November 1-7

Overall Color for the Week:    Powder Frost

There will be revelations coming to the fore this week, but they will arrive in such a form that they will not be terribly startling or unsettling.  You will feel yourself to be more ethereal than you have for a while.  You will find that there are things about yourself that you like. You will also be willing to take a look at the things about yourself that you do not really like, but with more kindness than before.  The energies of this week are such that you will be able to evaluate yourself objectively and lovingly .  You will have a new understanding of what it is that You are .  On the wider scene, the news will be carrying warnings about things related to war, flu, and finance, but the doom and gloom that they are wanting to advertise will not really seem true.  There will be glitches in each of these messages that make the news seem unreliable.  Watch for there to be a kind of wave like movement on the earth so that earth events seem to start in one place, and slowly progress around the globe.  There is the possibility of some kind of message from space.  Perhaps there will be hints of ET presence.  It is all coming.  The  elections of the week, especially in terms of bond issues, will show that the opinions of people are changing, and that they are becoming more invested in what it is that is truly important.  Watch for some news of a person who will become more important as time goes buy. Continue reading


Fate includes both what you are and what you are becoming.  Each person has a kind of fate in their life towards certain happenings, etc., but it is not unchangeable.  Rather, fate is the working out of the wishes and lessons of the individual in becoming the WHO you wish to experience in this turn of the wheel. It is sort of like being on a stage with   a role to play, other actors, props, etc.  But just as much as you are the lead actor, you are also the director and you can change things to suit you as you go along.

That is how it is with fate.  It is what you have decreed for yourself at this time, and this means that both necessity and freedom have parts to play. The necessity derives from the physical situation, the time in which you live and all the variables of that environment.  Added to that are the experiences that you wish to have as part of your unfolding of your experience of being universal consciousness.  The freedom derives from the fact that at any time, you can rewrite the script.  You have power for change in your life.

There are people who have done a complete turnabout, oftentimes after some life changing event, say a Near Death Experience.  These things, however, come frequently as the result of some seemingly small happening.  When they happen, it is like you have skipped a grade in school.  You have compressed a bunch of lessons into one, and you are ready to move on along a different track.  Necessity is being fulfilled, you are experiencing consciousness as this person that you are, and freedom is at work, time to move on to something new.

So fate is not static, carved in stone, or immutable.  Fate is active and works with you as you change.  As the unfolding of the Universe accelerates, you too accelerate in your own development.  And the end result of that is the joy of ever-growing self knowledge and love.

October 25 – 31

Color for the Week:    Storaro Violet

Perhaps just because it is Halloween week, we will be seeing so-called anomalies everywhere.  They will start small on Tuesday, and grow as the week progresses.  So do not be surprised if you find yourself doing things that are out of character.  Watch for some unusual clumsiness, and think before taking any action.  There will be more to things than meets the eye.

This week brings ups and downs, but the bottom line is learning.  So do not be afraid of the lessons that will be coming your way this week.   Some will be hard — things that you did not want to deal with.  Others will confirm things you already knew but had not been ready to deal with.  There are friends and strangers who will appear when you need help.  And you will begin to see your own sensitivities growing.  Through it all, you will be taken care of.  Look for masks to fall on political events in the world.  Look also for rumblings within the earth.  A late season tropical storm in the Atlantic can make itself known.  More shake ups in the financial world are coming, with news of the markets being, at best, unreliable.  There is a movement afoot to make people believe the worst.  It has started in the area of finance, and will continue in other areas as well.   Do not be afraid.  Hold tight to your truth and do what you need to do to feel secure.  This is a good time to change your focus.  It does not have to be an huge change, just a small attention to details that you have overlooked before.  There may be, as they say, a devil in the details, but there are angels as well. Continue reading

October 18 – 24

Overall Color for the Week:    Light Amber

Even as the amber sap of ancient trees carries the history of things long past, dragging along bits of foliage and bugs that got caught in its web, so this week will bring forth memories of things past.  These memories will cling to you as the week goes on.  Analyze those memories as they contain messages that you were not ready for when the memories were formed.   Treasure the lessons that you learned, and move forward with new knowledge.

This week promises to be one of clearing out and cleansing.  New energies have been coming in  with strength and purpose.  They are shaking up the way the old things used to be.  You will be seeing more and more evidence of these new energies as things in the news and on the media begin to indicate that things are falling apart.  There is the possibility of power outages and shortages in different areas along with reverberations through the weather and within the Earth..  Take time to get some perspective on the situation.  There is meaning here.  You must find it for yourself.  You may find yourself wanting to get rid of things.  You may find yourself finding things just too much to deal with.  Physically your body will be doing its own cleansing on all levels.  Do not be surprised if your tastes have changed as well as some of your habits.  You will be more tired than usual, so factor that into your sleep schedule.  When bouts of tiredness overcome you during the day, take a moment to center and meditate.  It will all come out well.  Do not give into fears that people will be presenting to you in public, private, or in the media.  Keep your focus on your connection to Infinite Consciousness, and you will find that things begin to make some sense, to take some shape, and that you are more in control. This is also a good week for tying up loose ends in terms of friends and family members that you have been meaning to get in touch with.  Take advantage of the open energies of this time to being things out into the open.  Much healing and resolution can take place.   Oh, and you will find that your patience with people with whom you do not resonate is wearing thin.  Watch for upheavals in the Earth and in the news.  This is a week when conflicts can begin or rekindle. Continue reading

October 11 – 17

Sunday, October 11:    Light Opal

Today there will be more clarity in terms of what it is that you are looking for and paradoxically, what it is that is looking for you.  This is all part of an opening up of dimensions which will reveal itself in odd instances of synchronicity and recognition.  This is a recognition that is only somewhat related to deja vu for it has to do with a recognition of people and events and sense that all thing are falling into place.  There is a bit of playfulness in the air today, so do not take things too seriously for if you do, you might just miss what it is that they really mean.  It is a day to feel good about yourself so do something that makes you feel more WHO you are.  Look for an unexpected message that all play out in the latter part of the week. Continue reading

October 4 – 10

Overall Color for the Week:    Mauve

Take time this week to honor what it is that has made you what you are.  Take time to sit and journal or just meditate over the times of your life that were critical in your development,  Think of the people who were instrumental in allowing you to become WHO you are.  This is a good time to situate yourself in your personal history.  Knowing WHO you are and the influences that have made you WHO you are will be important as the times begin to spin more and more into some kind of confusion.  You will need to have the strong place within yourself to go to for perspective and solace.  There will be new people moving into and out of your frame of reference.  You  may find yourself overwhelmed by some blusterous and overbearing individuals.  Know that through all the experiences of this week, you have the strength and the wisdom to know what is true and what is merely illusion.  Allow the full moon on Sunday to shine light into confused areas of your life, and be prepared to make some hard but necessary decisions. On the world front, there will be more shake ups in nature.  Look for more earthquakes, some in unexpected places.  There will also be out of season storms and disasters in Europe and the Middle East.  Do not allow yourself to be dragged into fear or panic about terrorists or pandemics.  Know that through all of this, you have the vision to see what will affect you amd what is happening because it must. Continue reading