June 27-July 3

Overall Color for the Week:    Snow White

This is a week of ‘finally’s’.  Finally things will get done.   Finally things will come to a conclusion.  Finally you will understand some of the things that have been bugging you for so long.  There are answers and solutions in the air, but do not expect them all to be just what you were desiring.  The underlying energies of this time bring both resolution and upheaval, so there is a good possibility that some of those finally’s will be openings to more processes and possibilities. Continue reading

June 20-26

Overall Color for the Week:    Bright Green

Things are growing both below the surface and above it.  Look to your relationships for there will be things left unsaid and undone.  These can sprout into misunderstandings in the future if you are not careful to address them when they arise.  If you find yourself in a situation in which you are feeling trapped or taken advantage of. acknowledge the situation to yourself and to those around you, and then get out of it.  The energies are such now that it is important the people be aware of just what you know and how much you know.  This is a week in which you can feel your own power expanding.  It is important to work with that and not allow yourself to be belittled by ignored. Everyone is likewise in a situation of bewilderment, and no one person’s questions are more valuable than another’s.  Always remember, that you are in charge of yourself and take time this week for a it of self care and self love.  Let the others do their thing.  Once you are strong and centered in WHO you are, you will be better able to deal with things around you. Continue reading

June 13-19

Overall Color for the Week:    Orange with a hint of Blue

Well, it looks as though the period of quietude is over, so expect things to heat up again this week, especially in terms of Earth events, including quakes and volcanoes, and the weather.  The Sun also is throwing its influence into the equation, so things are going to get interesting.  Also look for further messages in crop circles.  There is more around than  meets the eye.  And as things shift and change, there are signs and omens that will indicate the direction in which things will be going.  This is a time when things and people that seem foolish are perhaps. from a different perspective, not so foolish.   Expect the discovery of a new artifact that can make sense of some archaeological puzzles.

Personally, you can use this week to learn a lot of lessons and experience a lot of things … if you are ready.  There are challenges tears, understandings, revelations, and learning in the energy of the week, but it is up[ to you.  This is a pivotal week in which you  have the opportunity to decide whether you will accept the new energies and all the uncertainties that they bring or whether you will choose to write your reality in terms of  the past, what is safe, and all that has gone before.  It is your choice.  You can put aside old thoughts, ideas, conventions, and agreements and move forward or you can use those thoughts, ideas, conventions, and agreements to keep you firmly grounded in the old energy.  There is no right or wrong, there is simply what it is that you are choosing to do, your expectations, and what it is that you choose to be.

On a larger scale, and this I have put off addressing, shifts, changes, upheavals, uncertainties, tears and laughter are in the works for this week.  Stay close to what you love and those whom you care about for there will be challenges on the larger scale as the oil spill proves itself and its consequences worse even than anyone has imagined or can imagine.  There are implications here that are only now beginning to be felt.  The world is a system, and where one part is hurt, the other parts echo that hurt.  So there will be fire and wind and rain in countries throughout the globe.  In places where these things are uncommon, they will happen, and there is no procedure in place to deal with these things, making them even worse.  China will be affected as it has chosen with its current regime to be out of balance.  Japan will see that the niche it had thought it had carved out for itself is not so strong as they thought.  There is crazy energy  going on in Russia, throughout all the parts, and the Adriatic will have events that are somewhat unprecedented.  Look for storms and earthquakes on a new scale.  One elemental event will be followed by another, so that fire will follow water and earth will follow air, etc.  The Sun will be making its influence felt more and more, and there will be signs and messages that can guide you if you pay attention.  This is a week in which it is important to hang on to what you feel deep within your heart to be true.  See through the illusion and look for the truth.  There is peace there. Continue reading

June 6-12

Overall Color for the Week:  Dark Yellow Orange

This week marks the beginning of the big shifts and changes that this summer will be bringing.  This is a good time to set straight what it is that you believe in and what it is that you need in order to feel safe and  complete at this time.  Take stock of what it is that you are looking for and how it is that you wish to attain it.  This is a week for looking at priorities and seeing what it is that truly matters for you.

On a larger scale, there is a wave of energy that is traveling through the Earth and that will be affecting everything that is going on.  Add to that the solar flares and winds, and in places where the energies are felt most keenly as these two vibrations interact, there will be upsets and events that can leave you wondering just what is going on and just how secure things are.  Take nothing for granted this week.  Look into news items before accepting them on face value.   There will be attempts to keep out of the news just exactly what it is that is happening.  Verify before taking action. Continue reading