April 5-11

Overall Color for the Week:    Clear

Things will be coming out into the open this week. Not all at once, and there will be ups and downs. Energetically things remain difficult. There is a sense of not having a real foothold. There is a sense that things are tipping. As the week progresses, you will experience highs and lows, but ultimately, that will make you stronger, better able to deal with things as the energy builds for these next two weeks, and more in touch with the deeper energetic levels that are coming to the fore. In the news, certain things that have been hidden will start to come out more. On the financial scene, there will be a change of attitude and a loss of patience with what the government and the large corporations are doing. People will begin to see things in a new light. The Earth is moving more this week. Tremors are happening in places that before were more tranquil. And there will be a message coming out that will bring hope to all.

Sunday, April 5:

Palm Sunday. Cal Color Magenta

There are no accidents. Today is an opportunity for things to begin anew. You may find events happening around you that seem out of control. You may question friends and family in terms of what they are saying to you and how they are acting, but know that it is all good. You are being asked to look at things differently and to see how that makes you feel. It is a time for creating yourself anew., and the uncertainty in the outward world gives you the freedom to do just that.

Monday, April 6: Congo Blue

Things are hiding in shadows today. You have a sense of something lurking, perhaps with not the best intentions in mind. It is not a day in which to put yourself forward. It is a day for caution, for listening and not speaking. Wait. This is also a time for waiting. Nothing that is started today will easily be resolved. So stay within. Reflect on your true self and what it is that you are trying to bring into your life.

Tuesday, April 7: Light Tough Frost

Today you will feel like stretching your muscles, like getting out and getting things done. Do not be put off by seeming obstacles. Know that they are only temporary and that any short term goals you set for today can be realized. It is a day on which to honor the physical nature of who you are. It is a day for looking good, for enjoying the sense of spring in the air, the beauty of the world, the truth of things, and a good meal. It is a day to rive yourself time to enjoy.

Wednesday, April 8: Surprise Blue

Buddha’s Birthday. If you feel like rejoicing, do so. There is a sense of things finally coming together. Do not try to manipulate, rather allow things to happen. Messages will come from odd places. People who are not part of your usual group may appear to tell you things. It is a good day for chance encounters. There is something on the horizon. You are feeling good, you are feeling happy, and those feelings bring to you a new perspective.

Thursday, April 9: Golden Amber

Full Moon Libra. Passover. There is a mellow feel to today. You will not want to get much done. You are the observer. Things are sprouting, but it still remains underground. This is a good time to set forth what it is that you wish to accomplish within the next two weeks. The light of the full moon will shine upon your desires, but it will wane and the truth of your desires will lie in the things that remain. The news can bring word of more things going down, but this is temporary. Watch more for the movements of the Earth today. Those are the big changes.

Friday, April 10: Minus Green

Good Friday. There is a note of sadness sin the air today. The news may not all be good. Things that you have worried about seem closer to reality than before. To counter the negativity, it is important today to stay grounded in your deep seated knowledge of your own power and ability. It is time to focus on your own creative powers and not allow the illusions and words of those around you to determine what you do.

Saturday, April 11: CalColor Pink

What is it about Saturdays that makes us feel better? This is truly a day on which you will be feeling better on every level, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. You feel that you can do what ever it is you desire. Things outside of yourself seem all to be on one level, and they do not seem to matter. You are feeling young. You are feeling the happy anticipation that spring can bring. Remember this emotion. It is a good place to go when things get tough.