August 1-7

Note for the Month of August:    The large theme this month is that no one is immune to action-reaction.  This is different from cause and effect because there is no single determinant event that responds to the initial action, rather the reaction is generated by the energy of the event as it folds into the larger context of the time in which the action happened.  There is also an emotional aspect to this, so that reaction will always carry with it a certain emotional force that can drive it in unexpected directions.  This is a month for considering carefully what you do within the larger whole.  You are your own superworld, but that superworld is connected to the Universe, and in the Universe there is always the play of yin and yang.

Overall Color for the Week:    Bright Green

Time is up this week for so many different things.  Watch this theme as it pervades all areas.  This will lead to a general sense of insecurity and confusion.  These sentiments can be expressed in anger or despair.  Expect feelings and emotions to be close to the surface.  Old ways and images are burning up.  This is a week for decision making.  It is time to decide what you want in life, what is truly important, and who are the people who mean most to you.  Stay centered and grounded.  Be the observer.  If you question and/or despair, know that you have the answers within. Trust your intuition.  This is also a great week for new starts.  Out of the ‘dark night of the soul’ comes that new night vision that puts everything into focus.  Also, this is a week in which there truly are no accidents, and Freudian slips are not so much slips as clues.   On a positive note, the energy this week is great for getting things started and out there.

Things come and go in the light of green, so expect that to happen this week in your life. There will be ah-ha moments along with challenges and perhaps a few tears, but it will all be worthwhile, for by the end of the week you will have come to some new conclusions, ideas, thoughts, inspirations, revelations.  Appreciate them and take some time to wee where they all fit in the larger picture of your life.  There is something on the horizon that will lead you to new areas .

On the larger scene, things will not be good.  There will be attempts in every area to cover things up, but out of all of that will grow the tendrils of the truth as more and more things prepare to come to the light.

Sunday,  August 1:    Deep Pink

There are many conflicting energies around today, and you may find yourself uncertain as to whether you should laugh or cry.  Everything is going to take on a different hue, leaving you confused as to just what it is you are doing or supposed to do or where you stand in the whole picture.  Look for help from an unexpected source.  There is strength in familiarity and this will be true in dealing with the challenges of the day.  This is a good day for recognizing and acting on urges.  This kind of gut reaction can bring clarity to things.

Monday, August 2:    Pink-Red

Things are getting heated up today.  Stay away from situations that have the potential of escalating into conflict.  There is not a lot of clarity in the air , hence not a lot of opportunities for clearing up or settling things.  You are not going to be feeling comfortable today.  You will be feeling as though your clothes do not fit quite right, you are eating too much, someone is watching you, people are judging you.  Stay out of all of that and go within.  Know that you have the power to shrug off any unwanted opinions, ideas, thoughts, energies, etc.  Take time to look at your priorities and decide what it is that you want out of today and out of the rest of the week.  You have the ability to make everything come together if you are strong and together in WHO you are.  It might be a good idea, along with the prioritizing, to do some journaling, painting, sculpting, meditating, baking, whatever it is that lets your mind wander to your place of comfort.

Tuesday, August 3:    Sparkle White

Things today will be in stark relief.  It is a good day for cutting yourself some slack as certain things will be coming out that can upset you.  Moreover be wary of certain acquaintances who have been acting friendly towards you, while deep within they are harboring a grudge.  You were never completely comfortable with them, and your suspicions will be confirmed.  While you can stay away from these people, the energy of the  day is such that it is going to be difficult not to run into touchy situations.  If it happens, trust your inner core and speak from your heart.   That is your best defense.

Wednesday, August 4:    Salmon Red

Things will be a little more difficult than you had thought today, so it is a good idea to prepare ahead, have a Plan B, and not take things too seriously.  That crazy confusion is still in the air, and it is causing things and people to behave erratically, even unpredictably.  Be careful in traffic and when traveling.  Do not allow yourself to fall into that same craziness.  Take time to understand what it is that is truly important to you, so that if compromise situations arise, you do not find yourself having to give up more than you would want.  There is some calm in the middle of the day.  that is a good time just to relax.  Let yourself go, and take a few deep breaths.  You are learning a lot this week, and you need time to process.

Thursday, August 5:    Rose Tint

Things are going to be looking a lot better today, but take some time to evaluate before you act.  The pressures have let up today, and it is time for a little celebrating, treating yourself well, and being a bit indulgent.  Be aware, however, that there are still those unresolved issues and unspoken items hiding in the shadows.  This is a good day for spending time with a good friend, partner, child, whomever,  and comparing notes.  There is a lot of growth that is going on in relationships, and you need to be aware of the changes that are happening before they take you by surprise.

Friday, August 6:    Yellow Orange

There will be an air of unreality about today.  Things will start off at a slow pace, and then move faster as the day goes on.  There is laughter in the air accompanied by the energy of the Trickster, but it is all in good fun.  Today is a day to take a chance because there is a winning streak about.  So if you are wanting a positive outcome to something, today is the day to do something about it.  Additionally, you are due for a great surprise, and if it does not come today, it will be here soon.  It is related to some long held wish or desire.  Spend some time this evening with good friends and/or family.  You will come out of it with a new sense of appreciation.

Saturday, August 7:    Aquamarine

Ahh, time for a breather.  This is an easy kind of day.  You will feel yourself more relaxed and comfortable than you have all week long.  It is a good day for spending time with friends and family, doing things you love, just vegging out.  This is not a day for making plans, setting goals, or working on weighty tasks.  It is a good day just to be.   Take time to appreciate WHO you are.