April 26-May 2

Overall Color for the Week:    Cal Color Magenta

This is a week of unsettled times and energies.  Take care not to buy into the fears and warnings that you will find all around you.  Know that there is a change in the air, and with change comes upset.  Old patterns and ways are struggling to remain in force.  New patterns and ways are on the horizon, just beginning to make themselves felt.  There is a sense of tearing between these two things.  People, situations, business, all will be delicate this week.  Do not go too far in anything you do.  These themes will be reflected in the news and in the Earth.  There will be shiftings and slidings along the surface of the Earth, and too much water will fall in odd places and out of season winds.  The news will begin to bring about stories of more war, more destruction, more panic, more illness.  Look through the surface.  See that below is the change, and it will be and become that which you put your energy into.  Reflect on things and research before making any hard and fast decisions.  Not everything you hear is true.  Be patient with family and friends.

Sunday, April 26:    Medium Violet

You are still feeling tired and unable to undertake any large scale programs.  The world seems to lie around you like a haze, and you really do not feel as though you are in control of things today.  You sense deep within a growing urge to break out of things, but you cannot find the energy to take action.  It is a day for analyzing your feelings, determining their roots, and knowing what is most important for you.  Your emotions hide messages from your heart, but when you reviewing them, take a clinical viiewpoint lest you fall into an unwilliiness to go too far.

Monday, April 27:    Royal Blue

You are feeling the urge to come out into the open, to dance, to sing, to do crazy things that otherwise you might not do.  It is hard to take things seriously on the one hand, but on the other you feel an urge to fall too deeply into self-criticism and fear.  Paradoxically, you are find humor funny in people, things and events that in themselves are not funny.  Others may see your reactions as inappropriate or unlike you.  This is fine.  Today is a day for surprises to happen, for things to begin, for stuff to be different.  You are knowing that and feeling that also.  Do not let things around you cause you to lose yours spirit.  This is a day when you can control things for yourself.  Do it!

Tuesday, April 28:  Red Diffusion

Things are out of control on every level and in every sector, so do not rely on plans that you have made.  There is no place to come to rest.  You are feeling uncentered, alone.  You have the sense that things are not what they appear to be, that they are all wrong somehow.  You cannot seem to find a friend in the sea of faces around you or a place to rest.  Take time today to go within.  Take charge of WHO you are and what it is that you wish to accomplish.  Events are proceeding more quickly than expected.  There will be rumors of things that might make you want to panic —Earth events, pandemics, financial crises worsening…  Know that as much energy that you put into the fear, the more it will grow within you.  Focus on peace, on dreams, on love, on the beauty and gift of nature, and all will be well today.

Wednesday, April 29:    Pale Yellow Green

What IS going on?  You are feeling today that things are much better than they have been for a while, yet you are somewhat perplexed.  You want to control, to understand.  This is not the time for it. You will find yourself seeing people and events in new lights and finding yourself running into chance encounters and situations that you KNOW will have a meaning for your life as it goes on.  Go with that knowing.  It is a good day to coast, to enjoy.  Take time to chat with old friends, to window shop, to have a special treat.  Make yourself available for the serendipity that is in the air.

Thursday, April 30:    Special Lavender

This is, in fact, a special day.  This is a day when dreams can come true.  Do you know what your dreams truly are?  Sit for a moment and prioritize.  What is the one thing that most of all you would like to happen in your life.  When you have come to this conclusion, then it is time to do a little ceremony and make it real.  This is what ceremonies are for.  They allow you to take an intention and bring it into energetic realization.  It is most important never to let go of the reality, of the fulfillment of that intention on this level.  Intention needs your attention.  Today is a day to create.

Friday, May 1:    Lavender Mist

May Day.  There is something in the air today that makes you want to laugh.  The sense of the oppression of the past few months is lessening, and you are feeling, even knowing that things are getting better.  It is not a time to fall into the realities of others, on any level.  Discover for yourself the truth that will fulfill you.  See that in everything you do.  Know that vibration calls to like vibration, and if you are to be truly WHO you are, your vibration must be clear and strong.  Today is a day to work with that and BE.

Saturday, May 2:    Light Frost

There is a sense of unreality in the air today.  You feel as though things are not as they should be.  Be aware of what it is you are doing, and take extra care in everything, in driving, in speaking, etc.  You will find that everyone is cautious and somewhat suspicious.  Do not buy into their fears.  Do not take too seriously any criticism that may come your way.  The day has a sense of foreboding on all levels, perhaps you might want just to hibernate at home, read a good book, be with your family, be somewhere you feel safe.