August 29-September 4

For all of you who have been doing the work not only recently, but for years, you will be finding that more and more synchronicity is entering your lives.  Certainly, there are things that are detractors, however the general thrust is in a positive direction.  Always keep that in mind, and do not find yourself overly concerned or flummoxed over setbacks that can occur. They are only temporary.

Overall Color for the Week:    Frosty White

This is a week of both clarity and confusion.  Expect people to be completely set in their opinion at one moment, and then to change their mind completely.  This can make you feel as though you are going crazy, that you did not get it right, that something is missing, but, in fact, things are not missing.  There are so many inconsistencies going on that it can be overwhelming.  There can be crises with friends and families that will bring up older issues.  There will also be a kind of nostalgia for what had gone before.  Even bad things can look good from far away.  This is a week for tolerance and understanding, for both self and others.  Step back and get a new perspective of how things are in your life.   By so doing, you invite in a new deja vu that gives meaning to old actions and ideas.  Look also for some serendipitous encounters and a bit of fun this week.  You are beginning to see things in a new light.

On the larger scene, things are rumbling and shaking.  There will be more weather news, earthquakes in odd places, hurricanes, volcanoes, tornadoes, rain, dust…. All of nature is going berserk, or so it seems.  Where there is one type of disaster, it can be easily followed or accompanied by another, for example, along the path of an hurricane, there can be underwater earthquakes that will defy any kind o0f prediction as to how things will work out.  There is more news to come of the Gulf.  There are greater problems stirring in the Near East, and things can reach a critical point by Thursday.  there are rumblings of tings going on in South Africa that will be noticed first in other countries, as word of these things do not reach the mainstream news  but are carried forth on the Internet or by travelers.  The Pacific rim is moving.  There are unexpected wave actions to be seen there. Know that the electronics issues will remain.  Power outages and blips will be more common.  Storms on the Sun continue and coronal mass ejection activity will lead to confusion.  There is still that galactic energy that is getting closer.  There will be more word of extra-terrestrial life.  Crop circles will be conveying news of an arrival.  The creatures of the sea and the land will find themselves more stressed this week.  There will also be word of new kinds of insects that are possible mutations.  On the other hand, there is the possibility this week for some kind of understanding to be made between governments in Asia.  Look for news from Tibet.  Finances remain crazy, with markets uncertain.  But there is a movement towards community among many of the peoples of this Earth.  This thrust will grow, and as it does, a new wisdom and understanding of the past will emerge.

Sunday, August 29:    Lime Green

There is a sense of unreality about today.  This is both good and bad.  Throughout it all, you are gong to feel as though you are in the spotlight, so this is a good day to look your best.  The energies of the day are also beneficial for making changes in your life.  It is a good time for redecorating on all levels, perhaps even in the area of friendships.  You will make some discoveries about yourself that will make you more comfortable with WHO you are.  Do not listen to those who would wish to bring you down or criticize you.  This is a day on which it is their own inability to stand in their spotlight that makes them so critical.

Monday, August 30:    Pale Rose Pink

The air of the day seems thick and soupy, so you will find that you are not feeling as energetic as you might like.  It is Monday, after all. There is a surprise around the corner, so be ready for the unexpected.  It can bring you something you never thought to have or to know.  It will open you to an understanding of things on a different level.  This is a good time to be open to change regarding long held opinions about people.  At the same time, you will see some of them acting in new ways.  This will help you to see them in a different light.  As a result of this, you can find new people and opportunities coming into your life by the time of the Solstice.

Tuesday, August 31:    Blue-Grey

Distraction is in the air today, so if there something you need to get down, you will need to keep your focus.  Others are feeling the same way, so expect conversations to be wandering and not really as purposeful as you might like them to be.  People are going to be acting a bit out of character today, so keep your sense of humor close at hand.  Listen to the words that are being said, and make sure that you understand the real meaning before reacting.  There is some help coming your way regarding an issue that you have been working on.  Be open to advice regardless of the form in which it comes.

Wednesday, September 1:    Rose Purple

This is an up and down kind of a day, when things will start to go right, and then veer and go in a totally different direction.  The odd thing about this is that it will seem as though no one is paying any attention.  So, if you are wanting to pull the wool over someone’s eyes, this is a good day to do so.  Just be careful in all that you do to consider carefully and analyze before acting, look for the inconsistencies, the double meanings,  the hidden agendas.  There is much to be learned on a day like today, but it is important to stay grounded in WHO you are, to listen to what your intuition says about what is going on around you, and not to start anything without checking it out first.

Thursday, September 2:    Daffodil Yellow

It is important today to be alert to what your body is telling you, and to respond accordingly.  If you are tired, take a rest.  Even at work you can take a few minutes to get away from all the hubbub. There are many challenges to one’s health in the air these days, and it is important to stay well.  You might want to consider an exercise routine or a real food multi-vitamin.  This is a good day for contemplating change, so go for it.  There are many things that you are aware of in relation to things and persons in your life.  The energies of the day allow you to distance yourself from things that have not been going well or people who make you feel uncomfortable.  Take this as a first step towards creating a new way of being and acting.  You are ready for some changes.  Today is a good day for, if not starting, at least making a sincere plan.  If you look around today, you can see that things that had presented themselves to you as sweetness and light are not really all that sweet and light.

Friday, September 3:    Mediterranean Blue

This is a good day for cruising.  Take time to appreciate yourself and all that you can do.  You know within yourself of your own capabilities. This is a day to let them out.  Be aware of the reactions of those around you, because e some might just be a little jealous.  Do not pay attention to that.  Take stock of what you have done and the reaction.   This is a great day for going forward on some long delayed plans.   There is a bit of fun in the air, so that things said in deep sincerity, might just be taken as a joke.  This is good for those Freudian slips. This is a good day for doing what you want.  There is serendipity in the air, and every one will have at least one “Get Out Of Jail Free” card.

Saturday, September 4:    Dark Green

Controversy, confusion, misunderstanding, blame, frustration, all of these will be in the air today.  If you need to get things done, then cover all your bases because there is a definite possibility that things can fall apart if they are not completely and minutely defined and planned out.  This is true also in relationships, so be aware of your words and their meanings.  Know that what you mean is not always heard the way you want it to be heard.  It is a good idea to over think issues and over explain items.  This way, you will have done all that you can to avoid confrontation, and from this point, the ball is out of your court.  Take time today to work with yourself and to find your center.  It will help you as things begin to accelerate and even spin somewhat out of control as the month progresses.

Home Movies

This picture just happened.  The girls and I cannot figure out who took it or when.  The flowers are real, but the rest  is a mystery…

And then, a late evening image in the orchard:

Energy moving through the Kitchen.  We have found that oftentimes, when energy is moving through an area, it can drag along old energy from the place out of which it is moving.  That results in odd phantom images that appear within the photo.

August 22-28

Overall Color for the Week:   Snowy White

This is a week for surprises, anomalies, and inconsistencies.  There will be an air of illogic about things.  You may find yourself scratching your head sometimes wondering what just happened.  It is  not you, it is everything that is going on.  This is a week for patience and understanding.  It is a time when you can elarn what the meaning of love truly is.  Unfortunately in come cases this can come through loss.  look around yourself this week and appreciate those whom you love , appreciate yourself, appreciate this wonderful planet and this wonderful universe.  Changes are coming, and by centering this week and knowing what truly matters, you will find that your perspective becomes honed and your priorities set out clearly. Continue reading

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New Pics

Tonight there was lightning over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, but there was an equally, if not more so, impressive light show in the back yard:

and then, there was this::

I love the fact that these were two different shots taken one after the other, thereby attesting to the fact that the energy was there and morphing through.

Here is another, a close up:

And finally, a little light action in the kitchen a few nights ago:

And… (drum roll)….. the grand finale:

August 15-21

Overall Color for the Week: Blue Green
It is time to recognize and be aware of the fact that at this point in time, you will be finding that your sensitivities will be heightened. You will be hearing things differently, as though there is a running patter somewhere in the background. Also, you will be finding yourself very alert to odors in the air. Along with these physical attunements, will come a greater awakening of your intuitive faculties. Pay attention to what you are feeling, to the messages from your innermost core. We are all part of the Universal Consciousness, and therefore potentially know all. The messages that you are getting will help to align you as things shift and change. There is also a lot of open-endedness about this week. Do not be surprised if things are not finalized, finished, over with, done this week. There is more information that is needed before things can be resolved. Continue reading

August 8-14

Overall Color for the Week:     Royal Blue

This is a week in which you feel that you have all the energy in the world and that it is your time to shine.  Hold onto that feeling, but know that there are clouds on the horizon and that things must be considered carefully and weighed out before taking any action.  There is not a lot of clarity in personal situations, so give yourself and others a little bit of leeway.  There is someone or something that is not allowing you to perform at your best.  There is a hint of intrigue in the air.  Things that seem to be sure things have the potential for falling through.  Cover all your bases this week, and you can come out with some new realizations, friends, and even some surprises.  Oh, and if things fall apart, know that there is a larger grid at work here, and you did your best. Continue reading

August 1-7

Note for the Month of August:    The large theme this month is that no one is immune to action-reaction.  This is different from cause and effect because there is no single determinant event that responds to the initial action, rather the reaction is generated by the energy of the event as it folds into the larger context of the time in which the action happened.  There is also an emotional aspect to this, so that reaction will always carry with it a certain emotional force that can drive it in unexpected directions.  This is a month for considering carefully what you do within the larger whole.  You are your own superworld, but that superworld is connected to the Universe, and in the Universe there is always the play of yin and yang. Continue reading