Why Zombies?

Zombie Science: Why Society Is Crazy About The Walking Dead

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com – Your Universe Online

A Stanford University researcher took notice of the latest craze for the walking dead and decided to pinpoint the reason for the obsession of zombies in culture and society.

Stanford literary scholar Angela Becerra Vidergar says the obsession over zombies can be traced back to the invention of nuclear warfare during World War II. She says our collective visions of the future changed after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, as well as other World War II events, churning up some disturbing thoughts about the human capacity for violence.

Vidergar wrote in her doctoral dissertation entitled “Fictions of Destruction: Post-1945 Narrative and Disaster in the Collective Imaginary” about how the events of the 20th century, combined with movements to increase environmental awareness, have cast doubt about the consequences of our development as modernized societies.

“In our world today, many of us live with an underlying awareness of possible risks to our survival, not just as individuals, communities, or nations, as has been the case for centuries or even millennia, but on a global scale for reasons new to our era of modernization,” she told redOrbit in an email. “That awareness seems to be one factor in the overflow of the apocalyptic imagination from primarily religious, spiritual spheres into more secular parts of our culture.”


As an example, she mentioned how we live in a nuclear age that still continues under the threat of wars that could destroy large portions of the planet.

“Furthermore, the violent events of the past century, including two world wars and a series of other wars, genocides, and other acts of physical and psychological violence have forced us into a frightening awareness of the fragility of our moral frameworks,” said Vidergar. “We have taken great pains through efforts around the world to respond to these crises to our faith in what we thought separated the “human” and “inhuman,” but have not yet found solutions to help us process the traumas of our past, much less find a definitive way to prevent them in the future.”

The literary scholar added we could also be more aware today of the dangerous aspects of our relationships to the rest of the earth, and the non-human life that it contains.

“We regularly hear debates regarding the effects the rush of technological and scientific development can have on the world,” she told redOrbit. “No matter what side we take on these issues, the increased fear for the future over the past century or so is part of our socio-cultural milieu—and therefore affects the ways we imagine (and therefore fictionalize) the future.”


“If we take cultural products such as literature, films, television, games, etc. as an indicator, we no longer primarily picture a promising road of enlightenment to a bright future (as many did during, for example, the Industrial Revolution),” Vidergar added. “Progress has not yet delivered on the utopian destinies we previously envisioned; so despite the advancements we have made, we instead find ourselves surrounded by evidence of the ways we have not only failed to improve the world, but perhaps even made it worse.”

Vidergar, who is currently finishing a doctoral degree in Comparative Literature at Stanford, said our increased awareness of mass-scale risk can shift the outlook of our future to darker possibilities, so “more of us buy into more dystopian visions of the world to come.”

“Zombie plagues are among various different scenarios that have made up the increase in mass-scale disaster stories in the past decades. Zombie horror is, in part, popular in the way other genres of entertainment that provide adventure and violence are popular,” she commented. “However, zombie narratives have a particular set of elements that allow us to tap into those anxieties about the future and how we would address them.”


She said like other disaster stories which focus on the survivors, these zombie tales provide us with a low-risk environment to “try out” our responses in an extreme situation.

“It is not the zombies that we are drawn to in this sense, but the survivors. Through them we can face our fears without being in danger ourselves, including one of the scariest things to consider: the strength of our own ethical boundaries and our capacity for survival.”

Vidergar points out the destruction of humans in these stories is not due to natural disaster, but comes in a form that is so close to ourselves it provides a unique element to the survival experiment.

Zombies have the potential to stand in as reflections of things that frighten us about ourselves. There are various possible and interesting interpretations for what exactly about our culture they reflect, but because of my research I am particularly interested in the idea that the survivors are like the zombies in that the people they were are gone, yet they live on in another form,” she said in the email.

According to Vidergar, in the stories, humans must become different people in order to survive, creating a frightening situation, but somewhat liberating.


For the research, she told redOrbit she was fascinated by the nature of the relationship between the socio-culture environment, and the artistic products that arise from that environment.

“The expressions of our imaginations, such as zombie stories, do not come out of nowhere. There is an oscillating relationship between our socio-cultural context and the fictions we create in response (whether directly or indirectly) to that environment,” Vidergar said. “In short, our experience flows into what we imagine, triggering expressions of that imagination into what we produce. Those products that make it out back out into the cultural environment become part of the experiences of others, triggering their imaginations, and so on.”

She referred to her research as “collective imaginary,” which involves the kind of imagination that is shared, rather than just possessed by individuals.

“Although it is a phenomenon that most of us would agree is ‘there,’ it is difficult to get a handle on and tricky to describe. That challenge is the exciting part!”

Also, she said she is fascinated by the manifestations of survivalism encountered in the US and around the world today.

“Stories of survival have excited and stimulated us for centuries, and they continue to do so,” Vidergar told redOrbit. “But particularly since the end of WWII and into today there has been a strong interest in disaster preparedness, from survival kits and outdoor training camps to fallout shelters.”

Angela is also co-founder of the Graphic Narrative Project, a research group and upcoming journal for the study of comics, graphic novels and other graphic narratives.


For fun, Vidergar explained to redOrbit what she would do in the event of a “zombie apocalypse.”

“First plan of action: secure shelter, supplies and appropriate weaponry. If the first is a bust, then mobile protection of some sort. I would be traveling with a toddler, so finding sturdy transportation would be a key concern,” she said. “Guns are effective, but weapons that do not need to be reloaded would be a better, long-term solution against the undead. I particularly like the section on defense in Max Brook’s The Zombie Survival Guide. Antibiotics, pain medicine, bandages, needle and thread, dynamo flashlight/radio, water (and water purification tools), non-perishable food items and a route for escape that stays away from areas of major population yet is close enough to possible places to replenish said supplies, as well as fuel.”

She said she would find some kind of effective body armor, a solid pair of boots and layers of clothing, and a “good hat.” Also, “a bandana or scarf would be an added bonus, as it gives protection and doubles as a bandage in a pinch.”

The zombie apocalypse expert mentions it would be good to have some first aid training in your background. Also, to add to the list of supplies, she says ensure you have a compass, a map, backpack, blanket and a solar USB charger.

“The ability to make fire is great and should be acquired in advance—just ask contestants on the show Survivor! Oh, and you always need a good rope. You don’t know what you’ll use it for until you need it, but you will need it,” she told redOrbit. “Finally, good judgment and a cool head are paramount. As The Walking Dead has taught us, the greatest danger won’t be from zombies—it’ll be from other people.”

from:    http://www.redorbit.com/news/science/1112791793/zombie-craze-society-analysis-022613/

Dr. Turi on Six Dark Days

Astrologer Dr. Turi – 6 Dark Days Ahead

Last updated on February 22, 2013 at 12:00 am EDT by in5d

Santos Bonacci interviewed astrologer Dr. Louis Turi who revealed many amazing revelations of what we can expect with upcoming astrological alignments. Please keep in mind that none of this is fear-mongering. It is very important to learn from the stars and the cycles of time.

The Hidden Dragon

Dr. Turi talks about the Hidden Dragon, particularly the South Node of the Dragon in Aquarius, which is represented as the north and south node of the moon. The Crocodile Hunter, Princess Diana and Dr. Martin Luther King all were born with the “Hidden Dragon”.

“There are no accidents.  There are only cosmic The Hidden Dragoncircumstances”

“The Dragon stays in one sign between a year and a half and two years,” sated Turi, “so the cycle could be 12-14 years, depending on the retrograde motions and so forth…”


“Nobody in the scientific community is using their 5 human senses. They’re using telescopes, microscopes but nobody is there to teach them how to use their spiritual eyes,  their 3rd eye.  There is such an imbalance between the physical and spiritual manifestation that it has produced a huge chaos.  When you go against Universal Laws, when you go against God’s initial specific order, you bring a very heavy penalty and the situation is going to get much worse before it gets better.”


Turi believes the use of astrology was co-opted by the Illuminati and the leaders of the major religions to keep us all in subservience and control.

He also recommended to view his article on the real truth behind the Dead Sea Scrolls, which includes pictures of the Pope being taught astronomy by the Vatican Council, along with the Pope being enthroned under the sign of Leo and mastering the Scorpius Dragon.

Coincidentally, the U.S. was founded in 1776, which was also at the same point in the “Hidden Dragon”.  When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the U.S. was also under this “Hidden Dragon” alignment.  Today, we find the U.S. at the same point of conjunction.

On Dr. Turi’s website, he sells a 355 page book on the Hidden Dragon, available as a download.

6 Dark Days

He also mentions two sets of specific dates:  February 23rd ,24th and 25th of 2013 along with March 7th, 8th and 9th of 2013.  Turi stated, “This will be energy that will be practically impossible for you to miss if you watch the news.”

In February, he says the Scorpius Dragon will be very eccentric and foresees a possible earthquakes, tsunami’s, explosions and cosmic news (anything to do with UFO’s) will take place.

In March 2013, Turi states that there will be a “very deadly dragon, which will affect the police force and humanity’s psyche.  It brings death The Golden Age began in 1945and drama.

The Golden Age began in 1945

Dr. Turi believes that the Golden Age began in 1945 as evidenced by how our technology has skyrocketed since this date. “The good news is the Age of Pisces, which started at the birth of Christ has ended in 1945.  As of 1945, the new Age of Aquarius is now kicking in and this is why humanity has made much more discoveries under Uranus and Aquarius than we did in the 2,000 years under the Age of Pisces.  The Age of Pisces is ruled by the planet called Neptune.  Neptune rules deception, religion, drugs, alcohol, chemicals, oil, jail, confinement, church, the synagogue and the Middle East.”

“The Age of Aquarius is being ruled by a planet that is more intellectual” which is why mankind has made such a huge leap in technology since the end of the Age of Pisces.”

Why YOU are Unique!

Why YOU are Unique!Turi stated, “No man is born equal, period.  What is different is the cosmic program based upon the very moment you reintegrate yourself on this dense, physical world and you take you first breath.”  According to Turi, the instance that the umbilical cord is cut and when you take your first breath is when you signed your “first impression into the superconscious in time and space” where a snapshot is taken of the specific galactic alignments which becomes your “personal programs, your unique celestial identity.”

Odds and Ends

Turi on our global youth:  “We are building a society of morons who have lost the essence of spirit, of God” through religion.  Turi believes our celestial identities need to be acknowledged when teaching and raising our children.

Look no further than some of these viral fads such as Gangnum Style and Harlem Shakes, where people’s attention is diverted from seeking truth and their divine purposes for being here in exchange for stupidity and mundane activities that foster the ego and materialism.


Your Life Purpose

Turi believes we need to move away from religion and “swim to the feet of the Creator”, where we will not fear the Creator and realize that you “are made in the image of God and with it, the potential to have a wonderful life and to spend time creating.  that’s the main reason we are on earth, is to have a good time and to create. If you do not follow your destiny written in Light, chances are you are going to have a miserable life.”

(if link is not available, go to:  http://in5d.com/astrologer-dr-turi-6-dark-days-ahead.html)


In the above interview, Dr. Turi recommends the following video:

for more and the captioned interview go to:   http://in5d.com/astrologer-dr-turi-6-dark-days-ahead.html

On Co-ops

Just the Facts: What’s So Good About Co-ops?

Why support the co-ops in your community? The benefits might be further-reaching than you think.
posted Feb 20, 2013

Just the Facts 65


This infographic is excerpted from How Cooperatives Are Driving the New Economy, the Spring 2013 issue of YES! Magazine.



from:    http://www.yesmagazine.org/issues/how-cooperatives-are-driving-the-new-economy/just-the-facts-what-s-so-good-about-co-ops

Some Notes about Soil fr/Dr. Elaine Ingram


Posted by: Susan Handjian, 8:11 PM GMT on February 25, 2013 +1

“The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life. Without proper care for it we can have no community, because without proper care for it we can have no life.”
-Wendell Berry

Soil is a largely overlooked and misunderstood part of the garden ecosystem, and as a result is often mistreated, or ignored, even abused. As with all dynamic ecosystems, there is interaction and interdependence in the garden. Much more is happening out of sight than we can ever know. This is particularly true of soil, which is about as out of sight as it’s possible to be. The importance of soil goes well beyond the fact that it supplies anchorage for plants and holds a reservoir of water on which roots can draw. It is a complex amalgam of mineral particles and organic matter developed over millennia and is inhabited by a universe of soil dwelling animals and billions of good and bad fungal and bacterial microorganisms that are essentially in an ongoing battle for balance. As hard as it may be to believe, a pinch of soil may contain as many as 100 billion bacteria, comparable to the number of stars in the galaxy.

Soil begins with the physical deterioration of bare rock, worn or broken off by the force of temperature, rain or wave action, and wind to form a loose aggregation. Chemical decomposition of the aggregates then occurs, beginning the process called weathering. When weathering reaches a point where a seed might germinate and take root, webs of relationships begin to develop between plant and the microscopic life underground. Several factors are at play in this process. The parent material, climate, topography, and types of organisms present evolve over time to create the multitude of soil types the world over, whether it’s the dense, humus rich soils of the great forests to the lean, dry and sandy soils of desert lands.

Soils can be residual, forming in place, or depositional, transported from elsewhere by gravity, or rivers or wind. They are named for their texture, which remains unchanged. Texture is the result of the combination of mineral particles, sand, silt, and clay that they contain. The ideal soil is loam, an optimum mixture of the three. It contains a healthy population of soil-dwelling organisms, has minerals, air pores for root growth, and excellent water retention. Since natural loam is elusive for most of us, we have to improve the soil structure, fortunately a quite achievable goal. Our soils are identified by the proportion of their mineral components, sand, silt, and clay. How these different types behave is fairly predictable. Clay soils, with greater surface area of their tiny particles, can easily become gooey and waterlogged, while the larger sand particles give water less to cling to and as a result dry out very quickly. Texture also determines how well soil holds onto nutrients and how quickly or slowly it will warm up in the spring.

Gardeners are often puzzled about what to do with their soil. As tempting as it is to believe the ubiquitous television advertisements that show a dejected man digging one bag of soil conditioner into poor, depleted soil only to joyously see a complete transformation take place immediately, we know this is not how things work.

When we discuss soil development, we’re talking about geologic time. Many of the old notions of soil improvement achieved by adding great quantities of organic material by deep digging, tilling, and otherwise disturbing the soil are falling out of favor. Let me say now that for edibles, these techniques are necessary and effective. Vegetable and fruit crops are heavy feeders and require additional organic material incorporated in the soil to take care of their intense nutritional needs during the growing season.

In gardens that support mostly ornamentals, the double-digging and tilling simply aren’t necessary, and the application of organic materials from the top down are becoming widely accepted as a benign and effective method of soil improvement. If you favor native plants, they are adapted to both climate and soil. Often, over-amended soil is detrimental to them. Believe it or not, you already have most of what is needed to improve your soil in your garden itself. You can gently loosen the soil by inserting and rocking a garden fork back and forth to allow better air circulation, but other than digging planting holes, there’s already an underground army at your disposal to make things better. All you have to do is supply the raw material.

Remember, an ecosystem works in cycles. Nothing is static. The leaves falling from your trees, the spent flowers from annuals or perennial plants, twigs, branches, these all are fodder for the compost that will nourish the life in the soil. To be sure, there are imbalances that may need to be addressed with specific fertilizers or amendments. Some plants require additional nutrients that compost alone may not provide. Knowing this comes with experience. But providing plants with healthy soil brimming with microorganisms is always at the heart of a thriving garden.

Remember, an ecosystem works in cycles. Nothing is static. The leaves falling from your trees, the spent flowers from annuals or perennial plants, twigs, branches, these all are fodder for the compost that will nourish the life in the soil. To be sure, there are imbalances that may need to be addressed with specific fertilizers or amendments. Some plants require additional nutrients that compost alone may not provide. Knowing this comes with experience. But providing plants with healthy soil brimming with microorganisms is always at the heart of a thriving garden.

Now, the natural processes that create this ideal situation are not nearly as attractive and effortless as that man working with his bag of magic soil improver. Just as above ground, there’s a food chain in the life of the soil. What we’re talking about is decomposition. In a continuous cycle of life and death, plants, flowers, and animals live and die. What remains is either eaten by a huge array of microorganisms living underground or carried there by animals like pill bugs, worms, or beetles, where it continues to break down further and further. Decomposers attract predators. Bacteria are eaten by protozoa, fungi trap and eat nematodes but are then eaten themselves. Larger animal like earthworms, large in the sense that you may be able to see them with the naked eye, not only transport decaying organic material but eat it themselves. You can begin to see that a balance is being achieved by soil biota with little assistance from us. Further, nutrients that are created from the decomposition processes are dissolved when water is added to the soil, providing roots with a constant supply of nourishment over time.

It’s when we deprive the ecosystem of the raw materials for decomposition that we run into problems. The desire for “clean” garden beds, raked clear of any and all organic materials, has an unintended negative consequence. Soil biota cannot survive without dead and decaying plants, which are the raw materials necessary for their work and will simply move away or die. Nutrient recycling will stop, and the garden will then have to be supported artificially by applications of fertilizers. Fertilizers derived from petrochemicals very effectively keep soil microorganisms from ever returning to your garden. The answer? Feed the soil, not the plants. This general rule will bring results that may surprise and achieve a peace you’ve never had with your soil.

Fortunately, there are many resources for learning how to make soil better. I’ll be the first to admit that there are some soils so difficult the only solution is to avoid planting in them. In these cases, using raised beds or building mounds may be the only alternative. Before giving up completely, though, give some remedial methods a try. To learn more about helping your ordinary garden soil be its best, here are some suggestions:

The Soil Food Web

The concept of the Soil Food Web was developed by Dr. Elaine Ingham. Her research and methodology has opened up a whole new way of looking at the soil, and I can’t recommend her methods strongly enough. She is a proponent of the benefits of compost and compost tea to improve normal soil and remediate problem soils. You can find out more about her at:

Soil Food Web about the work of Dr. Elaine Ingham

from:    http://www.wunderground.com/blog/gardencoach/show.html?entrynum=14



Dr. Jeff Masters on The Drought

Late February storms put only a slight dent in U.S. drought

Published: 4:14 PM GMT on February 28, 2013
Abundant moisture from heavy rains and snows that fell during two major Midwest storms in late February put only a slight dent in the great Midwest drought of 2012 – 2013. According to the February 28, 2013 Drought Monitor, the percentage area of the contiguous U.S. suffering moderate or greater drought shrank from 56% to 54%, and the area in the worst category of drought–exceptional drought–fell from 6.7% to 5.4% over the past week. These are the largest 1-week improvements in these drought categories that we’ve seen for 9 months and 15 months, respectively. The improvements were most noteworthy in Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, and the Southeast U.S., where drought improved by a full category (using the level 1 to 4 categories of the Palmer Drought Severity Index.) However, the dry pattern that has been dominant over the U.S. for most of the past year will re-assert itself during the coming ten days, and most of the drought region will receive less than 0.5″ of precipitation through March 9. There exists the possibility of a significant Midwest storm on March 10, according to recent runs of the GFS and ECMWF computer models, but it is too early to assess if this storm may be able to provide significant drought relief. In general, droughts are more likely in the Midwest U.S. when warmer than average ocean temperatures prevail in the tropical Atlantic, with cooler than average ocean temperatures in the tropical Eastern Pacific (La Niña-like conditions.) This is what we had in during most of 2012, and continue to have in 2013. Equatorial East Pacific ocean temperatures are currently 0.5°C below average. This is similar to the ocean temperatures seen in the spring of 2012, just before the Great Drought of 2012 began. Most of the U.S. drought region needs 3 – 9″ of precipitation to pull out of drought. Unless the Midwest receives a top-ten percent wettest spring on record, drought is going to be a huge concern as we enter summer.

Figure 1. Drought conditions as of February 28, 2013 showed that drought still gripped a majority of the U.S. Image credit: U.S. Drought Monitor.

Figure 2. Predicted 7-day precipitation for the period ending Thursday, March 7. Less than 10% of the U.S. drought regions are predicted to receive as much as 0.5″ of precipitation (dark green color.) Image credit: NOAA/HPC.

Jeff Masters

from:    http://www.wunderground.com/blog/JeffMasters/article.html

Kuril Islands Strong Earthquake

Very Strong earthquake – Kuril Islands on February 28, 2013

Last update: February 28, 2013 at 2:45 pm by By

This earthquake will be well felt in the Kurils. The earthquake depth has not been finalised meaning that we cannot rule out the possibility of a tsunami.

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 6.8

Local Time (conversion only below land) : Unknown

GMT/UTC Time : 2013-02-28 14:05:46

Depth (Hypocenter)  : 46 km

– See more at: http://earthquake-report.com/2013/02/28/very-strong-earthquake-kuril-islands-on-february-28-2013/#sthash.Z7zAvTDN.dpuf

New Shpes in Gravity Waves

Bizarre Star-Shaped Gravity Waves Created

Charles Choi, LiveScience Contributor
Date: 22 February 2013
star-shaped gravity wave
Researchers have discovered a new type of gravity wave, one that is shaped like a star. Such bizarre waves result from a property called nonlinearity, in which a small or simple change results in a disproportionately large or complex effect. For instance, aspects of weather behave chaotically, in a nonlinear manner.
CREDIT: Jean Rajchenbach, Alphonse Leroux, and Didier Clamond (CNRS and Université de Nice, France)

Star-shaped waves can form in vibrating tanks of liquid oil, researchers say.

Learning more about such bizarre waves could shed light on counterparts that may exist elsewhere in nature, researchers added.

Waves of all kinds often behave in an intuitively linear manner. For instance, a weight on a spring will bob up and down in a manner directly proportional to the force that the weight exerts on the spring.

However, a number of strange waves can also form. They come from what is called nonlinearity, in which a small or simple change results in a disproportionately large or complex effect. For instance, aspects of weather behave chaotically, in a nonlinear manner.

The waves seen on the surface of water also behave in a nonlinear manner, and bizarre phenomena can result, such as X- and Y-shaped ocean waves or monstrously large freak waves that seem to come out of nowhere. Scientists have spotted similar nonlinear effects elsewhere in nature, such as with super-cooled atoms or light traveling in fiber optics.

To uncover new, remarkable nonlinear waves, scientists experimented with circular and rectangular tanks containing about two-fifths of an inch (1 centimeter) of silicon oil. Researchers placed the tanks on shakers to vibrate the fluid. Scientists then observed that the liquid contained gravity waves — oscillations due to gravity pulling downward and vibrations pushing upward.

A new type of gravity wave eventually resulted, which alternated in shape between stars and polygons — for instance, between a five-pointed star and a five-sided pentagon. The researchers could change the shapes of these stars and polygons by altering the strength and frequency of the vibrations.

The gravity waves in the liquid interact in a nonlinear manner, resonating and building in complexity, somewhat like how a playground swing will climb higher from repeated pushes. This is the first time such nonlinear, resonant interactions have been seen with gravity waves.

Intriguingly, the shapes of these waves did not depend on the form of the containers housing the fluid.

“It is generally accepted that the shape of the waves depends on the container shape,” said researcher Jean Rajchenbach, a physicist at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis in France. “The fact that the pattern shape is here recovered independently of the container shape is surprising, mysterious and stimulating. We have no clear explanation.

“This finding just emphasizes that the domain of highly nonlinear waves is still ‘terra incognita,’ or unknown territory,” Rajchenbach told LiveScience.

Rajchenbach and his colleagues Didier Clamond and Alphonse Leroux detailed their findings in a paper accepted by the journal Physical Review Letters on Feb. 1.

fom:    http://www.livescience.com/27342-star-shaped-gravity-waves.html

Developing Sunspot

FARSIDE HOTSPOT: As big sunspot AR1678 departs, another active region is approaching. NASA’s STEREO-B probe, stationed over the farside of the sun, is monitoring a significant ultraviolet hotspot. It is circled in this 360-degree Stoneyhurst projection of the entire solar surface:

In the projection, longitudes between +90 and -90 degrees are on the Earthside of the sun; other longitudes are on the farside. The image shows that the farside active region is poised to rotate from farside to Earthside within the next couple of days. Perhaps it will bring some flares with it.


Jim Self on Clairvoyance

Developing Your Clairvoyance

Jim Self
a message from Jim Self
Friday, 22 February, 2013

Clairvoyance is the ability to see clearly with your inner eye. Many people regard clairvoyance with some ambivalence: either they dismiss it as a clever “parlor trick,” developed from an ability to read subtle body language and facial expressions, or they view it with a measure of awe, as some “magical gift” that’s only attainable if you happen to be the seventh son of a seventh son, for example.

The fact is we are all clairvoyant. Recognizing and developing your intuitive abilities has many practical, down-to-earth uses in one’s life. In today’s culture, we have access to more information than ever before. Much of it is true for someone, but it may not be accurate for you. Understanding and utilizing your intuitive abilities to discern your truth from that which is not true for you lead to a greater awareness of your own internal skills and abilities.

Employing your intuitive abilities is like having software that filters your incoming email and places those pieces you’re not interested in, or don’t resonate with, in the junk folder. This handy piece of software is already available to you. It came s standard equipment, bundled with your hard drive. The art is remembering it, turning that software back on, and using it.

“But wait a minute,” you say. “I don’t need intuition or clairvoyance. My information comes from reliable sources—magazines, the Internet, friends and family, and books. They wouldn’t mislead me.” Well, most likely that’s correct.

They may not intentionally mislead you, but their truth may not be yours. When you utilize your intuitive abilities, whether that ability is clairvoyance, telepathy or clairaudience, you will recognize whether the information given to you is aligned with your greater good long before you become entangled with it. Wouldn’t your life be a whole lot easier if you had that skill? This skill already exists within you … it’s just been hiding under a belief system that isn’t yours! And it is not that difficult to access.

You already are intuitive

Let us give you some additional examples of how this valuable ability may benefit you:

  • · You will find yourself in present time versus in the future or past. Because you are operating in present time you are clearly able to see your options, as well as the appropriate response for each situation in which you find yourself.
  • · This clarity will increase your general awareness.
  • · You will begin to walk through life with Presence and Certainty. This doesn’t mean in arrogance. This is a gentle, pervasive knowing that you are in management of your life.
  • · You will find doubt and fear begin to disappear, and your ability to take charge of your business life and personal life will increase very quickly.
  • · The games that you play with others, such as judgment, victim, intimidation, control, blame, competition, etc., begin to end.
  • · You begin to recognize and change the beliefs that you have allowed to dominate and operate in your life. Have you ever said that you sound just like your mother or father? Where do you think you learned to respond that way? Precisely! When you turn on your ability to intuitively see these energy patterns, they begin to change.

Intuition is as natural as breathing or eating. By making it a part of your conscious mode of operation, you will become more aligned with who you are. Someone once said, “Make thine eye single and you will see the light (your truth).” He was talking about clearing out all the noise that keeps you from experiencing your natural spiritual abilities, and then deliberately using them to see your own truth.

Once we have cleared out some of this noise (i.e., the untrue beliefs), we begin to see the “light.” In other words, the light of truth (our own truth) soon becomes what we live by and what we allow to guide our decisions. The twists and turns of life become easier and less dramatic or stressful, because that inner guidance system within us is once again being utilized. It provides us with the direction to take this turn or that.

Opening to and developing your intuition and other spiritual abilities will allow you to see and experience yourself more completely. You will also discover how Capable you are.

Chapter 22 – Developing Your Clairvoyance – Excerpted from “What Do You Mean the Third Dimension Is Going Away?

Universal Copyright 2012 is authorized here. Please distribute freely as long as both the author and www.masteringalchemy.com is included as the resource and this information is distributed on a non-commercial no charge basis.
from:    http://spiritlibrary.com/jim-self/developing-your-clairvoyance

THe Group through Steve Rother on Time

Smile Your Way Home ~ Harmonizing the Fabric of Time

Steve Rother
a message from The Group channeled by Steve Rother
Friday, 15 February, 2013

From Steve: This was by far “our” best attempt at explaining the two important points that the Keeper of Time wants us to know about our new relationship to time. Each time he says it a bit differently, but this time it flowed evenly and smoothly. He is now beginning to give me deeper information about the new time that will be surfacing soon in the Direct Light series.

Elrah stepped in at an uncharacteristic second position as it was important for him to “have your hearts at the end.” as he puts it. Elrah seems to be adjusting to this close human contact quite well. In fact he is looking forward to telling everyone his own secrets in the next Direct Light when he reveals “The Truth about Rhythm.” In this message, he speaks of the importance of what I have learned to first tolerate, and then love. That is Elrah’s smile. At times he does it so fast that I feel like my face is going to crack and fall off. Then, as I am sitting with this silly grin on my face in front of live cameras, he even has the audacity to show me that no one is smiling back at me. Hum.. Just when I think he is doing it to embarrass me, he makes a noise or says something short, usually only a few words, not always making sense. That is how he changes the rhythm in that situation and in that instant everyone smiles back.

He wanted to have the last position this time so that he could send you off with his rhythm of the heart. If you have a strong rhythm for the month, you’ll enjoy each moment in the moment. Elrah represents the strong connection that we have with each other. You know, the one that we have all pretended was not there so we could play the game of pretending to be a human. Now the game is changing and it’s time to re-member that connection.

With that in mind, I’m OK with sitting on the stage looking foolish. If I’m honest with myself, I’ve been doing it for many years now. You think I would get used to it, or at least good at it by now.

If there is a chance that he can activate a single spirit from Home by me holding this silly grin, then I’m up for it. Turns out Elrah says that I’m just re-membering how to smile my way home.

Have a great month and keep the rhythm!
Big hugs and gentle nudges

Greetings, dear ones, I am the Keeper of Time.

A New Relationship to Time

I am here in the first place for normally Elrah takes the first place and I have to follow up and pick up all his little pieces that he leaves laying all over the place and try to make sense out of it for you. Today I thought I would come over first and leave all sorts of pieces laying around for him. So, we will see how that works but the reason I wanted to come in first is to tell you all something you started to understand on a very deep level. The whole illusion that you call time is in very specific areas of your existence on Earth. It has helped you greatly to see yourselves as beings on a timeline. It has allowed you so many possibilities for you to see yourself as a spirit pretending to be the human. Not easy and most of the time you were up against challenges with time because you have always believed time to be finite – in other words there is only a specific amount of time. Well, we tell you your relationship to time has now changed and that is the difficult part to understand. It will take some time for all of it to filter into your beings and into your new set of regulations for all of you have your own little set of rules that you go by. You all have your own set of definitions that you are there and it has worked quite well for you so it will continue in that manner; however, you are now starting to see everything from a different perspective for you can actually see more of what you have called time.

There is no challenge with that because there is truly only one piece of it. You see the shadows on both sides of time but you see that as what you call the future and what you call the past for those are the shadows of the only imprint of time that is available anywhere throughout the universe and that is now…right in this moment. Without this moment, without the other parts of it nothing exists for it is only reflections in both of those directions. Now, the challenge has been for most of humans have been controlled quite a bit by your reflections in both of those directions. Most of you have wanted something.

Positive = Future Negative = Past

So when humans have something of value, they place it in their future. If we ask you to all close your eyes for just a moment and go back 12 years from now, just go back 12 years in your own life and pull up an image. Do not call it good or bad, just call it on a scale of 1-5, where is your energy? Good. Now, clear that energy for just a moment and step back into your body. Now close your eyes again and go into the future 12 years. Test your energy, where is it? How do you gauge it? The vast majority of you are going to hide your joy in your future and you hide your pain in your past. That has been the normal part of all of humanity so when you are in the present moment, you still have these strings going to what you are trying to accomplish in the future and what you have experienced in the past and what you are not quite aware of yet is that all of the rules have changed very suddenly. You are still playing the same game because it is the game that you are accustomed to playing and that you have been playing all along. Now, the rules have changed and you are going to find that you do not have the reflection in the future the same way and the past can be much more malleable. Humanity has always considered the past to be something certain and very finite in existence. Dear ones, it is only a memory and if those memories are going to control your life, you can change those memories. Humans can harmonize on the timeline in the present moment.

Harmonizing the Fabric of Time.

It is very easy. Most harmonize in every moment. As you walk into a room full of people the first thing you do is to feel everybody’s energy and harmonize it. You do that by finding a part of yourself in their reflection. That is the connection that all of you have naturally. So, when you are bringing this in and harmonizing in that way, it takes an effort for most of you. That effort comes because of your belief systems about who you are and who you have been. That is your present and the present moment is the only moment that you have. What is taking place now is that humanity will be able to bring all of it into a singular present moment. The energy imprint that this experience leaves on the fabric of time. It will still take some adjustments to utilize. Most systems on planet Earth are still gained and still regulated to measure finite time. Well, time is not finite and never was, therefore human keeping of time will need regular adjustments.

The Call

You will learn more about these yourselves for in this moment is your call. That is the time that you have been called to Earth. This is the part that you have been called for…right now. You are thinking, “Well, when I take all these courses, when I master this, I will step into my work, I will make something available and I will make a difference on the planet.” And dear ones, that is now. That is not in the future; it never was in the future. You placed it there along with many other hopes. Now we say, all humans will change their relationship to their future and past. This is the beginning of altering the expression if linear time on Earth. This will change the marking of time on Earth. This will change much of the illusion of the rigidity of time as it has been defined on this planet so far. We have given exercises and opportunities to bend time and to start playing with it and start making it a little more malleable. The first thing is an understanding and belief system of it. It’s very simple. If you believe you can alter time, you will. And if we tell you that time is not alterable that would even be better because the moment we tell you that you cannot do something, humans will do it. And do it quite well.

The truth is that humanity is learning to look at time differently and that is the beautiful part. There is no time, yes, I have to say it, like the present. There is nothing other than this piece and although humans have divided much of their energy between the past, present and future, they will no longer place them in the same sentence. Humanity will also find out how easy it is to change when the past and future are accessed in the moment. Many walk around with emotional scar tissue which helps to define them. They will not lose their identity; they will only lose how they use it in each moment. They fall into a reactionary lifetime rather than a purposeful action. This is often the result of an imbalance in the importance of the present moment. It is very common on Earth to simply react to everything coming in, rather than to set ones own pace.

Circular Time

Dear ones, you are the greatest angels that have ever lived and you are now in place to make a difference on planet Earth. We will show you only small parts of this as you become aware of them. Watch for them because they will come in slow increments in the beginning. If you miss one or do not grasp each moment and it slips into your past, let it go. You have no control over it but if it is in disharmony, you can change it even though it has gone into your past. Now how do you change the future? You do not need to change the future; you change the future by clearing your energy in the now moment. That is the concept of circular time. I will not spend a great deal of energy on it at this moment, but I will simply say that the energy of what humans call their past, actually creates the fabric of their future. It is a large circle. The fabric of the past and those unresolved issues circle around and recreate the same problems over and over and over on your planet. It is the reason you have the same challenges with different people. Have you not found that interesting? We tell you that all humans learn from repetition. That is how time actually works and that is the beautiful part for now, as you are releasing those parts of your past that have claimed you so dearly, you will find it much easier. Now that you have passed through the portal, you will find it much easier to release those strings that have controlled your life in many ways.

Let’s say that you have a disharmony in your life. You have a confrontation with someone who is very dear to you for example. You say something that is very hurtful, walk away and do not talk to one another for 5 years. We tell you that the pain of what you said to that person is hurting you the whole time – every moment of every day – because you have not reconciled and harmonized that time imprint. Now, does it mean that you must harmonize with every being and every person? Oh no, of course not. That is not what Earth is all about. It is about diversity. We know that you are going to have places where you are going to have challenges as you call them. Sometimes it is actually your challenges that define and bring out the spirit of Home in all of you and it is done very well over the past several years. Now, what is taking place is that your Earth is changing. You have created this opportunity to step into the future and to claim your present now. Do not wait for tomorrow, dear ones, it will not come in the way that you think. If you hold on to your old belief systems in the past, you will also be thwarted form grounding your energy in the most beautiful time stamp in this moment. So, we ask you to be aware of this. You have a habit here on Earth of walking to each other and saying, “Hi. How are you?” Well I am not going to say, “Hi. How are you?” I am going to say, “Hi. How is your time stamp? How are you doing in this moment? How is your spirit adapting to that physical body in this moment only?” It is perfectly fine to say, “Oh, my girdle is too tight,” or whatever it is. For we are sure you are going to have some sort of reaction. But the reason we ask you that is to bring you into awareness of it for that is when you can use it in alignment with your power. That is when it will empower humans and that is as it should be.

Repetition is at the Base of Linear Time

Now, I wish to mention one other piece before I step aside and let my brother come in. I will also tell you that there are cycles. Humanity is going through cycles on many levels including the one you see before you that you call your reality. These cycles are what Elrah calls rhythms. The easiest way to explain that is to compare this with a random pattern on the carpet here right in front of me. I can find one spot where the pattern is different than the rest, but if it is truly a random pattern, that pattern will repeat itself in other places. That is the way the universe is built. It consists of multiples of many things. Over the next 7 months, all of Earth is going to have an opportunity to collectively shift the planet. You are teetering on many of these arguments and many of these challenges on Earth right now. But we tell you that a simple harmonizing technique will work for many of you. I will turn this over to my brother now for he is graciously waiting for me to speak and that is unusual. I will leave you for the moment, but know that I love you dearly and I know each and every one of you from the heart of who you are and I could not be prouder of the beautiful beings that are walking in consciousness on Earth. You are changing this planet with every breath you take and we are cheering you on from this side of the veil in a way that you have never known. Excellent job.

I am the Keeper of Time.
Enter Elrah

Greetings, I’m Elrah of Rhythmic service

Smile Your Way Home

Okay, let me tell you what is going on here because I am here to talk with you about something very important to me and it really is important for all of you. It is not that long ago that the Keeper himself basically pushed us into telling a few stories – writing a narrative about what the whole thing that you call life was about. He wrote a book and put the book out. I was in the book! It was one of the first times I was in an Earth book. He actually called me by name and all. But then I told him, “You know, I want to write my own book. Can I write my own book?” It is called, “Smile Your Way Home.” Smile Your Way Home. Why would I call it Smile Your Way Home? Because every time you smile the spirit leaks through you and brings all of humanity a little higher. So I am going to give you a little effort, a little work to show you how it works because all of you can do it and you do it quite well most of the time so it is not a problem. It is very simple. Ready? Here it comes. (Elrah flashes his infamous “Elrah Smile”) Gotcha! You all smiled back, even those of your reading this. Well, you see how the mirror works. When you shine the energy from Home it comes back to you.
“Well, what am I going to do, just walk around and smile at people? That does not make sense to me. How am I going to use this in some way?”

Dear ones, there are times when you walk past a person on the street and look over and see their soul. It may only be for a split second. It may just be that their eyes lit up and suddenly revealed to you their true self…who they are. In the past this has caused fear. And if you turn around and make contact with them and they look up at you, they see your soul the same way. Although it only happens for a brief moment, it is enough to help you re-member who you are and it is enough to help you imprint the memories of Home because that is what you are doing when you touch these people. You are reminding them of how you know them from Home and which part of you they currently are.

Sneaky Healers

So here is a simple technique. It is a smile, it is a sneaky smile – some of you are sneaky healers anyway. Some of you do not pretend to be healers. You just walk around healing people anyway, so this is a perfect place to do it. The smile. Well, sometimes you can do this and do a whole smile for people – and sometimes you cannot. Sometimes you have to sneak it in a little bit. Sometimes you have to look over at the last minute and give a quick smile. Whatever it is, when you see that energy coming from Home through another person, when you see their eyes light up, when you see their heart, their pulse and they make a rhythm, you have an opportunity to make that connection. Dear ones, you are at the stage in your history of planet Earth where you have gone through this whole contraction in order to get through this portal you have just gone through. How was the contraction? Contraction is very simple…throw yourself into fear and you contract. It is real simple. When you get scared on planet Earth, you pull your energy field very tight around your body and hold it there because it is almost like you are afraid of losing it in some way. You bring it to your body but it makes it very difficult for you to interact with other people. You actually have less eye contact on Earth when there is a lot of fear on Earth. Well, what was the fear? Well, the fear is a little bit about economics. It was one of the easiest ways to spread a wave of fear on planet Earth, to pull the rug out from under some of you, to pull the rug out from under a lot of you just so you can kind of rework your systems to exist in the new vibrations, the higher vibrations of the new planet Earth.

Now you are starting to do well with it so you are starting to climb out of this global economic problem. Well, good for you. It is the first time that all of you have experienced it. We tell you that you have been thinking of your economies as quite different from your personal lives but they are not. The truth is that everybody is invested in everybody else. You cannot go to war on this planet the same way that you have been going to war for very long because those people you go to war for own a lot of the property that you now have here. That is perfect! It is a perfect way to blend the energy. It cannot be done anymore. It is going to work out quite well and yes, we tell you that a lot of your governments and many of your organizations and a lot of the economies of the world are going to have to flex a little bit and get the new pace of the new energy. Humanity is at the stage where you are going to start building again because building is not in the proposition when you pull your energy field around you. All you are thinking about is this moment, now, you are not thinking about where you are going to go or what you really want to do and how you want to set it forward. So right now, what is taking place is that all of humanity is starting to stretch out. You are right on the brink of what we would call an economic recovery. We are not economists and we do not really care about your economies of the world; however, it was able to send a fear shock through all planet Earth and you pulled your energy fields in and you made it through the portal quite well. Now it is time to lose the fear. It is time to start doing something and to start setting things forward. I told this to you before and I will tell it to you now, there is not a greater time on Earth to start something. Any project, any business, anything you want to do will find the wind at your back if you start it in this energy.

Now the biggest problem that you had on planet Earth has been that all of you have been trying to define yourselves so clearly. It is very difficult because when you start to open up energetically, you feel everything and everyone. You start giving too much of yourself, start spreading yourself too thin, you get exhausted and pretty soon you got a problem. So you start defining yourself and you say, “My energy field only goes to here. I am not responsible for…” That is wonderful because now that you define yourself, you can lose the boundaries all together. They do not need to be there. You can look at the person sitting in front of you and see what part of you they are. Did you ever think of that? Now you have a chance because over the next 7 months, there is a teetering balance. You go back into polarity f like your governments, especially the one here in the United States. It is so funny to watch one side fight over here and the other side fight over there and it all stretches into polarity. Well, somewhere you are going to meet in the middle. It is just a game you have been playing. Now it is time to start working with that. So when you start looking at how you are alike with the people and the energies around you rather than how you are different, you can define yourself the same way. It has always been that you define yourself differently. You look at that person and say, “Oh, that person…well, I have something better than they do. I have something I am working with here…” and you define yourself that way. Now it is time to define yourself the other way. How can you be a part of a rather large family that is making a huge difference on this planet right now?

A Tapestry of Love

It is not always easy, dear ones. That is why we call it, smile your way Home. All you have to do is to connect with a few other spirits on the planet every single day and spread your energy. That way you weave a tapestry of love that cannot be beat. It is very magical indeed and you are in the perfect position to do this now. This is the time to really look at your harmony, to really look at the people around you and all the other energies – the people that are working with you, the people that are working against you, even what you call your enemies. Humans need to move away from all this polarity very quickly now because it is going to make a big difference on planet Earth and you are going to build something that will last. It is not going to work the same way it did before, even your economic systems are not going to work the same way they did before. You are welcome, thank you. Good job. You do not need to go through that same problem again. Now, what is going to take place is that it is up to you. So are you going to let the spirit come through you? Are you going to smile with those eyes and plant seeds of light in everything you see? Or are you going to put your stare down and say, “I do not know who I am. I am not valuable enough. I do not know if I have anything to offer. So I am not going to look into others eyes?” Go for it. Now you can make a difference in the smallest ways because if enough of you do it – if only five thousand of you do this over the next 7 months – you are going to change the planet so fast it is going to be really beautiful. You are going to start making Home with a capital H right where you are and we are here to help you. Do not ever think you are alone, dear ones. You could not be even if you tried and we would appreciate it if you would stop trying so hard. Sometimes you try to be separate so much, you sit there and say, “Spirit, touch me. Feel me. Make me feel you. Make me understand what part of spirit I am.” And spirit is standing there telling you the same thing. In reality, you are the ones. You are the creators. Dare to step forward and see yourself in a new light and above all, do not forget to smile your way Home. It is the most beautiful part of being a human. I love you more than you know. I am with you always.

I close now with one little word that came from the story of the Lemurians who simply wanted to pat each other on the back all the time. They came up with a word that they used for hello and goodbye and it is Espavo. It means,
“Thank you for taking your power.” Espavo, dear ones. I am Elrah of rhythmic service.


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