Your Color-Scope for Tuesday, April 29

Tuesday, April 29:   Blue

This is a day for getting down to basics, finding out what really matters, and letting go of all the rest. It is actually step one for these kinds of things take time, but the recognition and the intention are what will start the change. There have been some things you have been dealing with lately that have caused you to look around at things and begin to realize that maybe there is too much that you are doing, too many people you are trying to please, too many things to plan. Life was not meant to be complicated. Complication is the illusion of the modern way. It is time to know that simplicity is what will bring you peace and joy and for you to make steps towards easing things up a bit.

NOTE:   As part of this, it is a good idea to put way or get rid of things that you have around you to remind you to do something, make something, call someone, etc. If they have been there for over a few days, they are not priorities.