May 1-7

Overall Color for the Week:    Bright Blue

The Earth is speaking very loudly right now.  In some cases she is shouting.  It is time to listen. It is time to see where then shifts and movements are happening.  There is a pattern and there is a reason. Things are coming together now in new ways, and as part of this, the old must be cleansed and washed out.  There is no anger in this, for the Earth is in all things just and connected to the Universal Consciousness.  We must, likewise, tune into that Universal Consciousness.  Honor your intuition and connect.

You know what is right and you know what is wrong.  The only thing that separates one from the other is action.  This is a week in which your actions can determine many things, including how the next seven months will turn out for you.  There are challenges on the horizon.  There are distractions.  There are people both on your side and otherwise.  Use your intuition this week and be wise in your actions; discriminate.  More can come out of this than you think.

On the larger scene, the world has turned into Tea Party types and people of integrity,  You will be seeing this more and more on the political scene,  not just here in the States, but throughout the world.  There is a cloud of darkness heading towards the Earth and those who are looking for control and who are ruled by ignorance are working to make sure that ir prevails.  It is most important that you, in everything you do and everything you are,  be aware of the truth.  Look beneath the surface and trust your inner knowing. There is work being done in all areas, some to blind and to distract, and some to make clear and unveil.  Know which is which.  This week some of the individuals who have been keeping a low profile while controlling things will find themselves being brought to the forefront.  They will not understand how or why this has happened, but it is a result of the thrust of the energy. They can no longer manipulate from behind the scenes.  And there is a light on the horizon.  Something incredibly positive is on its way, something unbelievable, like out of a myth.  Again, back up your electronics, be prepared for outages, and open up lines of communication with friends and neighbors.

Sunday, May 1:    Light Apricot

Beltane/May Day:     This is a day for getting to the core of things, however when you do, you may just find that the core needs to be broken open.  In order to do that, you need to know what its most important for you.  That is your key. There is a certain kind of magic in the air today that can take you outside of the quotidian into the more-than.  This can be very scary, but it is also liberating.  It is a place for you to move beyond the seeming into what really has meaning.  If you are ready, then go for it.  If you are not, know that the opportunity will return, and it behooves you to prepare for it.  And if you choose not to be a part of this, then that is okay for you.  There is no judgment.  It is all about what you are ready for.

Crystal Energy:    Chlorite Included Quartz—aka “The Potato Crusher”—As a digestive aid, works to break down carbs and allow for proper assimilation of nutrients. Generally, it assists with healing on all levels. Heart Chakra.

Monday, May 2:    Rose Pink

There is a quiet and a comfort in the air today.  It brings remembrance of things past, of a beloved grandparent, a favored pet, a time when things seemed ‘sweetness and light’.  These are memories to be treasured, to be savored.  They will act as support in the times to come.  Tears may be close to the surface today.  It is well to let them flow.  These times bring forth emotions, and it will just become more intense as times progress;  It is best to allow whatever is within to come forth when the feeling arises. This is not a time for storing for later.  This is a time for letting things flow. “To everything there is a season.”  And the season is now.

Crystal Energy:    Cerussite—-This mineral can assist with connection especially between the physical and the non-physical.  It resonates to the chakras above the seventh.

Tuesday, May 3:    Matte Silk

New Moon:    There is a kind of magic in the air today.  It is quiet and elusive, sylph-like.  You can catch it if you will just be open to the potentials all around you.  Under any circumstances, there is change in the air today and you will feel it from the moment you awake.  Whether you choose to make use of it or not is your choice.  This is a time of revision and moving beyond, bit everything happens in the time you so choose.  Take time today to feel what it is that is important for you.   Take time today to look around yourself and see what you can see.  Things may have changed.  You may see some unexpected things.

Crystal Energy:    Purple Aragonite—The energy of this stone is tuned to the double helix frequencies on all levels and in all permutations.  It assists in rising energy through the body and teaches the lessons of birth and death.  It resonates with all chakras.

Wednesday, May 4th:    Light Aquamarine

Today is a day to stand up for what it is that you are passionate about.  If you have enough energy and conviction, then no one can take you down.  It is time to know just what it is that makes you tick.  For too long we have let other persons and institutions dictate to us what is right for us.  Now it is time to do some soul searching and figure what it is that is most important for you.  Then be ready to go out and let the world know.  If you are strong in WHO you are, you will find that you are realizing your dreams much more quickly than you thought was possible.

Crystal Energy:    Black Tourmaline—The energy of this mineral assists with grounding and with clearing.  It works to draw together like minded individuals in harmony.  Root chakra.

Thursday, May 5:    Frosty White

Things will become clearer in the energy of this day.  The question is one of how much do you truly want to know.  There are things that have been happening around you, of which you were not aware, however you did have some sense that something was going on.  In the current energy, these things will drift to the surface.  This is a day for knowing what you can deal with and how much you are prepared to act when things become uncomfortable.  The choice is, as always, yours.  There is no blame in the energy of the day, only a caution.  Look at things before you act and act only when you are ready to have whatever happens happen.  If you prefer not to deal, then look away.

Crystal Energy:    Hemimorphite—-The energy of this silicate assists with the full functioning of the brain.  It resonates with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

Friday, May 6:    Dark Purple

Thoughts, ideas, dreams, and illusions are all part of what will be happening today.  You will find that your take on things will be different from what it usually is.  Your perspective is shifting, almost imperceptibly, and that slight bit of difference is what will intrigue you and cause you concern. It brings with it the feeling of having lost a bit of control, and at this time, people find it very important to be in control.  Furthermore, things will be coming your way today that will bring up to you truths about yourself that you would rather not acknowledge.  The best course today is to be open to what comes.  Allow it to be there, and see it for what it is.  Take hold of the lessons there, and move on.  By so doing, you will have learned a lot and progressed even more.

Crystal Energy:     Psilomelane—-The energy of this element is very grounding, giving one the sense of coming home.  It resonates with the first two chakras.

Saturday, May 7:    Dark Cerulean

Derby Day:    Know what it is that you stand for.  Know what it is that is important for you.  Be strong in that knowing and be assured that righteousness will ultimately prevail.  This is a day on which old values and new knowing can clash. You may find yourself having to make a choice between friends, between family members.  Be strong in WHO you are and you will win the day.  This is not to be the heavy, rather to let you know how much power you have in every situation when you decide to act on what you know in your heart to be right.

3D Satellite View of Storms

Satellite Captures 3-D View of Violent Storms that Ravaged the US on April 27-28


A simulated 3-D flyby of the TRMM satellite around severe storms on Aprill 28, 2011. Credit: NASA/SSAI, Hal Pierce

NASA’s Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite captured 3-D images of severe thunderstorms that were spawning tornadoes over the eastern United States on April 28, detecting massive thunderstorms and very heavy rainfall. Tornadoes associated with this extremely unstable weather left at least 202 dead across the Eastern U.S, with injuries numbering over a thousand.

To read the rest of the article and view the other images, go to:


Large Coronal Hole


CORONAL HOLE: NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory is monitoring a hole in the sun’s atmosphere–a “coronal hole.” It is the dark region circled in this extreme ultraviolet image taken during the early hours of April 28th:

Above: A composite 171-193-211 Angstrom EUV image from SDO. April 28 @ 06:28 UT

Coronal holes are places where the sun’s magnetic field opens up and allows the solar wind to escape. A stream of solar wind flowing from this coronal hole is expected to reach Earth on April 30th-May 1st. NOAA forecasters estimate a 35% chance of geomagnetic activity at that time


April 24-30

Overall Color of the Week:    Light Sky Blue

The sky can be beautiful and clear one moment, and then full of clouds and dropping rain the next.  This is how this week will be. Unpredictable at best.  Be prepared at all times to take cover when it is necessary, and provide for the unexpected. This week there is a disconnect between cause and effect.  Be aware of that and prepare for the unexpected

Passion and Compassion are the two major themes of the upcoming week.  There will be much passion in the air on all levels.  Things can start quietly and quickly flare into something else.  People can seem complacent and satisfied and in an instant become agitated and unhappy.  In most cases, you will not see it coming, and then all of a sudden there is that shift.  Emotions will be close to the surface on all sides.  Little things can bring reactions that are totally out of scale with the cause.  This is a week for staying well centered within your heart. This is a week in which it is very important to have your priorities straight, as there will be those who attempt to get you to espouse their causes.Your intuition is keen and you must trust its urges.  By so doing, you can see more clearly what things truly are and where they are going.

On a larger scale, the Earth is shifting and moving more and more.  The west coast will be feeling things it has not felt for a long time.  There is a wale and a sigh in the Earth which will explode in earthquakes, volcanoes, and torrents of water.  The reaction to all of this will be denial. There will be news stories coming attempting to refute some of the conspiracy theories that are becoming more accepted.  The reports, however, will quickly be shown to be motivated by greed and the desire for control.  There will be further uprisings of people in small countries which  no longer want to accept the manipulation of the larger ones. Expect good news on the financial front, but look behind the scenes for what is not being expressed.  The Sun will be throwing out its energies in an unprecedented way, and there will be disruptions to the electronics. There will be rumors of the galactic force or object coming closer as there is a new pull or influence being felt by the outer planets.  This week promises to bring surprises, upsets, and cover ups.  Listen to your own inner knowing in order to discover what is really true.


Sunday, April 24:    Bright Green

Easter Sunday:    This can be a great day … on the surface.  Be aware of what is coming your way and do not get blinded by the light.  There are persons and things out there that are in everyone’s face.  You, however, have the discrimination to know what is what.  The question becomes one of whether or not you truly want to know what is what.  These are times in which decisions have to be made and projects have to be started.  Today is a day on which you can look to yourself to find out what it is that you are truly desiring.  Take time to go within and find the energies and trends that mean the most to you.  If they are not what you are doing now or those with whom you are spending time, then there are choices to be made.  Follow your heart.

Crystal Energy:    Copper—-This metal can bring balance, along with a calming vibration.  It can assist in making choices, some difficult, and moving forward.  It works with all chakras.

Monday, April 25:    Crazy White

This is a day when you will be running around, of course this is on a metaphoric basis, attempting to find what it is that is right for you or wrong for you.  Along the way, you are going to be bumping into all kinds of walls, sort of like “Alice in Wonderland”.  And that is all right.  The realities of the day are not on the surface, so if people tell you things in confidence or assure you that everything is okay, just know that what they are saying might not reflect the facts.  They are playing out their own personal scenarios.  Because of this, it is important for you to know what it is that you want to create in your own life, and to go for it.  You can. Just know that it is so.

Crystal Energy:     Rainbow Moonstone—This stone can interact with the higher chakras to assist one in connecting with the spirit realms and aligning one with these realms.

Tuesday, April 26:    Fibrous White

This is a day whee lots of strands of things are coming together. However, since some of these can gtet crossed and tangled, things can be difficult to unravel.  Listen closely to what people are saying and watch carefully what they are doing.  If you want to know what these things mean, you will need to read between the lines.  There is deception in the air today.  Be careful in what you do and what you sign.  You can be getting yourself into things you might not wish to be part of.

Crystal Energy:    Polyhedron Agate—This unusual stone works on the nervous system, bringing balance and relaxation.  It is also known to align the meridians.  It works with the etheric chakras.

Wednesday, April 27:    Lavender Mist

This is a day for being ready for those emotional ups and downs.  You will be running into people and/or situations that will bring back old memories.  This is a time to put to rest a lot of the illusions about the past.  Things always seem better once they are gone, but it is time to see them for what they truly were.  It is a time for acknowledging the lessons that you have learned, be grateful for the people you knew, and move forward..

Crystal Energy:   Blue Aventurine—The energy of this stone brings maturity to the potential of the spiritual warrior.  Third Eye Chakra.

Thursday, April 28:    Silky Red

There is adventure and intrigue in the air today.  But do not allow yourself to become entranced by the illusion and not see what lies behind.  In some cases the beauty is all there is.  It is there in its fullness and its promise.  In other cases, it is a mere seeming that will shatter and explode if penetrated too deeply.  This is a day for moving into your own power, be the adventurer, be the  conqueror.  See life for what it can be in its total realization.  You will find that you learn much by changing your opinion of self and others.

Crystal Energy:    Black Idocrase—The energy of this mineral resonates to the Black Madonna.  It powers healing through the vortexes of the chakras.

Friday, April 29:    Dark Blue Green

Much will be coming up today to remind you of the past.  You must decide what this means to you.  Is the past past or still there determining your present course of action?  And if it is, why and is it the best choice for you now?  Times are changing.  Change is difficult. The past has the familiarity and comfort of being known.  If you choose to act from patternings and decisions of the past, then take time first to know that your choice is right for now.  There is much learning going on right now.  Much taking on of novelty and letting go of the tried and true.  Go within and know what is your most beneficial path.

Crystal energy:    Sapphire—This gem assists with centering and is a protective stone.  It is helpful for discrimination when life gets in the way.  Third Eye Chakra.

Saturday, April 30:    Light Pink

April goes out with a promise, perhaps an apology.  This has been a month of large ups and downs, leaving you oftentimes caught in the middle and wondering what has happened.  Take time today to reflect on this month.  There were experiences there with a story to tell.  Take time today and just be for a bit.  There is nothing that needs to be accomplished today.

Crystal Energy:    Red Aventurine—-The energy of this stone is tonic and community oriented.  It resonates with Earth, Fire, and Water.  Root Chakra.

Emerging Solar Flares


SOLAR FLARES: Emerging sunspot complex 1195-1196 is crackling with M-and C-class solar flares. John Stetson and students in South Portland, Maine, caught one of them in this snapshot taken April 21st at 1500 UT:

“Big sunspot 1193 was an attractive target,” says Stetson, “but the real action was taking place around the sun’s southeastern limb.” Indeed, that is where readers with solar telescopes should point their optics. AR1195-1196 is growing in complexity and more flares could be in the offing.


Solar Image

STRANGE BEAUTY: It’s been almost a year since NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory began taking pictures of the sun. As the first anniversary of First Light approaches on April 21st, researchers are taking stock of the observatory’s many accomplishments. One of the most profound results turns out to be aesthetic: the sun is more beautiful than anyone imagined. Consider the following extreme ultraviolet image, taken just hours ago, of the magnetic canopy of sunspot complex 1191-1193:

This stunning snapshot is actually routine material for SDO. The observatory produces a daily torrent of beauty that, even now, mission scientists haven’t grown used to. Normally unflappable researchers are frequently caught staring slack-jawed at SDO movies. And when they’re done, they don’t have the vocabulary to describe what they have seen. Many of the phenomena SDO catches have no textbook names. SDO’s starscapes may turn out to be as prized to poets, artists, and writers as they are to no-nonsense solar physicists.