Chromoscope 6/07

Friday, June 7:     Crazy Blue

So, once again, you have let yourself get involved with some things that you had thought you had given up.  Take time today to see what that means for you and to take action to get rid of all of that.  You have/you are moving beyond so many things right now.  To fall into someone else’s agenda and someone else’s plan is not going to benefit you.  This is a tough one, and there can be some equally tough moments today.  It is hard to make a change.  It is scary to move out of a comfort zone.  It is hell to give up the blanket, but you know, you know it has to be done.  Do it or not.  That is the question.  Today present \s you with choice, challenges and opportunities   it is up to you to see what you will do with all that.

Zombie Safe House Design Contest

Architecture Contest Calls for Zombie-Proof Home Designs

Joseph Castro, Life’s Little Mysteries Staff Writer
Date: 18 October 2011 Time: 02:30 PM ET
zombie architecture contest


The Lifebuoy: a safe haven against zombies, built atop an abandoned oil rig in the Antarctic.
CREDIT: Survival Systems International, 2011 Zombie Safe House Competition

Between diseases, global warming and falling satellites, we have a lot to worry about these days – but let’s not forget about the looming threat of a zombie apocalypse.

To help us prepare for this potential undead disaster, the folks at Architects Southwest, an architecture firm based in Louisiana, have launched the 2011 Zombie Safe House Competition. The organization has tasked artists, architects and other zombie enthusiasts with one goal: Design a haven that can withstand a full-onzombie assault on civilization as we know it.

Design entries so far are varied and imaginative, to say the least. A top contender right now is the Zombie Ranch, a zombie-powered vertical farm. As per the design, humans live in a spiral housing system above ground, safely out of harm’s reach; down below, zombies run around in circles trying to catch hanging bait traps, all the while turning a turbine that provides energy for the humans in the ranch.

Other entries include portable houses that travel through the air by balloon, structures floating atop abandoned oil rigs in the Antarctic and zombie fortresses built into mountain cliffs.

Voting for the contest is now open and ends on Oct. 20



Dragon Con This Weekend

Dragon*Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe!

This year, Dragon*Con will be held Labor Day weekend (September 2-5, 2011) in Atlanta, GA.

check out the website:

And here are some of the


Note: Recent additions are marked with a » (within 7 days) or a » (within 14 days).

Kevin J. Anderson Terry Brooks A. C. Crispin
Bill Fawcett Richard Garfield Richard Garriott
Laurell K. Hamilton Charlaine Harris Laura Hickman
Tracy Hickman Sherrilyn Kenyon Jonathan Maberry
Todd McCaffrey Rebecca Moesta Jody Lynn Nye
Mike Resnick John D. Ringo Robert J. Sawyer
Susan Sizemore Michael Stackpole S. M. Stirling
Janny Wurts Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Timothy Zahn


Film & Television:
Loni Anderson Ralph Bakshi Kristin Bauer
Trace Beaulieu Jim Beaver Julie Benz
Jon Bernthal David Blue Ernest Borgnine
Nicholas Brendon Beau Bridges Amy Bruni
Sara Canning Brian Cano Misha Collins
Frank Conniff Bill Corbett James Darren
Felicia Day Nicole de Boer Aaron Douglas
Robin Dunne »Eliza Dushku Elvira
Robert Englund Richard Epcar Beth Ezzo
Tom Felton Colin Ferguson Louis Ferreira
Lou Ferrigno Samantha Ferris Carrie Fisher
Sean Patrick Flanery Chris Gauthier Patrick Gilmore
Steve Gonsalves Erin Gray Joel Gretsch
Dean Haglund Doc Hammer Richard Hatch
Kyle Hebert Tricia Helfer Lance Henriksen
Howard Hesseman Virginia Hey Christopher Heyerdahl
Jordan Hinson Michael Hogan Sam Huntington
Tom Kane Clare Kramer Gary Kurtz
Martin Landau Madison Lintz Christopher Lloyd
Gareth David Lloyd Joe Manganiello James Marsters
Peter Mayhew Eddie McClintock »Sylvester McCoy
Mary McDonnell Gates McFadden Mike McFarland
Mercedes McNab Robert Duncan McNeill Julie McNiven
Addy Miller Temuera Morrison Kate Mulgrew
David Nykl Denis O’Hare Amy Okuda
Edward James Olmos Jim Parrack Tahmoh Penikett
Meaghan Rath Norman Reedus Chandler Riggs
Michael Rosenbaum William Shatner Mark A. Sheppard
Brent Spiner Dave Tango Amanda Tapping
Lea Thompson Robin Thorsen Tony Todd
James Tolkan James Urbaniak Laura Vandervoort
Nana Visitor Garrett Wang Wil Wheaton
Sam Witwer Steven Yeun Aimee Zaffis
Chris Zaffis John Zaffis



Ahhh, the Weirdness of Space

This is quite interesting and fun and informative for those of you who are planning a trip to Outer Space:

6 Everyday Things That Happen Strangely in Space

Natalie Wolchover, Life’s Little Mysteries Staff Writer
Date: 19 March 2011 Time: 11:53 AM ET

Welcome to Weightlessness
The crews of the International Space Station (Expedition 26) and the shuttle Discovery (STS-133) pose for a photo inside the newly attached Leonardo storage module, known as the Permanent Multipurpose Module, on March 1, 2011.

Credit: NASA

Watched pots, as they say, never boil. Besides, even if they did, why watch them? You know exactly what boiling water looks like.

But I bet you don’t know what it looks like in outer space.

Here are six everyday occurrences — including the boiling of water — that happen very differently in microgravity, plus explanations as to why.

Stephen Colbert’s 3D Head Launch

Stephen Colbert’s 3-D Printed Head Launched into Space

Samantha Murphy, TechNewsDaily Senior Staff Writer
Date: 18 August 2011 Time: 12:30 PM ET
Stephen Colbert MakerBot


Credit: makerbot |

A company specializing in 3-D printers has sent a model of the head of talk show host and space enthusiast Stephen Colbert flying miles high above the Earth.

to see the video, go to:

Doggie – Siren Duet


Dog Howls With Sirens (VIDEO)

First Posted: 8/14/11 03:29 PM ET Updated: 8/14/11 03:29 PM ET

Eskie HowlingThis miniature American Eskimo, aka Eskie, can do an awesome impression of a fire engine.

Like, spot-on.

Of course, while it’s cute to watch on video, we’re willing to bet he wouldn’t be the best roommate.


8 Best Things of Day 1 @ Comic-Con

The 8 Best Things From Comic-Con Day One

Comic-Con 2011 By Cole Abaius on July 22, 2011

With little sleep and almost zero vegetables eaten during the day, Robert Fure, Cole Abaius and Jack Giroux gathered in their hotel room overlooking the San Diego Convention Center and a giant cargo freighter loading container after container of bananas to discuss what their favorite moments were.

After a quiet start to a roaring event, the day was filled with fantastic little moments that made us all wish you were right here in the hotel room with us. Each and every one of you. In one room.

While we’ll be calling dibs on the bed, check out the 8 best things about Comic-Con‘s opening day.

to read more, go to:


Just what is Manhattanhenge?

By Virginia BrownBBC News Magazine

Sun setting

New Yorkers have witnessed an urban solar phenomenon, with the Sun setting in alignment with the city’s skyscrapers and giving an effect fans say is reminiscent of Wiltshire’s Stonehenge. Welcome to Manhattanhenge.

Twice every year amateur photographers gather in carefully-selected spots to set up tripods and wait to capture the ultimate sunset.

On Wednesday night at 2025 local time (0125 BST), the east-west lying streets of the city’s famous grid system neatly framed the setting sun, creating golden glows New Yorkers rarely see.

During the phenomenon, the Sun appears to be nestled perfectly between the skyscraper corridors, illuminating the north and south sides of the streets.

to read more, go to:

Red Wine in Space

Astronauts May Benefit from Red Wine in Orbit

by Clara Moskowitz, LiveScience Senior Writer
Date: 15 July 2011 Time: 04:21 PM ET
Red wine
A chemical in red wine could prove beneficial in fighting the health effects of weightlessness.
CREDIT: Dreamstime

While the astronauts on NASA’s final shuttle mission right now don’t have a sip of alcohol around, new research suggests it actually might be good for their health.

The study found that red wine could help prevent the ill effects of prolonged weightlessness on the human body.

An ingredient in red wine, called resveratrol, has shown promise protecting against the bone density loss and insulin resistance that can be side effects of flying in space, researchers said. The finding is based on a study of rats held upside down by their hind limbs and tails to simulate weightlessness. The rats fed resveratrol did not develop the adverse symptoms of the other group.

to read more, go to: