March 29-April 4

Overall Color for the Week: Tipton Blue

This is a week of ups and downs. There will be many challenges this week, and there will never be a point at which you are feeling in control of everything. These sensations can be manifested in small physical issues, a cough, an headache, and slight nagging in the back. None of them serious. On the wider scene, there will be conflicting reports in the news and strange weather phenomena. You might even hear a thing or two about UFO’s. This week is one in which there will be a sense of transition. It is important to stay grounded throughout it all, and to become familiar with the unfamiliar.

Sunday, March 29: CalColor 30 Red

Today you cannot seem to figure out just what is going on. Anger is in the air, along with passivity. But there is no real form, shape, or definition to anything. You feel you should get things done. You feel you should stay focused, however you are not sure what it is that needs to be done and/or what it is that you should be focusing on. It is a day for looking out at the horizon. Do not worry about what lies between you and there. Any attempts to define, fix, or complete will end in frustration.

Monday, March 30: Deep Blue

There is a mystery in the air today. Nothing is clear or even obvious. You feel that there is almost a sense of something sinister that is happening. This will be reflected in Earth events and the news. Do not get caught up in the general sense of things not being right. Know that this is merely temporary. Know that while it is something of an indication of the way things have been and will continue for a time, it has no power over you unless you allow it.

Tuesday, March 31: Light Rose

Energy levels are low today, but you are feeling a bit more optimistic. Expect good news from someone close. And know that their good news will impact you also. There is a light there at the end of the tunnel. You are beginning to feel that just maybe spring is in the air. There will be some relief in weather events that have been impacting the country and the world. It is time to begin to focus on your true desires, on what you wish to accomplish. Write a list, outline steps, and be prepared to act.

Wednesday, April 1: Light Merlot

April Fool’s Day: Watch out for the Trickster today. Know that s/he takes many guises and plays many roles. Things maybe hectic and unpredictable in your work life. Do not take yourself or anything else too seriously. There is a sense of an opening up of opportunities today. You may find that below the surface something you planted quite some time ago is beginning to flower. Look for it to happen within the next two weeks. There will be a coming joy from something or someone remembered.

Thursday, April 2: Tough Faded Green

You are feeling somewhat lonely, away from persons, places, things. It is a day when you seem out of touch. You almost feel as though you are wandering around in a fog. There will be some chance encounters today for you, but you will not be able to understand just what they mean for you. Things will become clearer as time goes on. Watch fro some unexpected news. Things that have been mentioned or hinted at may start to come out to the surface.

Friday, April 3: Double Blue

Today is a day when you will feel like celebrating. Perhaps it is just because it is Friday, but the bottom line is that you are feeling good. You are feeling that things are working out and will continue to do so, You get a renewed sense of purpose. Plans that you have made in the past are starting to work out. It is a good time to appreciate WHO you are and do something good for yourself.

Saturday, April 4: Salmon Pink

Wow and hurray. This is a day on which you feel both tired and energized at the same time. It is a good time to network with friends and family, even pets, to find joy in the little things. Take a walk outside in Nature. Listen to some favorite music. There will be ups and downs today, but none of them major. You will be feeling that you are pretty much in control of things. Take time to enjoy that feeling and appreciate yourself.