Satellite Imagery Reveals Hidden Structures in Sahara

Mysterious Ancient Structures Hidden
Under The Sand In The Sahara Desert
Could Re-Write History Of Ancient Egypt
Satellite images reveal intriguing and mysterious structures in the Sahara desert. The constructions are either damaged pyramids or antediluvian remains.
Something is very large is hidden under the sand and we don’t know what it is.

The Great Flood is a controversial topic among scientists but there are those who are convinced once in the distant past our planet was submerged and the waters wiped out entire civilizations. Some would say it was the day when Earth nearly died.

Many people associate the story of the Great Flood with the Bible. However, the story of Noah’s ark is not just a Biblical story. Noah was known under a different name in India, among ancient Egyptians and Native Americans, just to mention a few cultures.

Some of the details of the Noah story seem mythical, so many biblical scholars believe the story of Noah and the Ark was inspired by the legendary flood stories of nearby Mesopotamia, in particular “The Epic of Gilgamesh.”

According to a controversial theory once in the distant past there really was a mother of all floods. Fascinated by the idea that the story of the great Flood might be true, Robert Ballard, one of the world’s best-known underwater archaeologists decided to look for traces of an ancient lost civilization that could reveal more information about the Deluge.

Artists concept of the pyramids written about by the Greek historian Herodotus.

Hopefully one day scientists will be able to provide solid evidence supporting the ancient story of the Great Flood and provide more information about a period in our history when the Earth nearly died.

Meanwhile, we can admire and puzzling ancient structures like those discovered by Angela Micol, founder of The Satellite Archaeology Foundation, Inc.

Based on the satellite imagery, Micol suggests that the mounds might represent eroded pyramids.The up-close pictures make the formations look more like piles of rocky rubble.

The largest one appears to have the ruins of a square building or walls on its summit, but it’ll take a full-blown excavation to unravel the mystery.

“We have found some incredible evidence at the Abu Sidhum site and it could be much older than many in Egypt.

There is a distinct water line on all four mounds at around 50 feet in height.

If this site is proven to be an artificial pyramid/mound site it could date back to the Predynastic or the Prehistoric period of ancient Egypt, making this one of the oldest known pyramid/mound complexes in Egypt.

The implications that this site, if proven artificial may be an amazingly old site and could even rewrite the history of ancient Egypt,” Angela Micol says.

Satellite images reveal strange structures in the Sahara Desert.
Image credit: Angela Micol

There is no evidence that these remarkable structures are from times before the Great Flood but one cannot dismiss the possibility their destruction was caused by the devastating waters.

Abu Sidhum Site, Egypt- View from Google Earth.
Image credit: Angela Micol

Image credit: Angela Micol

Angela Micol was contacted by an expedition team in Egypt who visited the Abu Sidhum site.

They sent detailed video of the mounds, showing how they resembled pyramids, along with video of pottery shards which covered the area extensively and helped confirm something is buried under the sand near the site of Abu Sidhum.

The team used a metal and cavity detector that gave positive results for tunnels and cavities inside all four mounds/possible pyramids!

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The team and and Angela Micol believe to have identified a temple or habitation site near the Abu Sidhum site and a row of what may be mastaba tombs adjacent to the mounds!

The remnants are located in an area around the present-day town of Dimai in Egypt’s Fayoum Desert. The locale used to be a desert settlement during Egypt’s Ptolemaic era, back when Greek and Roman influence were on the rise.

A while back scientists unerthed 20 Stone Age skeletons in the Sahara Desert. The burials spanned thousands of years, suggesting the place was a persistent cemetery for the local people. What is more hidden under the sand? Credit: Mary Anne Tafuri

According to Italian archaeologist Paola Davoli, the structures may have been watchtowers – but she hasn’t ruled out the possibility that they might also be tombs or well sites. What’s needed is an excavation to unlock the secrets hidden within.

So for the moment, these remarkable ancient structures remain shrouded in mystery but with proper investigation scientists may learn more about the remains.


Clearing Implants fr/the Archons

Archontic Implant Removal

May 31, 2015

Archontic Implant Removal  in5d in 5d body mind soul spirit

by Kim Hutchinson,
Guest writer,

Recently, I participated in an Archontic implant removal. I’m very excited to share my experience because the results were so positive, and because I firmly believe the removal of these implants is the key to humanity’s liberation. Despite the crucial nature of implant removal, this type of healing is pretty rare. Most people don’t even know who the Archons are, let alone what an Archontic implant is. My hope in sharing this information is to help increase awareness so that other people can activate their implant removal know-how, too.

The Archons

Archons are multidimensional, service-to-self beings who have been feeding off humanity’s energy for eons like giant parasites. They sit atop of the pyramid of power, above all the other power players who have been manipulating us since our inception.  They are the puppet-masters who pull the strings of the ruling elite, both on- and off-world.

The Implants

In order to easily maintain control over us, the Archons created implants which are parasitic in nature, just like their creators. These implants are multidimensional in nature so they affect us on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. There are different kinds of implants used by Team Dark, some of which are physical, but the Archontic ones are etheric.


These devices serve many purposes. They monitor us; they manipulate us with control programming, and they impede our awakening, ascension and spiritual empowerment. Essentially, these devices help keep us small, unaware and virtually powerless. They render us ‘sheeple’.


During the remote healing, I quickly spotted four implants, which I intuitively knew were Archontic in nature. This was the first time I was able to detect these implants in the patient even though I have been working with her for several months. That’s because the  devices were small and easy to miss, and were also multidimensional, meaning they could be phased out of my awareness. Recently however, I received an energetic upgrade, and I assume that’s why I was able to detect them this time.


I was able to remove the implants with the help of my higher angelic self and fellow healing angels. We employed a device that looked like a wand with a light at the end. As the angels touched an implant, light would stream into it illuminating its body and tentacles. The implant would go black; atrophy and die, thereby releasing its grip on the neighboring organ. We then carefully pulled each one out, ensuring that we removed the whole thing. (The process reminded me of removing embedded ticks, which is an apt comparison.)

As the implants were being removed, I saw the face of an Archon. I felt no resistance or interference from him, but knew that our actions were being closely monitored.


As mentioned, these implants were relatively small, almost like a tiny cylinder or even a splinter, and they each had multiple long, veiny tentacles. They were completely black. The tentacles were wrapped tightly around organs in the body, impeding their functions.


The one wrapped around the pineal gland was inhibiting the patient’s intuition. I was surprised to discover that images (i.e. dreams, intuitions) from the pineal gland were being shared with the CIA. There was also an implant at the base of her spine which was dampening her Kundalini energy. The third was tightly wrapped around her heart, making it difficult for her to stay heart-centered, and the fourth was bound to her liver, creating myriad health issues which served as distractions on her life path.


I’m happy to report that the results of the healing surpassed expectations. The patient enthusiastically reported that she finally feels free, and says it feels like a blindfold has been removed.

I can’t wait for the next healing…hopefully I’ll have a chance to remove more implants. That, of course, is up to the person’s higher self. Not everyone is ready to let go of their implants. Preliminary healings are most likely necessary.  Follow-up healings are also advised as this removal process alters so much in a person’s etheric body. But, done correctly, I believe that Archontic implant removal is the key to our freedom!

About the Author:
Kim Hutchinson of is a Dream Healer, Divine Channel and Ascension Guide who offers Multidimensional Healing and Guidance worldwide.


Cleaning Up The Oceans

The World’s First Ocean Cleaning System Will Be Deployed In 2016

May 29


There are five gigantic patches of swirling plastic throughout the Earth’s oceans, known as gyres.thumbProxy


Because of ocean currents, a great majority of the plastic that ends up in the oceans finds its way into these garbage patches, poisoning marine life and ending up in the food supply of the planet.  Toxic chemicals like PCBs and DDTs are absorbed by the plastic and cause diseases like cancer, malformation and impaired reproductive ability.

That the plastic lands in these rotating patches is a double edged sword.  It is horrible, yes, and causes a multitude of problems, but it also localizes the pollutants and gives us a place to start when cleaning up.  It’s estimated that 1/3rd of the world’s oceanic plastic pollution is within the great Pacific Garbage Patch (number 01 on the map above).

One young man saw the problem early in his life.  Boyan Slat, at the age of 18, gave a riveting Ted Talk unveiling his plan to clean the pollution using passive flotation devices and the ocean’s own current.  After all, “why move through the oceans, if the oceans can move through you?”  In 2014, at the age of 19, he realized the plan was actually feasible, and now it’s going into effect off the coast of Japan.

The currents pull the sea life under the floatation devices but the lighter-than-water plastics float into the barriers.  What would have taken humanity 70,000 years to clean with boats and nets can be cleaned, instead, in decades.thumbProxy-1


It’s estimated that a single, 100km cleanup array will clean 42% of the ocean’s plastic in 10 years.  The first array will be deployed in 2016 and technology is underway to recycle the plastic into biofuel.

Source: Minds, The Ocean Cleanup


Information Control, Google, & Alternatives

Who’s Afraid Of The Internet? Elites Panic As Information Control Flounders

Who’s Afraid Of The Internet Elites Panic As Information Control Flounders

1st June 2015

By James Corbett

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Do you want the good news first or the bad news?

Alright, here’s the bad news: Google is about to start ranking sites according to their conformity with mainstream opinion. Or at least that’s what the headlines would have you believe.

The usual sources in the controlled corporate media are telling you that this is a good thing and that only “Anti-science advocates are freaking out about Google truth rankings”. But if that already seems like a remarkably blasé attitude to take when facing the prospect of a 1984-like reality where the modern-age Ministry of Truth (Google) is going to determine the “truth” of controversial subjects and rank search results accordingly, then keep in mind that such articles are written by the likes of Joanna Rothkopf, daughter of mini-Kissinger, and David Rothkopf, author of “Superclass”.

New Scientist – the website that broke the story with their article “Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links” – also framed the story, predictably enough, as “science” versus “anti-science”, starting their article by lamenting the fact that “Anti-vaccination websites make the front page of Google, and fact-free ‘news’ stories spread like wildfire.” The article rejoices in the fact that the good chaps at Google have come up with a bulletproof answer to this mess: “rank websites according to their truthfulness.”

The slightly good news is that, ironically enough, the New Scientist article seems to be a perfect example of a fact-free story spreading around the internet like wildfire. While the story does link to a research paper from a Google research team that outlines a “novel multi-layer probabilistic model” for assigning a “trustworthiness score” to web pages, it neglects to mention that the idea is still very much a theoretical work-in-progress at the moment and is nowhere near ready to be launched. If you have a fetish for multivariate equations, dynamically selected granularity, and line graphs comparing calibration curves for various data analysis methods, have at it!

Who’s Afraid Of The Internet - Elites Panic As Information Control Flounders - Search Engine Algorithm

For the rest of us who are not fluent in boffin-speak, the gist of it is this:

First, a page is harvested for its “knowledge triples.” These are connected triplets of information consisting of a subject, predicate and object. The paper itself helpfully provides the example: Obama – Nationality – USA. A “false value” (again according to the paper itself) would be Obama – Nationality – Kenya. These knowledge triples are assessed for their (Google-determined) accuracy and the page is assigned a KBT (Knowledge-Based Trust) score, which Google could use in place of (or perhaps in some combination with) the traditional PageRank score to determine how high in the search results the web page should place.

The paper uses a list of 15 gossip websites to demonstrate that using this method, sites with disputed and often incorrect information (gossip sites) might rank high in traditional search results, which are weighted toward popularity, but low in the KBT results. But even the paper itself admits there’s a long way to go before this KBT method would be usable by Google to rank billions of web pages.

This is good news for those alt media websites (and their readers) who realize that they are the ones directly in the crosshairs of this technology. Given that Google is nothing other than an American intelligence adjunct (and has been since its inception), would we expect anything resembling a fair assessment of the “truthfulness” surrounding the most politically controversial subjects of our time?

Who’s Afraid Of The Internet - Elites Panic As Information Control Flounders - Google BouncersThe Federal Reserve is a private cartel created by the banksters for the express purpose of manipulating the money supply and controlling the economy? CONSPIRACY THEORY! No Google for you!

Always and throughout history, Governments have used false flag terrorism in order to justify their wars of aggression? SLANDER! Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to the bottom of the search results!

Google and every other major Silicon Valley firm is in bed with the DOD and/or the CIA and/or the NSA? BLASPHEMY! You have been excommunicated from the church of Google.

You get the idea.

But here’s the really good news: even if Google does launch such a system, it is doomed to failure. The internet is one of the last, best bastions of the free market in action that we have in our stultified, regulated, controlled, manipulated economy. Google’s popularity did not come about because government goons pointed a gun at everyone’s head and forced them to use it. They didn’t even create a licensing system for operating search engines, a favorite government trick for keeping genuine competition out of the market. It became popular because it was a million times more useful than AskJeeves or Yahoo! or any of the other outdated, clunky, dysfunctional search “portals” that dominated the web in the late 1990s. Granted, the power of Google’s PageRank may have come directly from the NSA’s own engineers, as some have speculated, but the fact remains: people use it because they can find what they want quickly and easily with minimal fuss.

At that point at which Google stops being useful for its intended purpose (helping people to look for information), people will start to look for alternatives. And alternatives do exist. is a privacy-protecting search engine that returns results drawn from a wide range of other search engines.

DuckDuckGo is another popular alternative search engine focusing on privacy protection that uses a number of innovative tools to make searching quicker and easier.

SigTruth is an “Alternative Media Search Engine for Liberty Minded People” that uses Google’s own custom search abilities against itself by returning only alt media website results on various topics.

And even the news that Google might at some point start using its “truthiness” score to downgrade the alt media has spurred others in the alt media (like Natural News founder Mike Adams) to announce the creation of their own search engines.

This is how the free market of ideas is meant to work, and if and when Google starts returning sanitized propaganda, those who are uninterested in sanitized propaganda will vote with their feet/fingertips.

Who’s Afraid Of The Internet - Elites Panic As Information Control Flounders - New World Order - House Of CardsBut here’s the best news of all: what this urge to categorize sites by “truthfulness” (and all of the back-slapping, high-fiving articles about this news from the dying establishment mouthpiece media) really shows is just how desperate the would-be gatekeepers are becoming in their fight to put the alt media genie back in the bottle. And even better yet, this is by no means the first sign that the gatekeepers are losing their war to keep the people in the dark on the topics that matter.

In 2008, arch-globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski started lamenting how, for the first time in human history “all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive.” This, as he stressed in speeches and articles at the time, means that it is no longer possible to dominate people in the same ways that they have been dominated for centuries.

In 2011, Hillary Clinton admitted that the US was losing the information war to alternative media outlets of all stripes.

In 2013, had to turn off comments on all of their articles because, they said, a “decades-long war on expertise has eroded the popular consensus on a wide variety of scientifically validated topics” like catastrophic man-made climate change.

And poll after poll after poll in year after year after year continues to chart the decline of the dinosaur print/radio/tv media and the rise of the internet as a source of daily news and information for the majority of the public.

Yes, there are dark skies and reasons to be concerned about what’s coming in the inevitable digital clampdown. But there are bright spots as well, and these deserve to be noted, highlighted and celebrated. After all, the people have had a taste for real information and now more people than ever before see through the increasingly clumsy propaganda of the establishment. And that makes the propaganda increasingly useless for setting the political agenda.

The internet revolution toothpaste is out of the tube, and it’s going to be one heck of a job getting it back in. And that’s good news.


Skeptics & Wikipedia

Wikipedia Graphic

Wikipedia: Captured by Skeptics


The Wikipedia Problem


by the Editors


Wikipedia currently is the area in which dogmatic skeptics are most successful and influential. One of these activist groups is called Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia, founded by Susan Gerbic. Another leader of the online skeptical movement is Tim Farley, who runs the website Skeptical Software Tools.The situation is particularly bad in any areas to do with parapsychology, alternative and complementary medicine, and on the biography pages of scientists involved in investigating these areas.

The Wikipedia skeptics work in teams (contrary to Wikipedia rules) and most are well trained. They generally operate under pseudonyms. It is not necessary to have any particular skill or expertise to become an editor. Anyone can edit. But it is necessary to understand the complex rules of Wikipedia. The skeptical activists are well versed in the rules, and are able to bully and outwit editors who are trying to ensure that articles are balanced and fair. When fair-minded editors oppose the skeptic teams, they are accused of defying the skeptical consensus, and warned that they will be banned from editing. If they persist they are indeed banned. Many such editors have been driven away, to the detriment of Wikipedia and its users. For a detailed case study, see Wikipedia, We Have a Problem.

Although Wikipedia’s official policy is that articles should represent a neutral point of view, skeptics have infiltrated the administration of Wikipedia and have managed to get parapsychology defined as a pseudoscience, along with many aspects of alternative and complementary medicine. The skeptic teams then claim that any editor opposing them is contravening the neutral point of view policy, because these subjects are defined as pseudoscience. These teams are committed to a kind of scientific fundamentalism, and take an extremely narrow view of science, even narrower than that of more mainstream skeptical organizations. Even the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry does not dismiss all parapsychology as pseudoscience: indeed some leading skeptics, like Professor Chris French, have explicitly stated that they regard it as a real science (French, C. C., & Stone, A. Anomalistic Psychology: Exploring Paranormal Belief and Experience, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

Unfortunately, the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, is a supporter of the skeptical extremists. In response to the systematic distortion to Wikipedia entries on holistic medicine, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) organized on online petition to Jimmy Wales through asking for a balanced and scientific approach to these subjects. There were 7,000 signatures. In response, Wales called practitioners of alternative medicine “lunatic charlatans.” He resisted calls for change by saying that Wikipedia’s policies are “exactly spot-on and correct.”

So beware! Until Wikipedia can be reformed or replaced, it is essential to treat its skeptic-infested pages with extreme skepticism.


Dorset, England Crop Circle

Crop Circle Found In Farmers Field At Dorset, England On May 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 2015
Location of discovery: Blindfold, Dorset, England

This crop circle found this week in England almost resembles the old Norse art for the viking era. The farmer has requested that people not come to visit and that understandable. If this was made by a UFO or if it was man made, the farmer doesn’t care. He lost some of his crop and thats never good. It would be nice to have some geiger counter readings from the field or magnetic field reading. SCW

To De-Google or Not?


How to avoid Google surveillance and protect your personal data

(NaturalNews) It all seemed rather innocent in the beginning. It certainly seemed convenient, and still is – maybe more so than ever, to be truthful. But if you haven’t noticed, slowly and gradually, during the past 17 years since its inception, Google has evolved from being a company which once merely provided Internet users with a free search engine and email to becoming an all-encompassing entity that monitors nearly everything you do.

And not only does Google snoop on you, it takes the personal information it has collected and sells it to corporations. Google also provides that information to intelligence agencies, such as the NSA.

A recent article penned by Derek Scally of The Irish Times explores the extent of Google’s tentacles into our private lives and offers some very useful advice on how to “de-Google” your life.

And why should you de-Google your life if you have “nothing to hide”?

From Scally’s article, which is titled “De-Google your life: it’s worth the hassle if you value your privacy”:

“For privacy campaigner Glenn Greenwald, the man who revealed Snowden’s mass surveillance claims against the National Security Agency, the most common response he hears on the road is what he calls the ‘I have nothing to hide’ argument. To this he has a simple answer.

‘Whenever I hear someone say “I have nothing to hide,” ‘ said Mr Greenwald in Berlin last year, ‘I always ask that person for their email password so I can read their messages. No one has ever taken me up on the offer.’ “

How to de-Google your life

Look for storage alternatives – Scally recommends not putting “all your digital eggs” in one basket. For example, he urges people to explore alternatives for storing emails, photos and cloud content. European-based services are preferable due to EU laws which protect privacy. German-based is one example of an alternative mail service that does not sell or give your data to corporate interests.

Change the way you search – Whenever you can, use an alternative search engine that doesn’t track your searches, such as or (GoodGopher is a new search engine described as “the world’s first privacy-protecting search engine that bans corporate propaganda and government disinfo”).

Block cookies – We’re told that cookies “improve the user experience,” but they also track everything you do online. Install a tracking blocker, such as Ghostery or DoNotTrackMe, into your browser. You can also download the service from AVG, which helps you click the right privacy settings on your computer and the Internet services you currently use.

Find an alternative to Gmail – Scally admits that it’s “difficult” to give up Gmail and its 15GB of “free” storage, but he points out that even though you theoretically retain intellectual property rights to the content stored on Google, you also give the company a: “worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify . . . communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such content.” Better to use a service such as the above-mentioned or Posteo. Another alternative is to encrypt your emails using PGP.

Stop using Google and Apple cloud services – Keeping your calendars and contacts synced on multiple devices without using the Google or Apple cloud services can also be difficult because, as Scally notes: The “big players deliberately tinker with file standards for their calendar and address-book offerings to make migration possible and keep you inside their golden cage.” This “devious and effective practice” is perhaps not easy to sidestep, but it’s probably worth the hassle. And as Scally says, “if you clear this hurdle, you’re home free.”

Smartphone alternatives – It’s possible to wipe your Android phone and install CyanogenMod, which uses the same OS, only without Google’s presence. However, installing it requires some technical skills. Another alternative is to invest in a Jolla smartphone. Jolla is a Finnish-made smartphone that uses an OS with “no corporate tentacles.” A team of Nokia designers left the company to introduce this product, which aside from offering privacy also has some very innovative features.

Pigeon Arrested for Spying


Pakistani pigeon arrested for espionage in India (VIDEO)

Published time: May 30, 2015 23:44
Screenshot from Ruptly video

Screenshot from Ruptly video

While intelligence agencies across the globe are busy boosting their communication interception capabilities, Indian authorities have not forgotten the centuries-old methods adversaries might use, literally intercepting a spy pigeon from Pakistan.

Hard to believe but true. It is one of the few occasions recently that a bird has been deemed a “spy” and arrested by authorities after the discovery of a secret message or a wire-like objects on their bodies.

The white pigeon is believed to have crossed from Pakistan earlier this week, before a 14-year-old boy in the Indian village of Pathankot, Punjab state, captured it some 4km from the border.

The boy rushed to hand the “spy” over to police, who discovered a message in the Urdu language and numbers that authorities believe were part of a landline telephone number in Pakistan’s Narowal district.

Puzzled by the discovery, police sent the bird to get x-rayed for more possible clues. “Nothing adverse has been found, but we have kept the bird in our custody,” Pathankot senior superintendent of police (SSP) Rakesh Kaushal told the Times of India.

“This is a rare instance of a bird from Pakistan being spotted here. We have caught a few spies here. The area is sensitive, given its proximity to Jammu, where infiltration is quite common,” said Kaushal.

Because the messenger was seized as an inter-state security conference was taking place among Punjab police, authorities decided to make a diary entry classifying the bird as a “suspected spy”, and notifying intelligence agencies.

The pigeon discovery also comes two days after the country’s Intelligence Bureau (IB) issued an alert warning of Indian Mujahideen being active in Jammu and Pathankot regions.

This is not the first time birds have been arrested for spying. In 2008, Iranian authorities arrested two pigeons allegedly spying on a nuclear facility. In 2013, a stork was detained in Egypt also on espionage charges.


Magnetic Filaments on the Sun

MAGNETIC FILAMENTS ON THE SUN: With no sunspots actively flaring this weekend, solar activity is low. Or is it? There’s more to solar activity than sunspots and flares. “I can’t recall ever seeing as many magnetic filaments on the sun as I have this month,” points out amateur astronomer John W. O’Neal of Amherst, Ohio. “This composite image is my tribute to the filament-ridden sun of May 2015.”

Indeed, the sun has been unusually filamentary. Vast strands of plasma held together by magnetic fields have crept across the face of the sun all month long. Occasionally, these dark filaments become unstable and erupt, hurling parts of themselves into space. Fragments falling back to the stellar surface can explode, producing a type of flare called a Hyder flare–no sunspot required.

There is an extra-large filament on the solar disk today. It stretches more than 700,000 km from end to end–about twice the distance from Earth to the moon. These dimensions make it an easy target for backyard solar telescopes.


Large Japan Earthquake – May 30

Massive very deep earthquake out of the Japan coast – NO tsunami

Last update: May 30, 2015 at 12:53 pm by By

Update : So far NO aftershocks which may stay like that in the case of these very deep earthquakes

Update : The earthquake will have been felt in a very wide area, mostly as a long slight shaking.

Update : 1 prefecture got a 5+ shaking value : Ogasawara-mura Hahajima (Chich jima island and nearest to the epicenter). 5+ is considered at ER as a possible damaging earthquake.

Update : JMA Japan reports even a higher Magnitude than those listed on this page M8.5 at 590 km depth

Update : JMA Japan reports NO tsunami warnings or advisories (because of the deep hypocenter)

Update : a very deep earthquake happened in the hot solid mantle of the earth  out of the Japan coast

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 04.42.00

189km (117mi) WNW of Chichi-shima, Japan
771km (479mi) SSE of Shimoda, Japan
781km (485mi) SSE of Oyama, Japan
783km (487mi) SE of Shingu, Japan
874km (543mi) S of Tokyo, Japan

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 7.7

Local Time (conversion only below land) : Unknown

GMT/UTC Time : 2015-05-30 11:23:03