October 31-November 6

Overall Color for the Week:    Booster Blue

Okay, so this is a week for going all out for your team.  The problem is that you need to be very clear on exactly who and what that team is. Remember, looks can be deceiving, and there have been a lot of masks that people are wearing and a lot of roles that people have been playing.  It is up to you to trust what you are feeling and to follow what it is that you are thinking.  If you are centered and in touch with your intuitions, there is much that will come forward this week. Along with that, you will begin to see a lot of pieces of the puzzle falling into place.  Moreover, this will bring you to a greater certainty in terms of what you are doing,where you are going, and who you are bringing into your circle. Continue reading

October 24-30

Overall Color for this week:    Bright Lime Green

There is brilliance, there is sweetness, there is the tart, and there are the lessons that will come this week.  But it is all part of the whole marinade.  This is not the totality of what the final taste will bring forth.  So expect this week to find yourself encountering persons and situations that are interesting,  but not complete.  Do not look for completion this week, but rather be open to where things can take you.  If you adopt this attitude, you will find many revelations coming your way on all levels.  This is a week also fort being somewhat more aware of what you are doing.  Take care with projects, communications, meetings, etc.  Think before you speak when you feel you are being confronted.  There is much to be learned in terms of how you are feeling and why you are being put in this position.  Take time this week to go within, analyze, meditate on situations and people.  You can be surprised at the revelations that come forth if you follow the urgings of your heart and do not second guess what you are feeling. Continue reading

October 17-23

This is a week for olds and news — old friends and new friends, old memories and new experiences,  old thoughts and new expressions, etc., etc., etc.  Take care of yourself first and foremost.  There are many challenges in the wings this week.  The good news is that each one will make its entrance onto the stage alone and in all its essence.  You have a chance this week to deal with and get rid of a lot of the old stuff that has kept you feeling less than.  Take advantage of these energies.  Stand up for what you know is right, and do not give into persons and influences who are puffed up and essentially without substance.  This is a good week for calling their bluff. Continue reading

October 10-16

Overall Color for the Week:    Rose Indigo

This is a week in which the pot will be stirred, and you need to be ready for any kind of combination that comes your way because the pot will not only be stirred once, it will be stirred and stirred.  This can bring old stuff to the surface, and while you might think you have to deal with it immediately, the pot will be stirred again and something else will appear.  You can take hold of this process and work with the configurations as they come your way or you can choose just to watch them flash by.  In all of this there are opportunities, and you want to be sure that you do not let them pass you by.  Watch what happens, and know that if you need to and want to, you can take charge of the process.

On the larger scene, this is a week in which nothing is set in stone.  Things will be reported, only to be denied.  Crimes will be solved, problems resolved, but then…. it did not really happen that way.  There is much going on in the Earth as new vortexes open up.  There are going to be energy ares showing themselves in the Midwest, letting their presence be known through unexplained light activity, unusually strong and out of season storms, and odd animal reactions.  All of these will be glossed over, but you will be able to find reports of them if you look closely.   Electronics are becoming slower and more unreliable.  Do not lose patience.  There are major shifts and changes within the Earth, and there will be reporting that much of the magnetic flux of the Earth and its effects on electronics comes from within, but not only that, a kind of correspondence with the outer extra-terrestrial layers will be hinted at, as though there is as pulsating magnetic field harnessed to gravity that ebbs and flows. There will be hints of this in radar, micro-wave communications, satellite disturbance, etc.  There is a realignment going on.   Oh, and since when did Disclosure become a four letter word?

Sunday, October 10:      Light Lavender

10-10-10:    This is a day that holds much promise for things to get done and for chance and direction to aid in their getting done. This means that the intentions and actions that you are taking to manifest or create today can take off on one track and end up with a totally unrelated and unforeseen, yet serendipitous, outcome. The interesting thing is, is that if you will consider carefully the outcome, you will realize that it has been created by you through a series of actions and thoughts that have been characteristic of your choices from the early part of this year. Today brings culmination to many of the energetic themes of this year, resulting in new beginnings, but also in an opening of themes and vibrations that play upon, expand, and magnify what has been happening since January.  It is not necessary at this point to go back and attempt to remember what those things might have been.  Everything exists in the moment.  Just know that frequencies, waves, vibrations, and all things energetic are becoming more of what they are.  Be ready for surprises and revelations. This is a day when there is at work a particular vortex-like energy that will be swirling things around. There is an under current of helter skelter around, so it is a time to hold fast onto what you truly know and understand about yourself.  By so doing, you will find yourself able to see through the confusion out there and realize that it is merely representative of a settling down that is taking place at this time.  And as things settle down, they are falling into new configurations and patterns.  From now on you can expect changes on many levels in your life. You will find that a lot of what you once tolerated will no longer be quite so acceptable. Taste and style will be changing, and if you are truly open to the energies of the day, you will find that your whole viewpoint will have shifted, even broadened. Look for some fun in all of this. Know also that not everyone will be able to stay centered and at one as the day progresses, even as the year progresses. Do not fall into judgment, rather remember that we are all here with choices, and those choices that are most intimate are survival choices. We do what we have to do.  The energy of the day today is truly special, cherish it and find within it something to take with you .

Monday, October 11:    Cloudy White

Columbus Day:    Things will seem unclear today, and what will be even stranger  is the sense that you have that you should be getting things, figuring them out, that things should be working out, etc.   But “shoulds’ are not really cutting it today, because old patterns are shredding themselves and things are not following as they did before. Take time in what you do today to ascertain that you have dotted those “i’s” and crossed those “t’s”.  This is a day when small things can trip you up and cause big problems later on.  Personal energy levels will tend to be low today.  This is not a day for over-achieving.  Just deal with what comes your way, and do not look for any hidden agendas.  If you do and speak too soon, you might just discover that you had not gotten it quite right.

Tuesday, October 12:    Orange Flame

There are going to be a lot of extreme out there today.  This will affect you also.   You are wanting to get things done, but when it comes time to do it, your energy levels plummet.  Moreover, you will find yourself not really knowing why it was so important to get that done just now.   You can also find that you lose your sense of direction, for example you might feel the need to contact a friend, but when you get them on the phone, you cannot wait to say goodbye.  There are lots of contradictions around.  Nothing seems clear.  You will be wanting to get things accomplished, but on every side you will see obstacles.  This s a day for thinking about what is real, what seems real, and what is just not real at all.  There will be hints concerning each of these areas.  It is your choice as to how you are going to deal with all this, but if you go within and listen to your intuition, you will get a glimpse of the larger picture behind it all.

Wednesday, October 13:    Deep Pink

Today brings a sense of relaxation.  It is a good day for determining what is important for you and for prioritizing.  In these times, we are all beset by a kind of quiet urgency that pops up its head every now and again and causes us concern that we are not getting done the stuff we truly wanted to do.  But in the energy of this day, things are not going to seem quite so hectic, and you will have the feeling that there is plenty of time to get things done.  This is also a good day for visitors and visiting, so do not be surprised by who or what turns up.  There are also some answers out there that will help you make sense of a troubling situation that has been bugging you for some time.  There is help in the wings for some chores that you have been needing to get done, but could not do by yourself.  Take some time this evening to recognize all the things that you can do, and give yourself a little reward.  Honor also the ones you love and be grateful for what you have.

Thursday, October 14    Azure Blue

There are hints of a lot of things going on around you.  You are going to feel that somehow, you have been left out of the loop.  This can make you feel a bit upset,  but let it go.  There are so many things being blown about today, that you can easily change your focus to something else.  There is the possibility that someone is looking to take over one of your jobs or positions or even your place.  Be on the look out for signs of this beginning to happen.  This will be a more common theme as the month progresses.  With all the shifting that is going on energetically, there are these who feel that you will be too distracted to notice what they are doing.  When you see signs of this, take action.  You will find that much of what you are learning from this is more an affirmation of what you always suspected.

Friday, October 15:    Light Ultramarine Blue

More ups and downs today as people are acting out of character and detached from their usual ways.  This can lead you confused and sad. You will be feeling that maybe you can no longer rely on people the way you used to.  Take time, however, to analyze this feeling and to observe carefully what people are doing.  Everyone is reacting to a lot of new stressors that are coming in.  Give them, and yourself, a little slack.  It is important at this time to let feelings and emotions move through you quickly.  Anything that stays stuck too long can become toxic and result in physical discomfort.

Saturday, October 16:    Salmon Pink

Choices have to be made today, even if you do not want to.  there are a lot of situations, people, and philosophies that you are holding onto because they have been there for so long.  Take time now to look at those things honestly and decide what it is that they truly mean to you and mean for you.  This is a good day for some creative expressive work in this area — journaling painting, writing, meditating.   Work with your feelings and be with WHO you are.  There is much to be learned today if you will open your heart, your senses, and your sensitivities.

October 3-9

Overall Color for the Week:    Gold

Gold reflects, yet can distort in its reflection.  This is a week in which attraction and distraction will be the major themes.  Because of this, it is important this week to know what your priorities are and to be focused in your thoughts, actions, and expressions.  There is a lot of confused energy in the air these days which unsettles many people.  They are feeling that their values and their own personal worth is being threatened in many different areas.  Recognize this when it comes your way, be patient, understanding, but hold fast to your personal truth.  The Trickster is about this week in many guises.  This Trickster, however, can have an agenda.  Trust your intuition in dealing with persons and situations that feel a bit off.  By so doing, you can cruise through the challenges and energetic bursts of the week with success and a little realization. Continue reading