October 31-November 6

Overall Color for the Week:    Booster Blue

Okay, so this is a week for going all out for your team.  The problem is that you need to be very clear on exactly who and what that team is. Remember, looks can be deceiving, and there have been a lot of masks that people are wearing and a lot of roles that people have been playing.  It is up to you to trust what you are feeling and to follow what it is that you are thinking.  If you are centered and in touch with your intuitions, there is much that will come forward this week. Along with that, you will begin to see a lot of pieces of the puzzle falling into place.  Moreover, this will bring you to a greater certainty in terms of what you are doing,where you are going, and who you are bringing into your circle.

This election will be quite a surprise in many different ways.  There will be a number of close races, and some of them might even be contested by the losers.  There will be more mud slinging as the election draws near, and the problem will be  that, at the bottom, except in a very few cases in which you are dealing with persons of some integrity, things are not that different.  The energies of the times are more important now as topsy-turvy becomes the general theme. There are issues and events on the horizons the response to which will transcend political barriers and move into the area of compassion. The Earth is shifting and sighing.  There will be events that seem to be certain which just fizzle out, and then there will be wild storms that appear out of nowhere.  There is the possibility of a large calamity happening in the far area of the Middle East/Indian Sub-continent.  It will start small and merely as a local event, but can spiral into a major catastrophe.   The Sun will be putting ona massive and uncharacteristic display.  This will leave scientist and people in general wondering just what is going on.  This is a week for staying centered and grounded, especially because there will be a lot of fear-mongering going on out there. Do not get caught up in it.  Be alert to signs and omens.  “THEY” will be doing some work to manipulate many things, like weather, illnesses, coups, but if you can stay centered and see through it all, you will get a better sense of what is going on.  There will be more signs in the skies, so if you wake unexpectedly at 3 am, perhaps you might want to take a look out the window.

Sunday, October 31:    Light Frost

Halloween/Samhain/Dia de Los Muertos:    There is a chill in the air today, as is appropriate  given the date.  Take care in your attitudes, for they can color your communication and how you are being perceived by others.  This is not a day for light-hearted fun as things can be easily misconstrued.  Take on the role of the observer today for there is much to be learned.  There is an energetic shift going on that is causing uncertainty.  Put off important decisions and do not sign any binding documents.  If you can be wary and alert, not only will you see much and learn much, but you can also have a little fun and maybe pull off a few good tricks.

Monday, November 1:    Pale Blue

Today starts off with the sense of a kind of let down, as though things that should have happened before this just are not making themselves known.  You can choose to let this general sense of deflatedness mark your whole day or you can take hold of the positive things that you have done and the desires for accomplishment that you have treasured for so long and go with those.  The energies of the day are twofold, hence the ability to choose.  It is an interesting energy today, and there is a surprise in the wings if you will allow yourself to follow your intuition.  Synchronicities can abound today if you so wish or stuff will not get done, people will be difficult, and expectations will not be fulfilled.  You decide.

Tuesday, November 2:    Pale Green

This is a day on which things you thought were going to get done will be postponed.  Be patient, and do not expect too much.  Time lines are shifting for everyone, and along with these, people are finding that their priorities are changing.  Perspectives are changing also, so if you are looking at something and it seems to take a sudden turn, do not be startled, rather take a moment to analyze what it is that you are seeing, what it is that you expected to see, why it is different, and what it all means to you.  There is a lot more out there than meets the eye. Take time today to get in touch with your feelings.  Take time also to do something you love, something that you have been wanting to do, something that just feels good.  It is time

Wednesday, November 3:    Bright Lime Green

Things are kind of blurry and indistinct today.  If there are decisions that you need to make, if you cannot put them off for another day, then be very clear as to all the various ramifications and implications of what you are choosing.  People are not going to want to say what they really mean.  This is a day also for patience and compassion.  There is a lot of hurt in the air today for many reasons, and a good listener is a great asset.  Take time to arrange your priorities today, and step back from potentially heated situations.  You can discover much today about deeper levels of certain people you know and deeper meaning to some things that you are involved in.

Thursday, November 4:    Reds Tinged Yellow

Nostalgia is in the air today, and as a result your feelings will be quite close to the surface.  This is a good time for looking at events, people, and places around you and in your life that you have unresolved issues about.  You will be better able to deal with them now with a bit of distance and compassion towards self and others in the air.  Take time this evening to work on a project that you like.  Take time also to center and be understanding.  Calm and quiet at this time  will assist in moving forward as the year comes to a strange conclusion.

Friday, November 5:    Indigo

There is mystery in the air, intrigue, and the unexpected.  So think CASABLANCA. RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and DUDE< WHERE”S MY CAR.  Anything can happen today, but the signals and signs are all around.  You can arrange and rearrange things to fit your intentions, and if you do, you can find out that there is more to what you are dealing with than appears on the surface.  Look to some interesting people who will be coming your way (or merely contacting you) for some directives that can assist you in some projects you are working on.  This can be a very fun day if you take on a role and play it, and while doing so find what is real behind what appears to be.  There is much to discover.

Saturday, November 6:    White Powder

New Moon:    This week has taken its toll on everyone, and people are looking for some diversion and some fun.  This is a day upon which much can be gained in many different areas, but you must be focused on your own area and what it is that you wish to gain.  This is not a time to look at what is not happening, rather the energies area calling for you to look at what you can do and to know that it deserves recognition.  Be confident and centered in WHO you are and be grateful for all that comes your way today.