October 3-9

Overall Color for the Week:    Gold

Gold reflects, yet can distort in its reflection.  This is a week in which attraction and distraction will be the major themes.  Because of this, it is important this week to know what your priorities are and to be focused in your thoughts, actions, and expressions.  There is a lot of confused energy in the air these days which unsettles many people.  They are feeling that their values and their own personal worth is being threatened in many different areas.  Recognize this when it comes your way, be patient, understanding, but hold fast to your personal truth.  The Trickster is about this week in many guises.  This Trickster, however, can have an agenda.  Trust your intuition in dealing with persons and situations that feel a bit off.  By so doing, you can cruise through the challenges and energetic bursts of the week with success and a little realization.

On the larger things, there is a whole lot of shaking up going on, as they say. There are currents on the surface going one way and under currents going another.  All of this can be seen in tensions that are admitted and tensions that are felt as uncomfortable situations, potential flare ups and anger bursts.  You will se this is the weather, as there are bursts of extreme weather in various parts which come, wreak havoc, and then quickly disappear.  There will be earth events that seem to be inevitable, that will just not happen.  This will also be the theme in relationships, finance, politics, etc.  Things will appear to reach a point of happening, and then everything will back away from it.  (On the other hand, things that seemed totally improbable  and likely never to happen, can just occur — and this is on all levels, including in individual relations, desires, etc.)  Do not take anything at face value this week.  Know that below there is more going on.  It will be some time before that becomes obvious, but this week will be characterized by a lot of stuff seeming to be coming to some point, and then nothing happening.

Sunday, October 3:    Dark Lime Green

Be prepared for some surprises today.  things will seem quite ordinary, but are set to take a decidedly out of the ordinary turn.  Make sure you are ready for anything.  This is a day on which reaction is going to be of utmost importance.  There is an energy that is in the air today that is pulling a lot of unrelated things together.  This can be both good and bad.  Oil and water do not mix, but sugar can dissolve in water.  It is the air of the unexpected that will make things interesting.  That same air can make things challenging.  Be ready for what comes your way.   Keep an eye out on what is happening around you.  You might just discover something.

Monday, October 4:    Light Delphinium Blue

This is an airy kind of say, when the wind will blow things in and out of your view,  Be ready for anything, but know that most of what will be happening will be of short duration, so if things get tough, just make it through, there is a silver lining on the other side.  This is a day in which you will find that your perceptions are taking on a new life and a new way of being.  Be  ready to accept that thing are not always the way they have been and that there is a shift in the air.  You can take hold of this feeling and go with it, and you will find that you come out of the day with a new sense of WHO you are and a new approach to a lot of old stuff.

Tuesday, October 5:    Bright Pink

Things are coming into the open today, and there is a lot of resistance to that happening.  There are secrets that will be coming out that can cause a shift in what you are thinking about people, events, politics, just about everything. Look out for unexpected bumps in the road.  There is the potential for great learning today, so take an objective point of view and be open to what is coming your way.  Trust your heart and your intuition in the messages that you get.  This is a day on which also, there can be disappointments in relation to people you have been trusting.  Rather than being upset by this, take it as an opportunity to evaluate the source of your trust in them, how you are feeling now, and what it means to you.  There is much that can be learned today, so stay open, stay centered,  and be WHO you are.

Wednesday, October 6:    Frosty White

There is a chill in the air today, and things will be somewhat difficult.  Do not set your expectations too high, and you will find that the day ends on an up note.  This is a day to step back from things, and wrap yourself in your own true knowing and inspiration.  There are things coming out of the fog that will, at first,  surprise you, however upon further consideration, you will realize that you knew it all along.  Miscommunication, innuendo, and intrigue are some of the themes of the day, however if you stay centered and sure in WHO you are, you will see through all the fluff.

Thursday, October 7:     Grainy White

There is a sadness in the air today.  You will fell it upon awaking, a nostalgia, a sense of things not being quite right.  It might be difficult to shake this sense, but it is important not to fall into it.  This is a day for self-fulfilling prophesies, so what you wish for can just come true.  Try to stay away from people who make you crazy.  You do not want to say or do something you will regret. Today is a day when you will need to be aware of schedules and time frames, so plan ahead.

Friday, October 8:    Magenta

This is a day when dreams can come true, so be alert to what is going on around you.  There are opportunities in the air, and if you can hook onto them, you will find a great outcome.  Serendipity is part of the theme of the day, so trust that things will work out.  Also there can be people coming forth with things to tell you and ideas that will assist you in certain projects atha you ahve been working on,  Take time today to appreciate what is around you, the things that make you happy, and the abilities that you have.  This kind of appreciation can open you to greater opportunity as the fall progresses.
DRACONID Meteor Shower: And a Note from SPACEWEATHER.COM:: On Oct. 8, 2011, Earth will have a nearly head-on collision with a tendril of dust, setting off a strong outburst of as many as 750 meteors per hour. Get out there and enjoy!!!!!!

Saturday, October 9:     Light Rose

This is a things are getting better kind of day.  Rejoice in WHO you are, because your sense of joy will attract to you others of like attitude, as well as happy accidents.  If you can get into the theme of the day, you will find that things are going to turn out very well for you.