June 20-26

Overall Color for the Week:    Bright Green

Things are growing both below the surface and above it.  Look to your relationships for there will be things left unsaid and undone.  These can sprout into misunderstandings in the future if you are not careful to address them when they arise.  If you find yourself in a situation in which you are feeling trapped or taken advantage of. acknowledge the situation to yourself and to those around you, and then get out of it.  The energies are such now that it is important the people be aware of just what you know and how much you know.  This is a week in which you can feel your own power expanding.  It is important to work with that and not allow yourself to be belittled by ignored. Everyone is likewise in a situation of bewilderment, and no one person’s questions are more valuable than another’s.  Always remember, that you are in charge of yourself and take time this week for a it of self care and self love.  Let the others do their thing.  Once you are strong and centered in WHO you are, you will be better able to deal with things around you.

Things are not getting better in the Gulf.  There is a crazy current there that is going to steer the oil spill out into new waters.  There is anger and upset growing, and it is important that these things be recognize and addressed.  The time for the politicians to talk is over.  It is time to act before things are taken out of their hands.  The Sun e energy will be crazy this week.  Look for outbursts of flares on an unprecedented scale.  The Sun has its own agenda and timetable and it is responding to a larger galactic flow that is bringing in new information  as things begin to shift on all levels.  There will be some attempts in the media to put a spin on what is happening.  Look through the spin to how it all feels to you.  If it feels wrong, then it is.  The Earth changes will be accelerating as Gaia trembles and attempts to shake off the negativity that is encompassing many areas of the globe.  She will be sending her ener5gies through in different ways and directions.  The weather this week will be unseasonable, and there will be storms starting up on land and water , seemingly out of nowhere.  There is a good possibility that there will be significant disruptions in electrical service and communications.  There is the possibility of a large and damaging earth activity this week, leaving many in tears.  The stock market will seem to be leveling off, but that is only apparent.  There is a strong possibility that there will be a message coming to the Earth from the ET’s.  It will be broadcast first on the web, and then the media will start its spin, however by that time, it is too late.  Look also for transportation problems as the Earth magnetics continue to shift, confusing likewise the animals and marine life.

Sunday, June 20:   Deep Blue

Father’s Day:    There is a mystery in the air today.  Questions will go unanswered.  People will be unwilling to deal with things that are hidden.  And that is all for the good as there are things in the shadows that do not need to be dealt with right now.  This is a good time to redirect what it is that you are feeling into activity and companionship.  Look for the good in what is around you, and you may be surprised to find out that the mystery becomes solved all by itself.

Monday, June 21:    Light Opal

Summer Solstice : Happy Birthday, Cancer:    There is a different feel to things today, and the ideas, inspirations, and revelations of the day will all be centered in your feelings.  You will be finding within yourself a new empathy that can leave you a bit bewildered.  Be aware that emotions will be close to the surface, so there can be unexpected responses to things you say or do, likewise you may find yourself acting out of character.  Beneath it all, there is a smoothness which will give a flow to the day.  If you allow yourself to go with that flow, you will find that there is a pleasant outcome.  Take time tonight to enjoy yourself.

Tuesday, June 22:    Light Pink

There is a surprise in the air today, and it will bring you joy.  Take time this morning to feel good about yourself.  Wear things you love, listen to a favorite tune.  And take time to look about you and appreciate your surroundings, your home, nature, your work environment.  You can find fulfillment in your environs if you allow yourself to see it from a new perspective.  This is a good day to get things done which you have been putting off.  They will seem a lot easier than they did before.

Wednesday, June 23:    Lemon Yellow

There is sweet and sour in the air today.  You will not be feeling quite yourself when you awake.  And you will have the sense that there is something to be done that you have missed out on.  That sense of something in the air will follow your throughout the day, but do not let it perplex or unsettle you, tather know that you are feeling the shifting of the energies, and by being in tune with them, you are preparing yourself to know know more about the ways of manifestation.  The first step is always the sense that it is there.

Thursday, June 24:    Hazy White

This is not a good day for getting things cleared up.  Be aware of this and steer clear of situations that can become confrontational.  There are always two sides to each issue, and in the energy of today, neither side will win as neither side is sufficiently clear to have merit.  Personally, just be present in what you do.  take it easy.  Be the observer.  There are things in the works, and through the haze of the day, you can get some hints in relation to things that you were wondering about.

Friday, June 25:    Amber Gold

Things can turn out amazingly well today, as what started out to look like a frog ends up to be … well, a prince or whatever else it is that you are desiring.  There is help around, and you just need to be open to it.  Things are beginning to turn in your direction and it is important that you be alert for clues as to what will be manifesting for you throughout the end of this month.  There is someone who will appear today with some information that is going to make a big difference in regard to  a project you are working on or a decision that you need to make.  n, so go for it.  DO not hang back.  You can accomplish much if you will just get started.

Saturday, June 26:    Lavender

Full Moon: Partial Lunar Eclipse:     Out of the darkness can come light, and out of the light there is a new revelation.  Look for that in the energies of today.  There is something that will stir you to the core.  Be ready and available for those who need you.  Things will be coming up, and there are those who will be wanting to discuss matters with you, just as you will find yourself wanting to deal with things that have been around for a while , yet never satisfied.  Do not allow yourself to be taken in by the trickster who hides in the shadows.  He is there today.  If you are aware of his presence, you cannot be fooled.