Dr. Turi on Six Dark Days

Astrologer Dr. Turi – 6 Dark Days Ahead

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Santos Bonacci interviewed astrologer Dr. Louis Turi who revealed many amazing revelations of what we can expect with upcoming astrological alignments. Please keep in mind that none of this is fear-mongering. It is very important to learn from the stars and the cycles of time.

The Hidden Dragon

Dr. Turi talks about the Hidden Dragon, particularly the South Node of the Dragon in Aquarius, which is represented as the north and south node of the moon. The Crocodile Hunter, Princess Diana and Dr. Martin Luther King all were born with the “Hidden Dragon”.

“There are no accidents.  There are only cosmic The Hidden Dragoncircumstances”

“The Dragon stays in one sign between a year and a half and two years,” sated Turi, “so the cycle could be 12-14 years, depending on the retrograde motions and so forth…”


“Nobody in the scientific community is using their 5 human senses. They’re using telescopes, microscopes but nobody is there to teach them how to use their spiritual eyes,  their 3rd eye.  There is such an imbalance between the physical and spiritual manifestation that it has produced a huge chaos.  When you go against Universal Laws, when you go against God’s initial specific order, you bring a very heavy penalty and the situation is going to get much worse before it gets better.”


Turi believes the use of astrology was co-opted by the Illuminati and the leaders of the major religions to keep us all in subservience and control.

He also recommended to view his article on the real truth behind the Dead Sea Scrolls, which includes pictures of the Pope being taught astronomy by the Vatican Council, along with the Pope being enthroned under the sign of Leo and mastering the Scorpius Dragon.

Coincidentally, the U.S. was founded in 1776, which was also at the same point in the “Hidden Dragon”.  When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the U.S. was also under this “Hidden Dragon” alignment.  Today, we find the U.S. at the same point of conjunction.

On Dr. Turi’s website, he sells a 355 page book on the Hidden Dragon, available as a download.

6 Dark Days

He also mentions two sets of specific dates:  February 23rd ,24th and 25th of 2013 along with March 7th, 8th and 9th of 2013.  Turi stated, “This will be energy that will be practically impossible for you to miss if you watch the news.”

In February, he says the Scorpius Dragon will be very eccentric and foresees a possible earthquakes, tsunami’s, explosions and cosmic news (anything to do with UFO’s) will take place.

In March 2013, Turi states that there will be a “very deadly dragon, which will affect the police force and humanity’s psyche.  It brings death The Golden Age began in 1945and drama.

The Golden Age began in 1945

Dr. Turi believes that the Golden Age began in 1945 as evidenced by how our technology has skyrocketed since this date. “The good news is the Age of Pisces, which started at the birth of Christ has ended in 1945.  As of 1945, the new Age of Aquarius is now kicking in and this is why humanity has made much more discoveries under Uranus and Aquarius than we did in the 2,000 years under the Age of Pisces.  The Age of Pisces is ruled by the planet called Neptune.  Neptune rules deception, religion, drugs, alcohol, chemicals, oil, jail, confinement, church, the synagogue and the Middle East.”

“The Age of Aquarius is being ruled by a planet that is more intellectual” which is why mankind has made such a huge leap in technology since the end of the Age of Pisces.”

Why YOU are Unique!

Why YOU are Unique!Turi stated, “No man is born equal, period.  What is different is the cosmic program based upon the very moment you reintegrate yourself on this dense, physical world and you take you first breath.”  According to Turi, the instance that the umbilical cord is cut and when you take your first breath is when you signed your “first impression into the superconscious in time and space” where a snapshot is taken of the specific galactic alignments which becomes your “personal programs, your unique celestial identity.”

Odds and Ends

Turi on our global youth:  “We are building a society of morons who have lost the essence of spirit, of God” through religion.  Turi believes our celestial identities need to be acknowledged when teaching and raising our children.

Look no further than some of these viral fads such as Gangnum Style and Harlem Shakes, where people’s attention is diverted from seeking truth and their divine purposes for being here in exchange for stupidity and mundane activities that foster the ego and materialism.


Your Life Purpose

Turi believes we need to move away from religion and “swim to the feet of the Creator”, where we will not fear the Creator and realize that you “are made in the image of God and with it, the potential to have a wonderful life and to spend time creating.  that’s the main reason we are on earth, is to have a good time and to create. If you do not follow your destiny written in Light, chances are you are going to have a miserable life.”

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In the above interview, Dr. Turi recommends the following video:

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