April 26-May 2

Overall Color for the Week:    Cal Color Magenta

This is a week of unsettled times and energies.  Take care not to buy into the fears and warnings that you will find all around you.  Know that there is a change in the air, and with change comes upset.  Old patterns and ways are struggling to remain in force.  New patterns and ways are on the horizon, just beginning to make themselves felt.  There is a sense of tearing between these two things.  People, situations, business, all will be delicate this week.  Do not go too far in anything you do.  These themes will be reflected in the news and in the Earth.  There will be shiftings and slidings along the surface of the Earth, and too much water will fall in odd places and out of season winds.  The news will begin to bring about stories of more war, more destruction, more panic, more illness.  Look through the surface.  See that below is the change, and it will be and become that which you put your energy into.  Reflect on things and research before making any hard and fast decisions.  Not everything you hear is true.  Be patient with family and friends. Continue reading

Chromoscope Updates

Recently my computer was affected by a virus which has left me unable to post the daily Chromoscope descriptions. I have posted below the Overall Colors for the Week for this week.  Hopefully, within a few days, the situation will be remedied. Should you wish to donate for a new computer for the Institute, please click on the Donate button. Thank you.

UPDATE:  With a little help from my friend, actually an amazing lot of help from my friend, Jolyon Terwilliger (an amazing web designer — check out his site @nixboxdesigns.com) I am up and running again.  I have posted the overall color for this week, and will start with the regular posts on April 26.  Thanks for your understanding.

Week ending April 18: Overall Color: Congo Blue

This is and has been a week of ups and downs, a week in which things and people you thought were dependable and reliable turned out to be disappointing. There is much in the air these days that is working to cause fear and bring about a loss of the sense of personal power. This is not a time to give into it. It is a time to look beyond appearances on every level. Hear the meanings behind the words that are being spoken and look for importance in the seemingly trivial. This is not a time to give up, although things will make you feel that everything is truly falling apart. It is a time to center strongly in WHO you are. Do not believe what you see on the news. Know that it is only part of the story., The real story is being created by those who have finally decided to take their lives into their own hands.

Week Ending April 25: Overall Color: Cal Color 90 Blue

This promises to be a week of “almosts” in every area and o every level. Things will almost reach a conclusion. You will almost understand some of the issues you have been working with. Earth changes and movements will almost create major disasters. It is also a week of tipping points, times when the ‘almosts’ have the potential of moving into reality. How this will affect you will depend upon how much you buy into the shadows out there that tell you what they want you to believe. It will also depend upon how you set yourself up in relation to all that is happening. As long as you stay centered in yourself and know that when you openly embrace and listen to the counsel of your heart, all will be well and you will succeed. Look also for strange stories and weird dreams. make note of them for with the coming month more and more strangeness will appear and the hints you are getting now will not only make sense but have the potential of opening up for you new paths and abilities.

April 5-11

Overall Color for the Week:    Clear

Things will be coming out into the open this week. Not all at once, and there will be ups and downs. Energetically things remain difficult. There is a sense of not having a real foothold. There is a sense that things are tipping. As the week progresses, you will experience highs and lows, but ultimately, that will make you stronger, better able to deal with things as the energy builds for these next two weeks, and more in touch with the deeper energetic levels that are coming to the fore. In the news, certain things that have been hidden will start to come out more. On the financial scene, there will be a change of attitude and a loss of patience with what the government and the large corporations are doing. People will begin to see things in a new light. The Earth is moving more this week. Tremors are happening in places that before were more tranquil. And there will be a message coming out that will bring hope to all. Continue reading