July 25 – 31

Overall Color for the Week:    Bright Yellow

Things are going to be coming up and out all this week.  Be ready for it.  Know what your truth is in every case, and be strong in your convictions.  This is a week for trusting your intuitions.  There is much going on below the surface, and by hearing that inner voice and responding, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.  While you might be feeling not quite yourself this week, even somewhat unwell, know that some of this can be related to the energy shifts and changes.  however, it is always good to take preventive and cautionary measures.  You may find yourself somewhat bewildered by people this week.  Ad where did they all come from?  And why are they asking you all these questions?  This is a week for separating reality from fiction in all areas of your life.  It is also a week for learning about WHO you are.  Take some personal time to go within and know what it is that brings you joy.

On the larger scene, more shifts and changes in every area.  The Earth is again is shifting, up and down, and it is a kind of rolling motion.  the seas will be feeling it. There will be responses in different areas of the globe related to these areas through grid lines.  The relationship between cause and effect is changing.  The elements will be making themselves known in their might, earth, air, fire, and water.  Look to the skies for unusual sightings.  And do believe what you see,.  The rift between those who accept the energies that are at work and those who will not let go of the old ways is growing.  There will be much optimism in the news in relation to economy, the Gulf situation, political strife in Africa, and nuclear issues.  Do not believe everything you read or hear.  Learn to look deeper.  There is something brewing in the are of India/Pakistan, and it will have far reaching consequences. That galactic energy is getting closer, but has slowed down somewhat.  Meanwhile scientists are looking at the activity of the Sun and scratching their heads.  The magnetism of the earth is shifting.  Again, electronics, electricity, air travel, cause and effect — all will be weird this week.  There is a politician who will be coming out with an unexpected pronouncement.

Sunday, July 25:    Cloudy White

There is much in the air today that is going to keep you down and out.  This is going to be a tough day.  Things will be harder than they should be, and people will be difficult.  You will find your patience waning quickly, and things you used to put up with will no longer be acceptable.   This includes such things as piles of stuff in your house, dust bunnies in the corner, dishes in the kitchen, rude comments, etc.  Be kind to yourself and forgiving.  This is a day for just getting by and doing the best you can.  Stay grounded and open to compassion.  If you center in your heart and look at everything with the eyes of love, you will learn much and even profit.  Take time to relax this evening, and open to the joy of just being even for a little while.

Monday, July 26:    Light Pink

Do not expect too much of the energies of today.  This is not a day for moving mountains. You will feel that you are being flakier than you ever thought you could be — that was always someone else’s issue.  This is a day for contingency plans.   You might find yourself falling into old patterns and habits, coping behavior.  You are not in complete control.  Business deals and serious matters are best put on the back burner because focus is not coming easily.  Moreover your priorities are going to be a little out of whack.  This is a “Blonde” kind of day, and while that cannot be the best scenario for getting things done, it is, nonetheless, a great energy for social events and outings.  So this evening head on out or just spend time with friends.

Tuesday, July 27:    Spring Green

This is a good day for beginnings and endings.  If there are some small things that you have been wanting to get done, or even larger tasks that you have been putting off because they seemed too much to deal with, take time today to work on them.   They will be easier to start, will go along more smoothly, and then, by the time the day comes to a close, if you have not finished with them, they will be close to completion.    The energy of the day is good also for new encounters.  Cause and effect will be out of whack, so do not expect an easy flow in that area.  Be alert today, and stay focused.  You can get much done as long as you follow the flow.

Wednesday, July 28:    Murky White

Confusion, wrong words at the wrong times, setbacks, an air of unreality — this is going to be a difficult day.  Surefire things are set to misfire.  Be flexible with schedules and appointments.  Things are not as you thought they were or expected them to be. There is one person in your life who is going to be very difficult.  Do not get caught up in their emotions, their stuff.  There is no clarity there.  Keep a sense of humor about everything, and you will find that you can make some surprising discoveries.  Watch out in traffic and in dealing with difficult people.  There is the potential for small things to escalate quickly, both good and bad.  Watch what you take in for there is a tendency to excess in the air.

Thursday, July 29:    Mauve

What is going on today?  You will wake up and find it hard to shake off sleep.  Yet, you feel you have so much to get done, so many things on your agenda.  … What to do?  All your expectations for today have to be let go.  They are all part of the illusion. Change your focus and see what it is that you really want.  Go for that, even if at times you feel that you are not getting anywhere.  Let all the distractions around you go.  Do not offer opinions.  You can always offer a hand out, but neither expect it to be accepted nor appreciated.  This is an interesting day when there are many things out in the open are just not seen.  Do not take things for granted because there can be more to them than meets the eye.  Nighttime will bring a sudden change into your life, your opinion, even your fortunes.

Friday, July 30:    Bright Pink

Get out in the open today and let yourself be recognized, appreciated and in the limelight.  You will find that you get a lot of notice for WHO you are, and it is about time.  If there is a project, an idea, a thought, a recipe, whatever that you feel needs to get out there, then find the right venue, and go for it.  If you can hook into the energies of the day, you cannot lose.

Saturday, July 31:    Yellow Orange

There is a sense of exhaustion about the energies of the day, but they are tinged with a hope.  You get the sense that enough has happened in July, and you are really, really ready for August to come.  Be the observer today in dealings with others, while at the same time, you center and get to know WHO you are even better.  You may find that more people are seeking out your company or opinions than have for quite some time.  Consider carefully how much of your energy you will give to them.  You are beginning to shake off some of the ennui that has characterized your approach to things for a while now.  This is a day for feeling a bit optimistic.  Reacquaint yourself with the concept of what it means to be joyful.  Go out in nature, or just appreciate the beauty and majesty of the sky, the power of the wind, the awe of thunder.  Connect with those energies, and you can find yourself revitalized.