July 26 – August 1

Overall Color for the week:  Salmon

This is a week of things just being, and as they are, so should you also be.   There will be ups and downs in areas of your life, but you will find that your general perspective is changing and during the time of this week, you will find yourself adjusting and tuning.  The same will be true on all levels as things in nature make a start and then settle into a new pattern, and in the news there will be hints of dire events, but the week will end with no real turmol coming forth. Continue reading

July 19-25

Overall Color for the Week:    Yellow Orange

This is a week in which, if you take stock of WHO you truly are and what it is you are wishing to create and manifest, you can set the foundation for fulfillment.  There will be much happening on all levels that will reveal to you hints of how it is all to be done.  There will be serendipity in some of the people,you meet, so listen to the hints that they give you.  There will be synchronicity in activities and destinations, so look into them for what it is that they are saying to you.  There is a mystery in the way things work out in life, but each person holds the key to unlocking the mystery for oneself.  Know that and take the initiative.  You may find yourself much wiser and stronger by the end of it all.  In the larger world, there will be ups and downs.  Weather events will be unpredictable, as will be earth movements.  Look for patterns in earth events based upon the ley lines.   There will be more transitioning of people in the limelight, and world events will heat up.  Stay grounded.  Stay centered.  Look for patterns and know your power. Continue reading

July 12 -18

Overall Color for the Week:    Calcolor 60 Blue

This is a week of cycles and turnings.  You will find echoes of the past in things that are happening today.  Be alert to the hints that are there.  They can help you move out of old patterns, ideas, and images and create new ways as well as help you in making the adjustment to the new energy.  The cyclical nature of things will be obvious in all areas of life this week.  It is a time of deja vu, but also a time to take that deja vu seriously and get to the root of the matter.  There are no accidents, and if you are thinking that there are, you will find that situations, people, the news, and even the natural world will bring to the fore this sense that there is a purpose.  Do not allow yourself to fall into confusion as there is a clashing of energies going on this week.  You may find one thing being said from acquaintances, in the news, etc. which will only be contradicted shortly thereafter.  And even with the apparent contradiction, no one seems to be aware of it.  Be alert this week, there is much to learn as the energies move in more and things begin to take a turn. Continue reading

July 5-11

Overall Color For the Week:    Cherry Rose

This week is going to be a welcome relief from all the stress., worry, concern, and shift of the past six weeks.  The energies are still flowing in, however they are coming more slowly and there is more of an adjustment taking place than any real influx of new stuff.  You will feel this throughout all areas of your life this week.  There will be backs and forths.  You will find yourself going over things from the past and at the same time planning for the future.  You will not feel any real angst or permanence, rather it seems to be that you are day dreaming.  You know that you can change your mind if things are not right at this time.  Enjoy the week, and do not allow yourself to become overly involved in anything.  In all areas and things, there will be relief this week.  Look for breaks in the weather, changes in opinion, and news of breakthroughs in health and politics.  You will see shifts of policy and habits in all areas. For some, this may mean a time of transitioning, for others a time of growth.  Just BE this week.  There are changes coming soon enough that will challenge. Continue reading