October 17-23

This is a week for olds and news — old friends and new friends, old memories and new experiences,  old thoughts and new expressions, etc., etc., etc.  Take care of yourself first and foremost.  There are many challenges in the wings this week.  The good news is that each one will make its entrance onto the stage alone and in all its essence.  You have a chance this week to deal with and get rid of a lot of the old stuff that has kept you feeling less than.  Take advantage of these energies.  Stand up for what you know is right, and do not give into persons and influences who are puffed up and essentially without substance.  This is a good week for calling their bluff.

Sunday, October 17:    Pale Blue

There is something in the air today that you will be aware of immediately upon getting up.  It is both indefinite and uncertain, so even though you are aware of it on one level, you do not feel compelled to address it or to bring it out into the open.  You will notice, however, that there is a kind of strangeness about people today as though they too are feeling something but are not ready to take a look at it.  As the day wears on, surprise enters into the equation, and you find that the sense of oddity of the morning has dissipated.  This is the time of synchronicity and serendipity for there is a great potential for experiences to come your way that will both resonate with that underlying theme as well as bring you some surprising knowledge and even some kind of benefit.  This is a day of Freudian slips, so listen carefully to what people are saying. Words that are left out or words presumably said in jest can have much meaning.  This is a good day to be careful in travel and travel arrangements.  There are the potentials for delays. Keep your schedule flexible, maintain your sense of humor, and stay centered in your own strength and there is much that can come your way today.

Monday, October 18:    Rose Tint

If this is a day on which you need to make important decisions, take time before you decide. Things that seem to be right may not , in the long run, be the best solution to some of the issues you are dealing with.  The energy today is generally light and somewhat playful, but the Trickster likes to sneak in just when you are feeling most comfortable and shake things up a bit.  There is something that you need to address and be aware of.  It can come your way in a nicer kind of guise today than on other days.  Today also you will be willing to see things in a better light than you have before, so consider what it is that has been bugging you, perhaps something about your self image, self love, relationships, etc.,  and spend some time considering their various parameters.  You ust might find that you can take a different approach.

Interestingly, the colors that I chose for the rest of the week have disappeared.  Completely. This indicates to me that things are shifting and changing so rapidly that, while those colors may have been appropriate based upon the energy of last Friday, as of Sunday, they no longer applied.  So I am continuing here with the new ones:

Tuesday, October 19:    Pale Rose Pink

Things are not truly out in the open today, and that is a good thing.  You are not feeling your very best and, as a result, are not really up to meeting new challenges or dealing with difficult individuals.  When situations arise, you will find yourself not overly interested or concerned.  There is an air of distraction around.  This will be affecting everyone, so be patient.  There is a situation that will come up in the afternoon that will leave you somewhat befuddled as it will challenge a preconception or an opinion you have held for some time, but in the energy of the day, you find yourself going from that to other things relatively quickly.  Watch your health today, and be ready to take action should some unexpected aches and pains arise.

Wednesday, October 20:     Light Pink

This is a good day for dealing with people and situations that really, really bug you.  The energies of the preceding two days have left you in a position of being able to see things dispassionately, even with a sense of humor, or, at the very least, in their best light.  If there are those who need to be forgiven, this is a good day for doing that.  It is also a good day also to recognize that you too deserve forgiveness, that there are things you have been holding onto that keep you feeling guilty or less than.   Let yourself go a bit and take time to revel in your strengths and abilities.  It has been some time since you really let yourself come out and play.  Oh, and the Trickster is about today, but this time it is you.  Have some fun.  See through a lot of the negativity that will be out there.  Laugh a bit, and enjoy the day.

Thursday, October 21:    Shady Blue

Orionid Meteor Showers:    There are things that are wanting to come out into the open today.  It is a good ideas to stay centered in WHO you are to be aware of all times of your own truth.  DO not let other make you question what you know is right for you.  Their choices and realities belong to them, and if you get entangled in their stuff, it will be difficult to get yourself out.  Also you will discover that taking on other people’s opinions can really affect your sense of worth.  Let them go.  When people are wrestling with issues of self-worth, they often criticize others to make themselves feel better.  You do not need at any time to take to heart the irrational criticisms of others. You know best WHO you are and why you choose to do what you do.  Staywith your own truth.

Friday, October  22:   Bright Lime Green

Full Moon:  Orionid Meteor Showers:    This is a “Follow Your Heart” kind of day.  Things are going to seem strange and up in the air.  You may find yourself torn between what one person or institution wants you to do and what another is calling on you to do.  Let those kinds of considerations go and search inside for what you truly feel in your heart is the best option and go for it.  There is much to be learned in this.  And some joy to come out of doing what you know to be correct for WHO you are.

Saturday, October 23:    Hazy White

Today marks the beginning of a new phase for things in your life.  You can choose to accept that and go with it or to negate it and work to keep things as they were.  This is a day on which you will find that some of your perspectives on things and people will be changing.  This can lead you to question why you are feeling this way.  Look ahead for what it is that you are wanting to create in your life and take time to evaluate whether the things that you are feeling are helpful in this.  Hold onto what you feel is right and listen to your intuition.  That voice is getting stronger.  This is a day for no regrets and lots of expectation.