May 3-9

Overall Color for the Week:    Tipton Blue

And in the end, everything will become clearer.  This is the theme for this week.  There is much confusion in the air and many things will be misunderstood.  You will find yourself out of sorts and not able to get things done the way you used to.  You will find that some of the things that used to seem so important no longer have the same glow.  And there will be bouts of extreme tiredness and crankiness.  There is much happening below the surface this week.  It will be reflected in your moods, in the feeling that you can never seem to get yourself looking just the way you would like.  On a larger scale, you will see this in the panic that will be stirred up in the world as a whole.  Look for earth movements and unexpected weather patterns in areas that are falling prey to the fear that is being created by the media, etc.  It is time to get a new perspective on everything that is happening.  The way to do this is to decide what it is that you want for your life, and write out a program (or feel out a program) of how to achieve this.  Then go for it.  Let the rest take care of itself.  You in charge of your own reality.

Sunday, May 3:   Light Pink

This is a day in which to enjoy life.  Things will run smoothly and peacefully.  It  is a good day for taking a breather.  It is a good day for being an observer only, and not getting caught up in any deep thoughts or emotions.  It is not a time for trying to make things work out one way or the other.  Things will just happen as they will, and if you let that be the theme today, you will find that you feel better at the end of the day.  You can sleep well.  It is time for a rest.

Monday, May 4:    Daylight Blue

Watch for things to come out in the open, to be shown in clear relief.  You will be able to see through what you are being told to think to what lies beneath the surface.  There is a possibility that some scary news will come out in the media.  Know that there is more to what is being said than what is reported, moreover there are other layers that are not being addressed.  You will also find that your perspectives on people will be shifting as they do things that are uncharacteristic of them.  Be alert for clues in behaviors, and watch what you say.  Just as things are becoming clearer to you on various levels, so things about you are becoming clearer to others, including yourself.  It is a good time to take stock of WHO you are and what  it is that you wish to be.

Tuesday, May 5:  Medium Salmon Pink

This is a time to pull back and let others move ahead of you.  Do not take any precipitate action.  There is someone and/or something in the shadows today in every place and on every level, so watch your speed while you are driving, be aware of the words you are using, act, do not react, and take extra care with everything else.  You do not want to break something.  You may find that people seem to want to get into an argument, just back off, and center within.  There is movement on may levels, but it is not a day for resolution.  If you are asked for direction or opinion, opt to negotiate.  Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, May 6:    Special Lavender

Time for slow motion.  You will get things done today, but everything will seem to take longer than usual.  This is good day to complete things, for you will get them done with attention to detail.  You are waiting for something, and you are wishing for something else.  Time to analyze why it is that what you desire is so different from what you expect.  See expectation for what it is — how much derives from you and how much derives from what you have been told you are worth. Realize that you can have anything you desire if you will take that desire and make it part of the vibration of WHO you are.  Clear intention and focus will bring about the results you desire.  If you choose to listen to advice today, take tie to think it over before acting upon it.  There is the sense of something unexpected about to happen.  It may be today or tomorrow, but it most certainly is coming.  Be ready.

Thursday, May 7:    No Color Pink

Mercury goes retrograde until May 30.  Today is a day for serendipities if you are open and alert to them, but there is the sense of the trickster in the air.  Things are not always what they seem.  You will feel that things are changing, but it is only a feeling.  You cannot point to anything concrete.  You will find yourself in conversations that seem terribly meaningful at first, but upon reflection, you wonder what it was that you were finding so significant.  Watch out for chance encounters.  You may find that there are things out there that you do no wish to know about nor to be involved with.  Yet with all the various themes of the day, overall things seem upbeat.  You are not sure why.  Sometimes it is better not to question, but just go with it.

Friday, May 8:    Turquoise Blue

This is a day of layers upon layers.  Everything you do, everything you feel, and everyone you meet seem to have some kind of other agenda.  Watch out for miscommunication.  Be careful of others who may not want to understand what it is you are saying and may even want to become argumentative. Do not allow yourself to become engaged in these kinds of things.  Stay to the middle, be neutral.  Know that there is always more to things that what appears on the surface.  If you keep this in mind, you may find that there are surprises awaiting you on each and every layer.

May 9:    Pea Green

Full Flower Moon in Scorpio.  Vesak or Buddha’s Birthday.  Nothing will be clear today.  You will find yourself walking in and out of situations that you cannot quite understand.  You may encounter someone you have always wanted to meet, and find they are not quite as interesting up close as they were at a distance.  Be wary of people and things that cause you to fall into fear and guilt.  Know that these emotions oftentimes are imposed from the outside and not part of WHO you truly are, but rather a reflection of how you are feeling in relation to people and things.  You can make it through.  You have nothing to be fearful of as long as you stay centered and grounded, and this is a good day to be grounded.  Remember that the world did not settle until the Buddha found the right spot under the Bodghi tree, and then he was enlightened.  Find your right spot and all will fall into place.