May 10-16

Sunday, May 10:  Canary

Mothers’ Day:    Oh, what a beautiful morning, but do not overdo for the rest of the day.  Things feel wonderful , and life seems to have taken on a new sheen.  Watch out, however, for too much of a good thing.  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, and do what feels right, but let moderation be the key.  You will feel the energy building as the day wears on, and that very build up can cause a drag on your emotions.  You may find, as the day winds down, that you are getting a little testy, that people are becoming a little too much.  It is a good night for turning in early.

Monday, May 11:    Rose Gold

Who is looking at you?  There is a sense that there is something beyond what is obvious.  Take time to feel what it is that is around you.  Know that there are hints and suggestions as to what it is you are truly looking for.  You might feel yourself more connected to people and events than you have for quite some time.  It is a good day for working with your core self, with what it is that you truly desire.  Think about what it is that you are doing in your life at this time, and feel what it is that truly brings you joy, then take some time to find and experience that joy.

Tuesday, May 12:    Gallo Gold

It is a day of ups and downs.  You will find yourself skating along through your chores, endeavors, studies, tasks, etc, and then boom, something will disrupt everything.  You deal with it, and the cycle starts again.  This is just how it is today.  Try not to become flustered by seeming inconveniences and obstacles.  They will only be around for a short period of time.  Keep your eyes focused on the evening, when it will be a good time to regroup and enjoy the things you love.

Wednesday, Mary 13:  Deep Lavender

This is a day for going within, for finding the things that say WHO you are.  Be calm and quiet in the energy of today and all will be well.

Thursday, May 14:  Magenta

Today is a day for getting things done.  Go for it!!!

Friday, May 15:    Follies Pink

This is a day of dreams and daring.  Do not worry about the consequences.

Saturday, May 16:    Dark Yellow Green

Fertilization and growth.  Harmony and light.  Today is a good one for rejoicing in all that is around you, your freinds, family, pets, home, nature