists of understanding the paradigm shift from a user’s point of view and helping others in our environment to do so. Right living consists of walking the talk, manifesting our understanding in how we live, and becoming guiding examples for the inspiration of others. As such it takes a lot of quantum leaps, openness to being in the nonlocality of God consciousness which informs the doing of the ego’s day to day activities;, and the desire to change hierarchical relationships into tangled ones. Right livelihood consists of earning our living in a way that is congruent with our modes of thinking and living and helping our entire society to achieve this congruence.”

Our challenge is to go beyond ego to higher nonlocal consciousness and access creativity and transformation.

The Secret behind the Secret is that we must choose creatively in synchrony with quantum consciousness to manifest our intentions.

Right Thinking and Right Living

Right thinking is having a worldview that is based upon the primacy of consciousness as the ground of all being. Quantum physics tells us that everything is based upon the movement of consciousness.

Right living is to be empowered by the right thinking.  An important component of right living is what Dr. Goswami calls do-be-do-be-do.  We have to relax within our activity instead of constantly focusing on doing:  do, do, do.  Instead, we also focus on being.   When we focus on being, quantum possibilities proliferate.   If you have more possibilities to choose from, then your chance of choosing a creative solution is greater.  By combining doing and being in our pattern of living, we become more creative.   We become more spiritual.  We make more room for quantum leaps in consciousness.   That is right living.

For additional guidelines on right thinking and right living, see Our Choices Influence the Future Evolution of the Universe.

It will also be helpful if you understand some of the fundamentals of Quantum Physics:  see Make a Quantum Leap to a Better World.

Our life is what our thoughts make it. A man will find that as he alters his thoughts toward things and other people, things and other people will alter towards him.” ~ James Allen

Start With Yourself

If you want peace in the world, then be at peace with everyone in your life and everyone that you encounter – all of your family, coworkers, ex-spouses, even perceived enemies and people who have harmed you .

If you want clean water and clear skies, then do everything you can to protect the environment and keep your own living environment clean.

Look at the glass as half full.  Be optimistic.  Choose to be happy.  If you find yourself slipping into negative thoughts or a dark mood, catch yourself, and say: I choose to feel good now.  Or, I choose to be happy now.  Think of something that puts a smile on your face.  Whistle.  Sing a song.

Live your light.  The more you shine your light, the more you will illuminate the way for others to see their own divine nature.  The best way is to love and believe in yourself.  There’s not anything that you need to go out and do. It’s about the state of being that you hold as you go through life and move through the world.  It’s really very simple.

Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

There is No Us Versus Them.

Our collective consciousness has created the problems of our world.  You cannot solve the problems by fighting against anyone or anything.  Avoid judging others as being wrong.  And, never focus on what you don’t want.  Simply, send out heart-felt intentions of what you do want.   The Global Care Room in the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) website is a great way to facilitate doing that.  For more details, see “The Good News” section in the article Reclaim the Incredible Power that Has Been Taken From You.

Remember, there is only movement toward consciousness or away from consciousness.

You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” ~ Albert Einstein

We are all connected to everyone and everything in the universe. Therefore, everything one does as an individual affects the whole. All thoughts, words, images, prayers, blessings, and deeds are listened to by all that is.” ~ Serge Kahili

Always Remember Others

We are all connected.  When you hurt someone else (physically or emotionally) or hold grudges, you are hurting yourself.

So, forgive others.  Rather than looking for faults in others, look for the good in them. Be kind and compassionate.

Also, be sure to include others in your heart-felt intentions.

If you can stop for a moment and just give your awareness to elevating your consciousness and elevating the light within each individual as a unified whole collective, a unified oneness… If you can imagine the oneness of the universe filled with light, you can heal the world that you live in, heal your planet, and heal those that are under distress right now with tragedies that are happening in the world.” ~Simion (see How Can We Use Collective Consciousness to Change the World? – Simion Responds)

An Invitation

A few of us will start this.  I invite you to become a quantum activist with this resolution in mind:  we can change ourselves and we can change the world simultaneously.” ~Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D.

from:    http://consciouslifenews.com/become-quantum-activist/115832/

An Edible Water Bottle?

Check out this video to see Ooho, the edible water bottle:

Have You Seen The New Edible Water Bottles?

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Are plastic water bottles a thing of the past? They are according to the makers of the new biodegradable and edible water bottle called Ooho

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Have You Seen The New Edible Water Bottles?

Apr 28 • Technology, Videos • 113 Views • Comments Off

Are plastic water bottles a thing of the past? They are according to the makers of the new biodegradable and edible water bottle called Ooho.

Read more at http://www.realfarmacy.com/have-you-seen-the-new-edible-water-bottles/#wvSp06yCmtffb9fe.99

Have You Seen The New Edible Water Bottles?

Apr 28 • Technology, Videos • 113 Views • Comments Off

Are plastic water bottles a thing of the past? They are according to the makers of the new biodegradable and edible water bottle called Ooho.

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Moving into Full Spectrum Consciousness

The New Paradigm: The Birth of a Full Spectrum Body-Based Consciousness

Birth of a Full Spectrum Body-Based Consciousness30th April 2014

By Indra (Mona)

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I keep hearing that the “new paradigm” of living is about embracing the “higher spirit” realms and moving away from “lower density” realms. Firstly, how is this new? We are all clear that teachers and sages have berated the “material world” since time immemorial. 

It’s unfortunate that we have been terming all that has been made manifest in form as being an “illusion”. I find that this is, bar none, the most archaic paradigm in existence to date, because in calling the physical an “illusion”, there is clearly a judgment and a rejection of it.

Yet we have all chosen to be here now in this physical experience, which means that in actually negating the physical and more dense matter, we are, in fact, creating an obstacle for our soul to do its work of choice. We are negating the very purpose of our lives on this planet!

Allow me to say more. The physical is the feminine. It is all that is manifested in the body. The masculine is the divine seed/ideas. It is spirit, it is consciousness… the higher/upper frequencies. The feminine, through a process of sustainably feeding, nurturing, and loving even ONE of several million seeds, brings that seed’s potential into “reality” by shaping it into its denser physical form.

That which has already been birthed into the physical reality is, in fact, highly esteemed. It is the super code, the strongest frequency; the healthiest sperm. Instead of loving all that has been made manifest — revering it, even — we mostly suppress, reject, and hate on it. As an example, we collectively feel that our connection with resources, finances, and money is forced. We seem to hold the viewpoint of these things as being an unfortunate “lower vibration”, instead of removing the judgment and shifting our perspective to see them simply as they are:  Something solid, created; manifested.

 Said another way, the new paradigm of living is not about moving away from the “lower density” paradigm to the “spirit based” paradigm. This is incomplete! What is required is that the realm of the divine feminine — the physical manifested form of ALL things — be regarded as EQUALLY as important as that of the divine masculine, that which is the lighter, inspiration-based, spirit realm. Endless ideas exist within the upper masculine realms, yet those ideas do not have the power or the energy to be mobilized or manifested. The new paradigm will come when we can honor the divine feminine’s role and see that everything that is manifested into reality IS reality and NOT an illusion.

Full Spectrum Body-Based Consciousness

Let’s delve into this further. The theory goes that everything in the physical reality is ‪illusory — such as your body — since it is not eternal. Our Spirits are eternal, yes. So suffice it to say, that which is UNmanifest is eternal because it never manifested — hence of a higher order here. And that which is manifest is temporary — hence of a lower order. There seems to be something wrong with this picture, don’t you think? It’s faulty logic.

Let it also be considered that the lessons we learn and integrate on the physical level are eternal to the spirit, so our overall experience is ultimately and unequivocally eternal. All is eternal here. Nothing is illusory. Both are necessary. Both are to be acknowledged as being part of the whole.

Here’s my hard-won take on it all. I feel that in all of this talk about “non-duality”, we have actually missed something. We have missed the role of PREPARING the body so that it can hold the eternal light of the spirit. If a spirt-based existence ever were to become a reality, it will happen when the body is strong enough to anchor eternal light into the physical. All other endears are simply a conceptual and mental understanding of a very tangible, structural, universal shift in consciousness. The mental understanding alone, divorced from the corporeal shift, is a glorified from of psycho babble!

Truth:  The new paradigm is about going from the spirit-based dominance to a more balanced FULL SPECTRUM experience of both the Higher and Lower… both the masculine and feminine in perfect balance. Perhaps in the interim there is an extra step… to awaken the divine feminine by fully activating the body to integrate more of the divine masculine. When we honor all that has been made manifest, and when we give up rejecting the powerful and essential element of the feminine as an illusion, we then remove the insult to the human race.

It is time to stop cutting ourselves off from the source of energy from the waist down… it’s time to pop the illusory balloon! It’s time to descend into the life and the dimension we have chosen. It’s time to stop the war we have declared against the body. Here now, let us accept the role of the lower density as a vital part of the equation in creating life on this planet as balanced, sustainable, and free from creative angst. Here now, let us honor the Physical, the Lower Density Realm, the Divine Feminine.

Once we can see the value and connection of the interplay of consciousness and the body, we will then be able to evolve past ALL of our struggles here in this third dimension. The challenges of the physical dimension will be a thing of the past when we accept the incredible intelligence and power of the body.

I believe when this happens, we will move from a thought-based navigation system to a full-spectrum sensation-based navigation system, the place from which we make choices not based just on consciousness from the higher frequencies, but ALSO the practical and “sound” advice from the BODY about the potential of its creation within the physical universe. This powerful shift in understanding and embracing FULL SPECTRUM is what consciousness truly is, I believe, and the ultimate expression of our New Paradigm… the most authentic of any other to date!

from:    http://wakeup-world.com/2014/04/30/the-new-paradigm-the-birth-of-a-full-spectrum-body-based-consciousness/

FOIA Request on FLight 370 Refused

bama’s NSA refuses FOIA request on Malaysia flight 370 on grounds of classified info

It is now one month 18 days since Malaysia Airlines flight 370, with 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board, disappeared.

Repeated searches in the south Indian Ocean 2,000 miles southwest from Perth, Australia have found nothing. Speculations abound as to what really happened to MH 370, from the plausible to the bizarre, including:

  • The plane actually landed in Pakistan.
  • The plane actually landed on the U.S. military base on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.
  • Muslims or Iran hijacked the plane.
  • The Israelis hijacked the plane, which (or a plane identical to MH 370) is now in the Tel Aviv airport, to be used in another fake 9-11 attack. (H/t FOTM’s josephbc69)
  • The U.S. military shot down the plane.
  • The Chinese shot down the plane.

All along, I’ve maintained that, given U.S. satellites and the National Security Agency’s (NSA) massive surveillance capabilities, the Obama administration knows precisely what had happened to MH 370, but is not telling. Notice that at no time has the White House offered its radar and satellite tracking information to help in the search.

Now we have evidence that the NSA indeed knows but isn’t telling.

On March 24, 2014, the gutsy and indefatigable attorney Dr. Orly Taitz made a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the NSA for any and all documents relating to missing Malaysian Flight MH 370.

This is the letter Dr. Taitz received in response (click image to enlarge):

NSA FOIA1Here’s the most important paragraph in the NSA’s letter:

We have determined that the fact of the existence or non-existence of the materials you request is a currently and properly classified matter in accordance with the Executive Order 13526, as set forth in Sub-paragraph (c) of Section 1.4. Thus your request is denied pursuant to the first exemption of the FOIA which provides that the FOIA does not apply to matters that are specifically authorized under criteria established by an Executive Order to be kept order in the interest of national defense or foreign relations and are, in fact properly classified pursuant to such Executive Order.

Taitz points out that “Typically when the government does not have any records, it would respond to FOIA request attesting that there are no records in question, however this is not what happened in the case at hand. NSA did not deny existence of the documents, but stated that it is classified.

Executive Order 13526 – Classified National Security Information was issued by Barack Obama on December 29, 2009. Here’s EO 13536′s Section 1.4, Sub-paragraph c:

Sec. 1.4.  Classification Categories.  Information shall not be considered for classification unless its unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause identifiable or describable damage to the national security in accordance with section 1.2 of this order, and it pertains to one or more of the following:

(c)  intelligence activities (including covert action), intelligence sources or methods, or cryptology;


from:    http://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2014/04/26/obamas-nsa-refuses-foia-request-on-malaysia-flight-370-on-grounds-of-classified-info/

France Pyrenees Earthquake

Moderate earthquake in the France Pyrenees (below Lourdes and close to Tarbes)

Last update: April 29, 2014 at 12:55 pm by By


Update : For the people living in France, take a look at the Historic earthquake list below this link. France has hundreds of years ago been struck by a couple of devastating earthquakes!

Update 08:34 UTC : The French press is treating this earthquake as a “faits divers” . Hardly any updates are given in the local press. We will continue searching for additional information however as we think that besides power cuts people may report some slight damage.

Update 08:07 UTC : Argelès-Gazost until Val d’Azun have lost power this morning. The earthquake was felt until Toulouse (as we mentioned earlier).

Nos excuses pour la  qualité du moteur de traduction automatique de Google – On sait que ca semble a rien, mais on pense que c’est mieux que rien du tout.

Update 07:59 UTC : The strongest earthquake in the greater epicenter area was a M5.7 earthquake to the south of the current epicenter and just across the Spain border. It happened in 1904! (see bottom map)

Update 07:55 UTC : No news so far from Lourdes, the sanctuary where thousands of people gather daily to pray for the holy Mary. We do not expect anything serious but slight damage is always possible. We have to add however that this area has relar earthquakes like today’s (mostly they are not exceeding M4 however).

Lourdes Basilica - Image courtesy Wikipedia

Update : Power was down in some  areas. The map below shows the shaking intensity. We expect at least some slight damage in a radius of 20 km around the epicenter, which includes Lourdes

Update : Magnitude est augmenté a M4.7!  (Increase in Magnitude to M4.7 n- slight damage like cracks in walls, fallen tiles etc is likely)

Update : Premieres informations : epicentre aux Pyrenées Magnitude 4.0 Profondeur 2 km – Des légères dégats sont possible

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 09.33.32

Close to Tarbes and Lourdes

Basé sur un nombre croissant de visiteurs qui nous rejoignent de Tarbes et environs, nous croyons qu’un tremblement de terre a été ressenti. Lorsque vous êtes l’une des personnes qui sentaient les secousses, veuillez bien remplir le formulaire ci-dessous “J’ai ressenti une tremblement de terre non rapportée” en haut de la liste. On vous remercie.

144 km NW of Andorra la Vella, Andorra / pop: 20,430 / local time: 09:03:24.0 2014-04-29
17 km SW of Tarbes, France / pop: 52,106 / local time: 09:03:24.0 2014-04-29
1 km NE of Lourdes, France / pop: 15,786 / local time: 09:03:24.0 2014-04-29

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 4.4

Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2014-04-29 09:03:24

GMT/UTC Time : 2014-04-29 07:03:24

Depth (Hypocenter) : 5 km

from:    http://earthquake-report.com/2014/04/29/moderate-earthquake-pyrenees-on-april-29-2014/

Your Color-Scope for Tuesday, April 29

Tuesday, April 29:   Blue

This is a day for getting down to basics, finding out what really matters, and letting go of all the rest. It is actually step one for these kinds of things take time, but the recognition and the intention are what will start the change. There have been some things you have been dealing with lately that have caused you to look around at things and begin to realize that maybe there is too much that you are doing, too many people you are trying to please, too many things to plan. Life was not meant to be complicated. Complication is the illusion of the modern way. It is time to know that simplicity is what will bring you peace and joy and for you to make steps towards easing things up a bit.

NOTE:   As part of this, it is a good idea to put way or get rid of things that you have around you to remind you to do something, make something, call someone, etc. If they have been there for over a few days, they are not priorities.

Your Color Scope for Monday, April 28

Monday, April 28:   Light Lavender

You can find yourself dazed, even confused, today as elements of past and present intercede, interlock, and intersperse each other. You will not be sure just what is going on. Your frame of reference is shifting right now, and with that comes a rearrangement of some of the memories in your life to establish some kind of a new pattern. This can be interesting as it leads you to view things in a new light. This is not a day for decision-making. There are too many variables about that need to be addressed before you can make some choices. Allow yourself to step back from the energy and just see things as they swirl about. This can be a bit psychedelic, but it will also allow you to begin to pick and choose what it is that you are needing for your forward movement at this time.


Your Color Scope for Sunday, 4/27

Sunday April 27:   Light Pink

It is very interesting the things that are being placed in front of us these days, the things put in our faces, and our reactions to them. Today is a good time to analyze why it is that you are choosing one interpretation over another. What does that mean for you? Why is this interpretation preferred? Why does it have to be only one? Why can it not be something totally unexpected? Take a look around today and see how it is that certain things you have decided upon are possibly just a way of buying into the fear that is everywhere. This is a day to take a look at the ties that bind, and if you have had enough, to start untying and moving ahead in freedom, power, and knowing.

Wyoming Landslide

Wyoming Landslide: Search for Answers Continues As Slide Creeps Down Hillside

By: By Eric Zerkel
Published: April 21, 2014

Jackson, Wyo. officials are working to construct an emergency path to access an area cut off by a slow moving landslide. For 17 days the landslide has gradually shifted the side of East Gros Ventre Butte, but over a two day span last week the hillside shifted quicker than usual, moving an estimated 4 to 10 feet in places.

The quick movement split a home in two, broke a sewer line and cut off access to the crews working to contain and monitor the slide, reports the Jackson Hole News & Guide. Crews began work on the access road—which won’t be open to the public—Sunday using barriers originally meant to contain the slide.

Geologists plan to use the route to ship in drilling equipment to tunnel up to 200 feet into the hillside to determine the geological composition of East Gross Ventre Butte and the exact location and depth of the slide.

“More Importantly, it will help identify long term solutions and what mitigation efforts will work best,” Jackson incident command spokeswoman Roxanne Robinson told the Associated Press.

The route could also provide access to a neighborhood beneath the slopes of the hill that is cut off by damage to Budge Drive caused by the landslide. Sixty residents of the neighborhood remained evacuated Monday.

Samples taken from the earth could go a long way toward determining exactly what is causing the hillside to shift. Construction efforts over the past few years are thought to have destabilized the hillside, reports the Associated Press.

But 12 days after evacuation orders were first issued for the neighborhood, frustrated resident Tim Sandlin doesn’t much care for placing blame.

“I don’t want to find blame,” Sandlin told the Jackson Hole News & Guide. “I want to go home.”

Because of its more stable geology, the slope is unlikely to suddenly collapse like the March 22 landslide in Oso, Wash., that killed 39 people, experts said. More likely, large blocks of earth would tumble down piece by piece.

That fact didn’t seem to ease the minds of Jackson officials who continue to search for answers that might help combat the slowly shifting mass of earth.

“We don’t know what Mother Nature wants to do here. She’s shown us quite a bit,” Jackson Fire Chief Willy Watsabaugh told the Associated Press.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.

A worker inspects damage to a house at the top of a slow-motion landslide in Jackson, Wyo., on Saturday, April 19, 2014.(AP Photo/Matthew Brown)

2014 Tornado Forecast

Tornado Alley To Be Active This Season With A Number Of Outbreaks

Tornado Alley To Be Active This Season With A Number Of Outbreaks

(TheWeatherSpace.com) – Recent trends suggest that the Central United States will be very active this season, whereas some seasons it is not.  Numerous tornado outbreak events are likely.

Find your state region to get updates for your state by clicking here.

As the upper jet stream starts to react to the closing season, troughs will dig further into California, thus the surface lows should form in Colorado and Kansas, bringing with it the perfect setup for violent tornado outbreaks.  This is the seventh year of prediction made here at TheWeatherSpace.com about the tornado season.  All predictions have been accurate, including the tornado drought in the plains a couple years back.  This year will not feature a death ridge.

A death ridge is when a ridge of high pressure sets up over the Western United States, owning to a northwest flow into the region with no upper divergence or colder air aloft to push supercells off.  This has happened a couple times in the seven year prediction period done on this site.

This year, however, is not a death ridge, but one where a trough should set-up end April into May across the Western United States.   Impulses riding that into the Great Plains will bring the perfect ingredients for tornadoes … and since the jet may be in perfect orientation for these events, outbreaks are likely …

from:    http://www.theweatherspace.com/2014/04/10/tornado-alley-to-be-active-this-season-with-a-number-of-outbreaks/