October 24-30

Overall Color for this week:    Bright Lime Green

There is brilliance, there is sweetness, there is the tart, and there are the lessons that will come this week.  But it is all part of the whole marinade.  This is not the totality of what the final taste will bring forth.  So expect this week to find yourself encountering persons and situations that are interesting,  but not complete.  Do not look for completion this week, but rather be open to where things can take you.  If you adopt this attitude, you will find many revelations coming your way on all levels.  This is a week also fort being somewhat more aware of what you are doing.  Take care with projects, communications, meetings, etc.  Think before you speak when you feel you are being confronted.  There is much to be learned in terms of how you are feeling and why you are being put in this position.  Take time this week to go within, analyze, meditate on situations and people.  You can be surprised at the revelations that come forth if you follow the urgings of your heart and do not second guess what you are feeling.

This week, the Earth will be shaking things up a bit, (as can happen in a marinade) and in unusual and unexpected places.  There has been a relatively quiet period for the past few weeks, but rather than being one of dormancy, it was one of the build up of pressures, all of which will start to come to the surface this week.  There will be more electrical and electronic blips along with disruptions in service.  Radio transmission can be inconsistent.  Messages will be garbled.  People will be finding themselves losing patience.  It is always a good idea to have some candles on hand, bottled water, and canned foods.  You may not need it right away, but you will find that it will come in handy as the crescendo of earth movements begins to build  In the celestial sphere, there is the possibility of some interesting celestial events.  The Sun is going through an interesting phase. There will be crazy things happening on its surface, and their effects will be felt here on Earth as well as throughout our solar system.  There is the possibility of new discoveries about certain planets  having a wobble or perhaps an anomaly in their orbital patterns.  On the political scene, much is going to be thrown about and the greater portion of it will be contrived. It is important now to go to unusual sources to get the truth about who stands for what and who belongs to whom.  The stories that are coming out will be landing far short of what is actually happening.  And keep your eyes to the sky, as there are further dis[lays of unexplained lights and flying objects.

Sunday, October 23:    Pinkish Orange

As usual, nothing will be usual today.  There are going to be strange things happening around you, and the funny thing is that everyone will seem to take them for granted, that is until later when people begin to wonder just what happened.  There is a bit of serendipity in all this, and you may find yourself going in new and uncharted directions, this can be related to a drive you take, a trip down an aisle in a store, or even a thought that has you making new associations. There is also some fun in all of this.  Things are not going to seem to be so terribly serious.  This is a good day for being open to possibility.   You may just find that an unspoken dream can move closer to realization, or even come true.

Monday, October 25:    Flesh Tone

Things are coming to the surface and there can be some unsettling realizations or announcements being made.  This is a time when you will need to know who it is that you are close to and to have a clear idea of what is important to you.  You also need to be ready to explain why these things are important and what they mean to you.  More and more it is critical to be aware of what it is that most clearly defines WHO you are m and does so from the heart.  If your intuition is telling you that certain people situations, purchases, whatever are not right for you, then follow that.  If your intuition is urging you to take a different road, then do that.  Look around you today and see what is yours, honor that, and know that you are not responsible for the rest.

Tuesday, October 26:     Orange Red

Things are heating up in certain areas of your life.  Be aware of the fact that your emotions are going to be clsoe to the surface.  Give yourself the space to step back from situations and look at them from a different point of view.  People are going to be wanting to start stuff up today.  Do not fall into that trap.  This is a day when things will be up and down and up and down.  IT is not a good time for making decisions or starting new ventures.  Things started in this energy can turn out to be a lot less than they promised themselves to be.  Watch your words, and listen carefully to what is being said.  You may have need to remember some of those things later on.

Wednesday, October 27:    Matte White

Look out for the unexpected today, because it is all around you.  It will seem so familiar that you will find yourself amazingly surprised when you seemingly fall through the rabbit’s hole.  Today it is important to hold onto what you know and to trust yourself as well as those who are closest to you.  You will find as time goes on that many of the experiences of today will have reverberations.  The lessons that you learn will help you in discriminating your path.  Be open to a message, thought, or idea coming seemingly out of the blue which will connect you to a loved one who has transitioned, and aid you in some of the emotional pieces you have been working on.

Thursday, October 28:    Cloudy Red

This is a day in which things can get out of control,  There will b e  no apparent trigger for this, and you will not be able to anticipate when this will happen.  Take care in your dealings with people, institutions, and be alert while in traffic.  This is an anything-can-happen kind of day, and it will.  Not everything will be negative however, some of the events that arise out of the diffusion can actually be quite positive, even life changing, or, at the least, very revealing in terms of some of the issues you are working on.   Take nothing at face value today.  Look into situations, event, words, and actions.  There is much to be learned if you stay centered and aware.

Friday, October 29:    Deep Pink

Do not look for silver linings today.  Many things will be happening that just have to happen, and if you think about it clearly, you will realize what it all means and why it is all coming together in this way.  There is synchronicity in the events that are going on today, and you will be finding that things are following a weird kind of sequence.  Just as you think of something, there appears a person, a book drops off a shelf, a beetle strikes the window…. something occurs that echoes what you were just thinking of.  It is all part of the energies of these days.  Much is coming to the surface, and it is time.

Saturday, October 30:    Bright Canary Yellow

Things will start out slowly today.  You might feel yourself somewhat out of sorts, but that will only be temporary.  All of a sudden, you will find  yourself with a second wind, as things get busy and bustling.  There will be much you will want to get accomplished today, and you will find your energy levels high, along with your sense of well being.  Bask in this radiance.  It will allow things to be clearer for you.  This is a good time for deciding what is really important for WHO you are.  Then write it down, post it, make it a mantra.  This will be a good centering piece as the year progresses.

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