2014 Tornado Forecast

Tornado Alley To Be Active This Season With A Number Of Outbreaks

Tornado Alley To Be Active This Season With A Number Of Outbreaks

(TheWeatherSpace.com) – Recent trends suggest that the Central United States will be very active this season, whereas some seasons it is not.  Numerous tornado outbreak events are likely.

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As the upper jet stream starts to react to the closing season, troughs will dig further into California, thus the surface lows should form in Colorado and Kansas, bringing with it the perfect setup for violent tornado outbreaks.  This is the seventh year of prediction made here at TheWeatherSpace.com about the tornado season.  All predictions have been accurate, including the tornado drought in the plains a couple years back.  This year will not feature a death ridge.

A death ridge is when a ridge of high pressure sets up over the Western United States, owning to a northwest flow into the region with no upper divergence or colder air aloft to push supercells off.  This has happened a couple times in the seven year prediction period done on this site.

This year, however, is not a death ridge, but one where a trough should set-up end April into May across the Western United States.   Impulses riding that into the Great Plains will bring the perfect ingredients for tornadoes … and since the jet may be in perfect orientation for these events, outbreaks are likely …

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