June 27-July 3

Overall Color for the Week:    Snow White

This is a week of ‘finally’s’.  Finally things will get done.   Finally things will come to a conclusion.  Finally you will understand some of the things that have been bugging you for so long.  There are answers and solutions in the air, but do not expect them all to be just what you were desiring.  The underlying energies of this time bring both resolution and upheaval, so there is a good possibility that some of those finally’s will be openings to more processes and possibilities.

On a personal level, you will be finding that many things of the past will be dredged up for you to take a look at.  In the current energy, you will find that you have the strength and clarity of vision to work through some sticky items that have  tied you to the past.  You will also find that there will be shiftings and changes in relationships and power structures. These can leave you somewhat confused, however if you take a look within, you will realize that, actually, there were no surprises here and you had been waiting for this to happen.  Take care with your health this week, especially in terms of trips and falls.  Be aware of your environment and double check before starting out. Trust your inner knowing, that annoying voice that pops up sometimes for our own good.  There is a craziness in the air, but you do not need to be affected by it if you stay grounded in WHO you are.

On a larger scale, there will be a lot of shaking up this week.  There is more trembling within the earth, and along with that the sounds are changing.  Pay attention to the sounds around you.  They are changing and their vibrations are different.  This can cause some people to act oddly.  So look out for political figures doing things out of character.   People tend to watch the celebrities, and there will be a number of them who completely change their usual modus operandi this week, almost as though possessed.  Finances are all akimbo.  They are not going to get better, although the talking heads will say that this is merely a temporary glitch.  If you stay centered in knowing that you are okay, then that will be your reality.  Do not buy into the hype. And there will be more and more of that this week.  The Earth is shifting and changing so much.  There will be indications in the weather, in the Gulf, in the animals, in the birds.  Things will start and then stop, like thunderstorms that pause in the very middle and dissipate.  The media will scramble for examples of these things happening before, all to not avail.  Also Alex can churn things up more in the Gulf, but he is not the real issue, rather  this hurricane is a warning. Corporations have no desire to make things better.  Their NOW is focused on the daily profit.  Unfortunately there are other and different prophets out there who can tell them that their influence is on the wane for always and everywhere survival is more important than greed.

Sunday, June 27:    Crystal White

There is something magic in the air, so expect the unexpected.  Someone has been watching your progress and has a comment to make upon it.  That comment can come in different ways, so do not look to the traditional for it. You will also be feeling yourself more and more connected to some idea or group or community.  If you feel directed to go somewhere or do something, by all means, do it.  Your intuition is keen, but in many cases untried.  These are times in which following your heart will bring you resolution.   Do not doubt, but when the urges come, go within.   Your heart will know the true ones.

Monday, June 28:    Spring Green

Both community and companionship are in the air today.  The energies are such that things can blossom into and spring forth.  Serendipity is part of the theme today, so be ready and open to recognize and receive it when it comes. There has not been a lot of joy around these days, but there is a conjunction in the heavens that is happening today that will be reflected within.  Things in the news will be heavy and remain so, but if you can view them from a new and renewed perspective, you can gain greater understanding of what is going on in all areas and how best to respond.

Tuesday, June 29:    Bluish Purple

There is good news coming from an unexpected source.  Today you will be feeling like looking good.  You will find that the ways in which you are seeing things and people have shifted.  This is a good day to have that conversation with someone that you have been putting off.  Everything will be seen in its best light, and there will not be the same drag of old stuff and emotions which have made these things seem so tedious before.  There is a surprise here today.  Have you been hoping for something?  Look for it to come your way or at the least, expect to hear something or get some direction as to how to proceed in terms of manifesting a long held aspiration.

Wednesday, June 30:    Brilliant Pink

There are goingt to be a lot of things around today that will annoy you, yet you feel the whole time that, actually, you should be okay with them.  this can lead to some questioning of yourself and why these things are bothering you. This is a good time to take a look at what is going on within your own life. There are some things that you have put up with, and right now you are finding yourself in a position where they no longer feel comfortable.  You may find this also with some of the people in your life.  You have made compromises to be friendly with them, and you are finding today that your level of tolerance has shifted.  In all of these things, it is important to see what it is that they are telling you.  There is no right or wrong in this, so suspend judgment.  It is just that you are making shifts and changes and these things require shifts and changes in your external situation also.  Know that by freeing yourself from some of these obligatory relationships and things, you will open yourself for some new and exciting things that are now coming your way.

Thursday, July 1:    Light Pink

The theme of yesterday continues into today, however the intensity is not quite what it was then.  There is a new lightness that you are feeling, and it can make you want to do some dancing.  Go for it.  There is one more revelation that you will get today in relation to a friend or to a situation that was set up by a business associate.   While the outcome is not what you expected, you will feel yourself released from some kind of a burden that had been hanging over you for a while.  This evening is a good time to spend time with good friends, or even by yourself.  In either case, the time is ripe for some important conversations.  There is joy in this kind of companionship.  Watch your dreams tonight.

Friday, July 2:    Orange Gold

Watch what you say and do today for the energies are such that you can find yourself in the spotlight just when you want to be in the background.  Be ready for anything; expect the unexpected and you will find that you learn much today.  When you are out or about, watch yourself in traffic.  Do not take things at face value.  Think before you answer questions, and make sure that you get the whole picture before you voice an opinion.  There is a lot of shifting going on all over, and because of this, there are people out there who cannot deal with it and are trying to force the issue in order to keep themselves from having to take a look at what is really going on.

Saturday, July 3:    Royal Blue

Today is a day on which you will need to be strong in all that you do.  You will find thereby deep reserves that you had known of but not tapped for a while. You are going to find that many memories will be surfacing today, and for once you will be able to put them into some sort of coherent picture.  There are things that had happened in your past that left you with the feeling that stuff had not been resolved.  Today is a day on which your perspective has shifted and you can understand a lot of those circumstances that left you puzzled or feeling less than.  This will bring about a kind of release for you, and you will find yourself ready to party tonight.  Do so, but be sure to spend the time with good friends, present or on the phone, by e-mail, Skype, Facebook, whatever.  There is much to share on all levels.